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Post Grad 2009

Ryden Malby graduates from college and is forced to move back into her childhood home with her eccentric family, while she attempts to find a job, the right guy, and just a hint of where her life is headed...

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Ryden's little brother cracked me up. oh to live in a family like hers and be practically the only normal person in it. Also I love Jane Lynch in this. She's always good.
not fleshed out but still a likable TV movie
A light hearted comedy that's fun to watch with the whole family. Good movie!!!
A breakout performance from Zach Gilford makes this movie a worry-free romantic comedy with just the right amount of depth
Post Grad offers a great, entertaining glimpse of the crazy and confusing days of our youth, great performance by Zach Gilford, looking forward to seeing this guy in a lot more soon
While some of the "how bad can an interview get" moments (particularly as a current college senior) family stuff are entertaining. The attempts at romance are just painful. The heroine is unlikeable, the perfect guy seems pathetic for pining after her, and the neighbor is kindof creepy. To top it all off, after starting a dream career (even if it is the long hours) she drops it all, leaves the chase after a guy. Great message for girls everywhere.
This film was absolutely terrible! There are no saving graces for a plot that seems to lack a focus and is only successful in letting the audience know that there is no point to this film.

Half of the characters in this movie were unnecessary and so were half of the plot points.

Apparently life is too important to waste on a career, so you might as well move across the country to be with a man whom you share little to no chemistry with. Because New York City is the easiest place to find a job...
This wasn't a blockbuster movie sure but hey I enjoyed it. It had some great parts with Carol Burnett and a coffin. I am going much easier on this movie than other critics I see but that's my opinion. I was a big fan of Gilmore Girls so getting to see Alexis in a similiar role is ok by me. This is a lighthearted fun movie definately a chick flick. Guys don't bother seeing this one. No harm in a light movie once in awhile. Not everything has to be all complex all the time.
PostGrad is an perfect exemple of Not-to-do movie , Alexis is pathethic
It might not be the cream of the crop, but after "The Goods" anything seems awesome.

I felt like I identified with the main character, and had walked into her shoes - except for that stupid mistake she makes at the end. The family was unrealistically quirky, but I still liked watching them anyway. The neighbour kept things interesting. The only thing that I thought was moronically stupid (and should have been omitted) was the romance story line with her guy friend from freshman year.

Really, if you know a guy for 4 years and don't have feelingsfor him, you probably won't ever. Maybe it's because you've been too distracted with your uuber amibitious plans to notice you true feelings, but more than likely those "feelings" you have for him when he moves across the country are not longlasting, healthy and rational feelings. Most likely, you all-of-a-sudden just realized you wanted something because you can't have it. He's not the one for you, and you'll likely break up about 3 weeks after the movie storyline ends.

And wow, that girl has blue eyes. That's about all the cinematologist was concentrating on.

The Best: The acting of her arch-nemesis. I liked her, and the clothes she wore to her job. And the go-kart made from a coffin.

The Worst: The ending. Seriously cheesey and beyond predictable.
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