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Predator 1987

A team of commandos on a mission in a Central American jungle find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior...

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Imdb rating:7.8

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A good action movie!
I just watched this for my first time and i have to say. This is mind blowing awesome, i loved every aspect of it. Predator really is a suiting name for the alien. He's the predator, you're the prey.
Great classic!!
I have without doubt watched this masterpiece at least 20 times now, not sure that's something to be proud of lol.. but yea good reason i have watched this more than any other movie including my other absolute favs like The thing, Alien and The evil dead. I dont usually rate any of my favs cause its pointless to but will make an exception here A perfect 10/10
I need one with good Audio my speakers kinda suck ;/
I have a putlocker link I want to use but can't .-. this is unfair I don't like any of these streams so I think I will just watch it on Putlocker. Also still an awesome movie.
Cult Movie classic,the first of the predator franchise, still very watchable even now 27 years later....even though I am not a schwarzi fan this is his best.
Arnold's greatest
Insane soundtrack
What an awesome classic this is. For the first time viewer, the suspense is edgy, and dense. Even for veterans of the Predator, this is still a great jaunt into action movie madness.

While it's probably easiest to classify it as an action movie, it crosses a few more lines; it has suspense and intrigue. It's kind of like a good burgoo, combining CIA spooks on a hidden mission, jungle warfare reminiscent of Vietnam war movies, enough technology to qualify as sci-fi, and an alien invader that doubles as a creature-feature. While maintaining a fairly simplistic plot, it raised the bar for any movie to be made with ANY of these characteristics. It tingles the mind just enough as to not be another typecast no-brainer, but doesn't bog down the meat of it with any super intelligent mumbo-jumbo that makes you ponder too much, detracting from what's going on. If you allow yourself to be immersed in it, you will join in on the horrifying subtext of isolation, desperation, and futility as the characters involved, all great warriors themselves, find themselves a notch below the top of the food chain.

A few films before this have touched on the subject of man being hunted, a role reversal of being Earth's top predator, but it was always at the hands of another man, lending some kind of hope that the odds would somehow be balanced. As this one progresses, that balance gets skewed more and more as it moves along, and you watch some of Earth's mightiest heroes become mere trophy pieces to something even more terrible.

One off my favorite movies with aronld in, prob one of his best movies.

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