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Poetic Justice 1993

In this film, we see the world through the eyes of main character Justice, a young African-American poet. A mail carrier invites a few friends along for a long overnight delivery run...

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Imdb rating: 5.8



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Poetic Justice

Petic Justie was a iteresting movie. I neva Heard Janet Swear up & down so much. & it also made me shead a few Tears. Tupac was a real good actor in this one. I also lke tha movie juice he was in. Tupac & Janet dont really look good together tho. lol :D .

I finally got around to seeing this one. Good cast that kept me with the film until the end.
Tupac and Janet Jackson are pretty good in this, but the story is quite weak.
**1/2 (out of four)

John Singleton's follow-up to "Boyz N the Hood" is interesting and does have its merits, but it is also, unfortunately, more of a showcase for one talent over the others.

Janet Jackson is a young woman who recently lost a boyfriend to a violent gang shooting. Her friend persuades her to get out of town. They hit the road to Oakland from L.A. A young poet (Tupac Shakur) accompanies them.

In fact Shakur is the real reason to see the film. He shows great depth. Sadly, Janet Jackson leaves a far less memorable impression.
This moviee is AMAZINGG!! I give it 5 stars but i wish i could give it 20!! Haha!! I love the movie Poetic Justice if i hadd the movie i would watch it everydayy and not get tiredd!! But i MUST buy this movingg everyy month i get a cravingg for it!!
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