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Pollyanna 1960

A young girl comes to an embittered town and confronts its attitude with her determination to see the best in life...

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Vast improvement on the cutesy, blatantly unrealistic and cliched story on which it is based, the Disney film Pollyanna is a truly enjoyable and believable film. It has a charming, nostalgic feel to it.The period costumes and sets are great, and direction is good, too. Best thing about it are the performances. Talented cast makes you believe in them and forget they're all sterotypes. Jane Wyman is quite good as Aunt Polly, as are Agnes Moorehead, Adolphe Menjou, and Karl Malden. And Hayley Mills more than holds her own, giving a subtle, authentic performance. This Pollyana doesn't spend all her time chatting her mouth off and misinterpreting every cold act of her aunt's as expression of love, which made her very annoying in the book (which I haven't read), but rather, she really gets to know people and ingeniously brings out the best in them. A truly good family film and worth viewing.
'Pollyanna' is a film about a young girl that goes around making people happy and finding happiness in life. It's an inspiring little Disney film, and I enjoyed it when I was a child; I have not seen it since then, so it may not be as good from an adult's eyes as it was from the eyes of a child. This film seems to have been forgotten today, and it's one of those lost Disney gems that needs to be dusted off and shown again to an audience. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this as a child, and I thought it was a lot of fun. Can't say how adults would find it, however.

I don't own this one and won't until it gets out of the vaults again. I did not, as I recall, have a lot of money when this came out, and so I own Old Yeller and The Parent Trap, but not Pollyanna. I wish they'd release more movies in the grand fashion of these DVDs, too. The Vault Disney collection was about the best releases of Disney films I've ever seen on DVD--possibly the best releases of films, period. There was always a cartoon at the beginning, and among the special features was a timeline of what else was going on in the studios at the time. They're great releases, and I wish Disney were still going that way. (Though the special edition Nightmare Before Christmas looks well worth it, too.)

Pollyanna Whittier's (Hayley Mills's) parents die, and she is sent to live with her aunt, Polly Harrington (Jane Wyman), who essentially runs the town. Pollyanna's parents were missionaries, and one of the things she learned from her father was how to find the good things in life. Indeed, she and her father developed what they called the Glad Game--finding something in everything to be glad about. When she arrives at her aunt's, she spreads joy wherever she goes by teaching various people about the Glad Game. This makes them able to stand up to what is, let's be honest, the tyranny of her aunt. She befriends Jimmy Bean (Kevin Corcoran), another local orphan, and about half the adults in town, no matter their social position.

On IMDB, and therefore probably in the movie itself, Hayley Mills receives eighth billing. She's behind her aunt and her aunt's possible boyfriend, the minister, Nancy the maid, Old Man Pendergast, the mayor, snippy old Mrs. Snow, and even Jimmy Bean. I'm aware that most of those people (Karl Malden as the minister, Adolph Menjou in his final film role as Mr. Pendergast) were better known than she. Possibly all of them were. I'm just saying that your title character should either get billing or an "and introducing" credit, and I don't think they did the "and introducing." (I missed the opening credits.) But seriously--behind Nancy (Nancy Olson)? Mostly, leading up to then, she'd done TV; her turn in The Absent-Minded Professor wasn't until the next year.

I've often thought that Pollyanna could get a little tedious in real life. We find her sweet and charming because she's only with us for, on the Hallmark Channel, three hours. Less, without commercials. We like to see her lighten the life of Mrs. Snow (Agnes Moorehead) and find a home for Jimmy Bean and give Reverend Ford something to think about. We like to delight when she finally gets that doll she's been longing for all her life. We like to see the softening of Aunt Polly. But really, having that little ray of sunshine around all the time would, in the long run, make me want to smack her. There are some places where positive thinking just doesn't do it. After all, is she finding something to be glad about in the deaths of her parents?

Hayley Mills has only done a few dozen things, and that includes a whopping four Parent Trap movies. However, she will, I think, never be forgotten so long as some channel or another keeps hauling out Pollyanna and The Parent Trap. They don't even have to bother with Summer Magic or The Moon-Spinners, and I think they're superior films. For many people, I think, Hayley Mills is almost a spirit of Disney movies, and she costarred with another one, one so entrenched in his Disneyness that his younger brother was once, honest-to-Gods, credited as "the brother of the kid who played Moochie."
Really nice movie about this lovely little girl Pollyanna who is sent to live with her aunt in a little village, after being orphaned. Although Pollyanna has experienced some though situations, like losing her parents, she won
This has been a favorite movie of mine for most of my life. When I was a little girl, I had the record and knew it by heart. When it came out on VHS, I bought it. I have probably seen this movie 35 or 40 times and it still makes me cry. It is the story of an orphaned girl who goes to live with her maiden aunt. I honestly believe that Pollyanna's penchant for finding good in everything has made me a more positive person. I know that, as a child, I wanted to be loved like she was. This is a movie that, I believe, any little girl would love.
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