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Planet Terror 2007

After an experimental bio-weapon is released, turning thousands into zombie-like creatures, it's up to a rag-tag group of survivors to stop the infected and those behind its release...

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Imdb rating: 7.2

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Robert Rodriguez is a genius. I absolutely LOVED this movie. James Brolin and Freddy Rodriguez were brilliant. 10/10
EEeeeewww! Gross! 8/10
Lewd, crude, lascivious and grotesque....AND GENIOUS!
Only Tarantino.
Great movie for the 3rd time.
I have been wanting to see this for years, finally saw it and I was not too happy with it. Not a bad flick though. 7/10
I want BBQ

i like it

Robert Rodriguez kicks arse again , this film is wicked,actors left right and centre makes it a freeking grindhouse classic.Also theres a nice little fake trailer called Machete which is going to be made into a real movie.

5 stars

Planet Terror ROCKED! This movie is a non-stop action thrill ride full of blood and guts and an infection that turns people into mindless flesh eaters. As soon as the movie started my eyes were glued to the screen. And it's so funny! Sure...the end is a little exaggerated. The movie gets more outrageous as it goes along...but it's all good. I think Planet Terror is one people either love or hate. It's one I can't wait to buy.
You'll have the same plenty of fun Rodriguez had making this movie if you get the humor.
The better of the two grindhouse films, this splat-stick gem was one of the best films I've watched with a group of (drinking, not really into horror) friends. Gross out, scary and fucking hilarious in equal measure, with inspired casting choices and brilliantly retarded dialogue, this perfectly encapsulated the best bits of grind-house, Italian zombie, and Rodriguez films and came out with a corker. CGI blood being the only thing I hated about this film, the Tarantino cameo, missing reel gag and a million and a half other things made this film one of my favourites... In fact, I'm going to go watch this right now, feel free to follow
funny, thrilling, gory and exhilarating. Delivers the passion of work from Rodriguez and change something usual in horror movie in a trip with no recess from beginning to the end.
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