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Predator 1987

A team of commandos on a mission in a Central American jungle find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior...

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I have without doubt watched this masterpiece at least 20 times now, not sure that's something to be proud of lol.. but yea good reason i have watched this more than any other movie including my other absolute favs like The thing, Alien and The evil dead. I dont usually rate any of my favs cause its pointless to but will make an exception here A perfect 10/10
I need one with good Audio my speakers kinda suck ;/
I have a putlocker link I want to use but can't .-. this is unfair I don't like any of these streams so I think I will just watch it on Putlocker. Also still an awesome movie.
Cult Movie classic,the first of the predator franchise, still very watchable even now 27 years later....even though I am not a schwarzi fan this is his best.
Arnold's greatest
Insane soundtrack
What an awesome classic this is. For the first time viewer, the suspense is edgy, and dense. Even for veterans of the Predator, this is still a great jaunt into action movie madness.

While it's probably easiest to classify it as an action movie, it crosses a few more lines; it has suspense and intrigue. It's kind of like a good burgoo, combining CIA spooks on a hidden mission, jungle warfare reminiscent of Vietnam war movies, enough technology to qualify as sci-fi, and an alien invader that doubles as a creature-feature. While maintaining a fairly simplistic plot, it raised the bar for any movie to be made with ANY of these characteristics. It tingles the mind just enough as to not be another typecast no-brainer, but doesn't bog down the meat of it with any super intelligent mumbo-jumbo that makes you ponder too much, detracting from what's going on. If you allow yourself to be immersed in it, you will join in on the horrifying subtext of isolation, desperation, and futility as the characters involved, all great warriors themselves, find themselves a notch below the top of the food chain.

A few films before this have touched on the subject of man being hunted, a role reversal of being Earth's top predator, but it was always at the hands of another man, lending some kind of hope that the odds would somehow be balanced. As this one progresses, that balance gets skewed more and more as it moves along, and you watch some of Earth's mightiest heroes become mere trophy pieces to something even more terrible.

One off my favorite movies with aronld in, prob one of his best movies.

I watched Predator last night, after the concert. I must say, after not seeing this for a long time, and not taking it seriously back then, this is one of the best action movies I've seen. The characters and how they interact with each other is beyond bad-***. There's so much attention to detail in the sets and costumes. The music was excellent; very pace-oriented. It seemed to fit along with the whole tribal attitude apparent throughout the movie, especially the end, where Arnold taunts the Predator to come get him. Not once did I feel this movie was cheesy.

Predator is also a smart mother ****er. He's not just hunting the group of marines for his health, but he is increasingly threatened by how they treat the hostage, how they killed the scorpion, and other little things.

It's overall, a very creative film with more layers than one might first look for in a one-liner Arnold flick who is set out to kill a ruthless alien. Donner does a fantastic job, considering many of those layers involve increasing the viewer's bloodflow.
This is not going to be a long & drawn out review like the others.
This time around, I was surprised at how soon Jesse Ventura died. I remembered him as lasting longer. Again, Billy was my favorite character. Arnie's acting at the begining was laughable, but what're ya gonna do? I got caught up in the rich tension and suspense. It's great when a movie gives you little tastes, to lead up to the climax. That's how tension is supposed to work. They do it in Scream, they do it in the Third Man, they do it in all the really great buildups - little hints and clues, wetting one's appetite.

I was surprised at the cinematography - it is quite good for an action movie. The final shots at the very end were so incredibly cool. Still, I was troubled by Billy's death. I thought he was deserving of better than a simple off-camera scream.

I also rented Batman Returns. Love that movie! I'm also working on an additional 70 movies to add to my top-111 thread (remember that anyone?) because 111 just isn't enough. Some movies that I'll have space for, finally: Waking Ned Divine, Spellbound, The Witches and The Purple Rose Of Cairo, as well as many more!

In honor of Turkish's dream which connects with him being a teacher, I'd like to summarize a dream where I was a teacher that I had many many months ago. I was in my old elementary school, and it was absolutely mammoth. I was a teacher in it, and this kid my age that I know was the principal. We were both adults now, and I was admonishing him for his actions as principal: he was using to strict a hand. He was trying to control everything, and I was trying to explain to him that you just can't do that. He was pissing everyone off, and I was trying desperately to get him to chill out and enjoy his life, rather than taking everything so god damn seriously.
Oooh .. new moods to pick from. How nice!

I had a good time in the Bay Area this weekend. That drive is getting shorter and shorter for me. Not the actual time it takes, but the time it feels like it takes. Books on Tape ... my own personal time machine.

I put up a ton of pictures on today. Mostly from April and May of this year when Jisue was visiting. I also put up all my Y2K journal entries on RT. Well, not ALL of them, but I realized that reading "Not much happened today. blah blah blah" wasn't worth copying over so I just put up the ones that seemed interesting (to me).

Oh .. and also put up some pictures from my trip up north too. The trip itself was pretty fun. I drove up Friday night and arrived at Pat's to find him, Blee and Flat playing Pokemon. (Sooprize, sooprize). We stayed up until about 4:30 playing video games and then I went to bed and woke up at 9:00 to go meet Inori for brunch.

We went to Denny's and did lots of drawing stuff. Her stuff is so inspiring. I took a video of her sketching out some Naruto stuff too. Pretty neat.

After that I went back to Pat's, took a small nap and then met up with Li Jing. We had a good talk and after that she went off to the Cal Wushu banquet. I didn't go because I was so incredibly tired. So I went back to Pat's where Kai and Susan came over. Eventually Kai, Susan and Blee went out to a bar and Pat, Flat and I stayed in watching movies. Eric and Flora came over for a while too.

I have to say, Predator is a pretty good movie. They sure don't make it like those anymore. Classic quote of the night: As Arnold's character is slautering a whole village of guerillas in the Amazon Pat goes "The Govenor's Stance on Immigration !"

Saturday night I also got a call from my mom saying that my grandmother was in the hospital. It looks like her body functions are starting to deteriorate. She will probably not last too long, but she's almost 104 years old, so something like this is not completely unexpected. I ended up sleeping around 3:00.

Early Sunday morning I got another call from my mom saying that she was flying to Japan via LAX and asked if I would be able to meet her for dinner. I decided to drive down right after lunch and after getting up around 11:00 I made my way to East Ocean in Emeryville for some Dim Sum with Wushu West folks. That was nice and I got a lot of pictures. For some reason the dim sum there tastes different than I remember. I wonder if they swtiched management or something.

I drove down to LAX .. Left Emeryville at 2:00 p.m. and got to LAX at 7:30 p.m. Not bad time, and I was hardly going 5 miles over the speed limit. Maybe books on tape really do help you travel through time.

After dinner with my mom I went home, hung out with my cat and got to bed. Finally ... I went to bed at a relatively decent hour. But I sure was tired when I woke up this morning ...
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