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Today, green is gold and luck is magic. Who wants some cereal??

Lucky gets progressively more fanatical, like he's more interested in owning my soul than in a balanced breakfast. That last one could almost double as the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hmm, marshmallows = Nazi parts?

With Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman, "Prime" should have been much more entertaining. Instead, I just found myself kind of bored.

Uma Thurman, hace el papel de una joven divorciada de 37 a

Let me just jump right into it... 'Prime' is supposed to be a romantic comedy. However... someone should have reminded director Ben Younger of that fact because this flick had practically no romance and far too few laughs to be even entered into the category. Oh sure... it makes an attempt at it but I just didn't buy into it at all.

Uma Thurman plays Rafi Gardet... a 37 year old who is recently divorced and seeing a therapist (played by Meryl Streep) for her woes. Rafi is reenergized after meeting a 23 year old (Bryan Greenberg) who just happens to be the son of her therapist which Rafi is oblivious to. The kicker however is that Streep's therapist character puts it all together and continues to treat Rafi even after finding out that she is dating her son. This makes for a few chuckles here and there but nothing too memorable.

Prime has several problems but the main thing that ate at me the most was the complete lack of chemistry between Thurman and Greenberg... they just seemed to go through the motions as actors. It had nothing to do with their age difference because quite frankly they didn't 'look' that far a part in age. There was just a lack of 'fire' in the whole onscreen romance... again I just didn't buy it.

Simply put... I just found myself extremely bored while watching 'Prime'... and had trouble keeping my eyes open even though I wasn't tired. That's never a good sign. Too few laughs and a silly unbelievable romance make this supposed romantic comedy a big time snoozer.

A rather realistic look at a relationship with that out there addition that creates all the comedy. Great movie with enough humor to balance the sad moments perfectly. They abandon the hollywood ending here and with great success. Recommended for those with a higher class of humor than slop such as Date Movie.
I saw this on the plane when flying back to Columbus from London. I loved it. I thought it was funny and touching. And it doesn't hurt that Bryan Greenberg is cute and CUT(!).

I do not have high expectations from romantic comedies. I also had reservations about Uma Thurman in such a role since I've never seen her in a comedy. I think those low expectations helped set me up for pleasant surprise. I found that each turn in the movie's plot was not what I expected. And that certainly is a pleasant surprise from a romantic comedy.
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride - One word: Amazing. I wish it were longer and considering everything was done FRAME by FRAME makes it ten times more brilliant. The entire production of this animated film may have been incredibly meticulous but it's very minimalist once you look at the big picture. You won't get these big exaggerated characters. The subtleness of the interaction between characters makes a huge impact on the audience.

Prime - Eh, okay. Definitely would have been pissed if I went to the movies to see it. Nothing much to it and you go through all of the ups and downs of this relationship and you pretty much have the ending figured but then it ends in a non-ordinary way as if the director was trying to be original and it..doesn't work because it isn't a complicated film and/or thought provoking.

North Country - I thought Charlize Theron played the role well. Nice drama but it could have bought in more of how the case went forth once the main character got support. Instead of the typical Hollywood scene where each person stands up slowly to support the main character. It reminds me of the one person clap scenes seen everywhere. That could have been shortened more because it really got going as the movie progressed.

Third review tonight is for the thriller Stay, I have been excited about this movie for years and after it got held back from its release I was expecting this to never see the light of day, I finally saw it tonight and I must admit this is a less than impressive effort that tries to come off much smarter than it really is and fails horribly.

Stay is about a psychiatrist who comes into contact with a disturbed art student who plans on killing himself at a certain hour on a certain day, but when trying to help him he starts to lose his grip on his own reality and will he be able to save this man let alone himself.

The acting in Stay is what keeps this film watchable for me, Ewan McGregor is good as our leading actor but kinda plays another character I felt like I've seen him do before, Naomi Watts is a great actress and everyone knows I cherish the ground she walks on but in Stay she is under used and I felt they should have tapped on her character abit more, Ryan Gosling is the best here delivering another crazy performance and lastly Bob Hoskins is in a smaller role but I felt his scenes were rewarding.

Like I said earlier I believe Stay tries to be quiet a smart film and I believe the intention was good but the pace in the end slows the film down and almost makes this thriller become so dull and lifeless it ponders on sleep worthy, but still like I said I guess I can see where the good intention was but in the end I felt like I had been jipped.

The visual side to the film was good, I actually really enjoyed all the visual effects and the opening car smash right down to the cinematography and all the in your face camera angles made it sorta come off too me as a music video but I still really enjoyed that part of the film.

Lasty Stay is a film that has come out in recent times that tries to come off as an intellegent film but never really resolves itself and fails in the last minutes of it's running time much like November, still I think the movie had good intentions but its pace also killed it's thriller aspect almost making this film so boring I nearly fell asleep, but I say watch this film once to see what it has to say cause I'm sure some will find it rewarding.
This movie was surprisingly funny about a 37 year old recently divorced woman (Uma Thurman) who meets and starts dating this 23 year old guy, who also happens to be Uma's therapist's (Meryl Streep) son. The story unfolds as Uma starts telling about her sex life to her therapist, who soon discovers that her patient is talking about her one and only son. It's a good rentable movie for laughs!
It was a pretty good movie. There was some wonderful irony. I think its a type of irony, you know where the audience knows whats going on but the characters don't quite know. That made the movie a lot of fun. It did get drug out in parts and the deleted scenes actually would have picked up the movie where it was getting drawn out but overall interesting story and an ok movie.
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