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@TheNoobOfRoblox Worst? don't you mean the best!
The funniest movie to watch when you need a great laugh!A party classic movie!
a blast worth the time
A perfect example of how a party can go the worst way possible.
Awesome...Stunning Movie
Epitome of an epic high school party!
It's got everything a party movie should have. Epic.... 8/10
pretty freaking amazing!!!!
Of all the high school movies where the nerd/loser either throws or goes to an epic party to gain popularity this one in my opinion is top of the list. All the other films overly embrace the cliche while this one tried and succeded in changing it just enough to be new and different. if you haven't seen it yet definately worth the watch 9/10.
@kac2868, I totally agree, I like to watch this move some times before I go out to parties.
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