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Pretty Woman 1990

A man in a legal but hurtful business needs an escort for some social events, and hires a beautiful prostitute he meets... only to fall in love...

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Bored Billionaire falls for hooker with heart of gold...ahhh...nice. Second only to 'Dirty Dancing' in the click flick hall of other words .total rubbish. Made me dislike Julia Roberts for life. (Except for the piano scene, which might explain why the lads are scoring it highly)
It is what it is - sheer romance. Fabulous.
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts have great chemistry that will leave you loving this romantic movie.
Isn't Julia cute? We get the message. Hollywood wants us to know something. Men prefer prostitutes. Prostitutes are now romantic. YOU are not. Prostitutes are pretty (syphilis and all).
I love this movie. It is a modern Cinderella story. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts have great chemistry. She looks very beautiful after she goes shopping. I personally know how she felt when she went in the store and the ladies (if we can call them that) looked down their noses at her just because of the way she looked and was dressed. I have had the same experience, being overweight people treat you don't exsist or you are not worthy of being in their store. It's not the outside people it what you have inside that counts. I think this is one of the best love stories on film.
Great storyline, entertaining acting. Julia looks great!
Let me get this straight. The woman is a hooker. Then she lands a millionare because she is good in the sack. Am I the only one that doesn't find this romantic?
'Pretty Woman' is the kind of movie that could have gone horribly wrong if the right stars were not cast. Gere and Roberts have true chemistry.
A lousy and cheap early 90's comedy starring two of the most annoying "actors" in the world in Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. A cheap low brow romantic comedy that's just not romantic at all. It's pure cheesy formula. How can you really root for these two people or want what's best for them?
Pretty Woman is to straight women, what Top Gun is to gay men: the pinnacle of mainstream Hollywood erotica! The ultimate ROMCOM features glamorous whores, horny millionaires, lots of tear jerking moments and the mandatory "get girl/lose girl/get girl back" storyline.

Of course the fact that the film leaves out STDs, crack whores, pimp beat-downs and graphic sex scenes makes this a pretty dull movie for men. Because of Pretty Woman's status as the Citizen Kane of Romcoms, I can't really give it less than 60%, with a good conscience. That's despite the fact that if you were going to make a parody of this cheesy movie, you wouldn't change a single scene.
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