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Private Resort 1985

This is the story of two teenage boys who are guests at a Florida resort for the weekend. Their only interest is, of course, chasing girls, but fate has much more in store for them...

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Loved It. Do you love girls like in the sports illustrated swimsuit magazine wearing that and less? If so, than you too will enjoy this slap-happy comedy. And, for those interested, you'll probably not see Johnny Depp more naked, than in this movie.

)hoooho super Thanks ^^

Ok so Private Resort was funny and cute.... but I felt bad for Johnny! He thought some girl wanted him and she didn't! Aww! She should have! That is why it only gets a 9!

Big Fish was really good! I really enjoyed it!

So today I have done NOTHING! So I guess I'll write about it! I watched Big Fish and that was it. I have a bad day for reasons only known to me! I am really tired because I have stayed up till like 3 am every night lately! So tonight I am getting a good nights sleep(after I watch The Astronauts Wife!) I have gotten like 10 call from one of my friends and I keep telling her I want to be alone tonight but she is like wana have a sleepover? AHH!! I don't so she should just GO AWAY for a while! Oh my mom is talking to her friend in Florida and her and her 3 daughters are coming to visit in like a week or so! I am excited! I will have to get on here less but that is ok! I'll live!

Well g2 run!

Write more later!

Private Resort (1985): 6/10

Private Resort is so bad and embarrasing that it almost is good because I laughed a lot, but I can't deny the film is full of stupidity. The writers were 3 and the screenplay looks like written by retarded people, the direction was so bad that the man behind it, has not directed any movie since that year. I don't really blame Johny Depp for trying to erase this picture from his memory because it is painful. The moments of comedy seem like taken from Capulina's, Chespirito's and "La Risa en Vacaciones" movies and TV Shows (These programs are from Mexico, maybe US has similar programs).
One of the silliest film I've ever seen. But although I blush I must admit that a laughed a lot with all the stupid adventures of the characters. The story is terrible, direction is even worse, all the situations are foolish.
But it is very entertaining and I had a good time watching it.
Very early Johnny Depp film is pretty much terrible. It's unfunny and the story is non existent. Even Depp isn't all that good. He just needs to thank Burton for his career.
I gave this a high rating because I watched this growing up and I still love it. Plus I am a huge Johnny Depp fan.
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