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Good movie but I must add.. in the beginning when the map of the persian empire is shown the narrative is incorrect Armenia was never part of the persian empire.
Im surprised that disney incorrectly added that ...but hey its a fantasy movie
As I clicked to find links that would allow me to watch this brilliant movie and with my limited knowledge of the story, the dagger's secret, and the power held within the sands that fill it I turned to my brother and said, "with that blade I could make me a killing playing some poker or better yet, Black-21-Jack!" I posted this because now after watching this wonderful movie and the epic'ness of the story it told I realize how absurd such a short sighted and petty use of such an unimaginable power would be and to have such a notion likely goes to show some sort of flaw in my character at that moment. Ahh, self revelation brought to you by a movie you half expected to be quite lame is an unusual thing.
LoL, anyways, I definitely enjoyed the movie and will very likely give it another viewing in the near future. A solid 8 out of 10 stars earned through great acting, an outstanding story, and captivating special effects that brought both beauty and depth to the film.
GREAT movie with great action and a great story...never understood why they didn't get a Middle-Eastern actor, though.
I loved this movie......One of my all time favorites.It had it
all great story,scenery,acting & the effects were awesome.
Jake Gyllenhaal was perfect as Dastan. 10/10 from me :)
If you like / love fantasy and action movies, this movie has it all! You won't be disappointed!
I credit my nephew with my watching of this movie. The movie was playing on Starz at the time and the nephew was staying here for the summer. He saw the listing and asked to watch it. I am very glad he did because this movie is EXCELLENT! Not a movie I would have watched on my own and I'm very glad he was here to make me watch it
Very fun movie. If you like action adventure, you'll love it.
Love it !!!
Oh I Loved this movie! Disney sure, but its sexy leads, good story and adventure is a splendid cocktail!
@Brianthelyon and don't you 'love' the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton!? may I say SPLENDID!(sorry if it sounds 'corny' and there's a 'pun') :D ~.^ :3
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