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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 2006

Jack Sparrow races to recover the heart of Davy Jones to avoid enslaving his soul to Jones' service, as other friends and foes seek the heart for their own agenda as well...

Release Date:
July 7, 2006
151 min
Gore Verbinski
Anthony Patricio, Mackenzie Crook, Geoffrey Rush, ...
Action, Adventure, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 7.3

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Disappointment cannot begin to describe my feelings toward this movie. Okay, it's a given that Johnny Depp is AMAZING as Jack Sparrow and his mere presence in the film is worth 5 points to me, but other than that this movie fell flat. I loved the first one, but one major difference between Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest is that the second one is not here for our entertainment - it is simply Hollywood's way of milking this idea for all it's worth - regardless of the fact that it is NOT worth 3 movies. Let me explain why.

First, let me point out that before the end of this heinous Hollywood scam of a movie there are 3 separate conflicts - all 3 of which are NEVER resolved! There is no climax to this movie! There is no falling action! There is no sense of satisfaction at the end. Rather, you are kept waiting in suspense (until movie number 3) for an ending you know is coming anyway. Just give it to us now!

Second, you don't feel the same sense of connection between the characters that the first movie had. There is plenty of action and special effects to look at, but there is no HUMAN connection. The relationships between the characters are essentially absent. Only in the very beginning is there a sense of connection between Will and Elizabeth and even that feels less than genuine.

Third, it's too long. So many times in this movie I felt myself asking, wondering, when is this gonna be over? Can we not MOVE ON?! No. This movie is slow, it is boring, and it is just plain disappointing.

Sure, this movie has been hyped up as one of the best of the summer. Rolling Stone had it as their 2nd movie to most look forward to. People are going to be excited about it and like it regardless of whether or not it is ACTUALLY good. Don't buy into the hype. My suggestion: Wait until the third Pirates is about to be released in theaters, rent this one, and then go see the third. You aren't missing much by waiting because, like I said before, you won't get any conclusion to this one right now anyway.
the most anticipated movie of the year has arrived and despite how critics have said about it, this film is more pleasing to moviegoers than Superman Returns. there were very few parts that were not necessarily needed in the film, but it has a uncanny climax, and an ending that will leave you cheering for more. Jack Sparrow is the standout as usual, bringing in the most laughs of the film. this is going to be one of the year's if not the year's best film. it got straight to the point and it didn't seem that long at all despite it being a 2 1/2 hour movie. overall the crowd was pleased and Jack Sparrow makes quite an entrance as usual.


What a fun movie! I suspect those who rate this one "rotten" are carrying some sort of baggage to make them dislike the movie. Perhaps they skipped re-watching the first one, and were lost by some plot elements. Perhaps they were turned off by the cliffhanger ending. Either way, this was easily one of the best movies of the year thus far, completely blowing "Superman Returns" out of the sumer movie water.

See this one!
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (C+)

Description: Jerry Bruckheimer's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, is the sequel to the original, and is directed by Gore Verbinski, from a screenplay written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, starring once again Johnny Depp as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, Orland Bloom as Will Turner, and Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, as they all journey through another high-seas epic adventure with even more sub-plot and special effects.

Comments/Remarks: This is a great film if you're an American. Americans love sequels that have been recycled as long as they receive what they paid for: a bigger production with a bigger story with the biggest star. And they got it. And while it may be recycled garbage, it's the recycled garbage that we paid for.

About 75% of the film is entertaining and well worth it. Depp, while amusing, is no longer intriguing as Captain Jack. Bloom still hasn't learned how to act, and Knightly is mediocre as usual. There was a good 30 minutes to an hour that could have been taken out (hell, they could've just removed the CGI) and there were too many predictable sub-plots and minor characters that seemed to have been tacked on, just in the interest of making people say, "whoa, I remember him." Bottom line: This has nothing on the original, which was for more genuinely funny, curious, and entertaining than this. The ending, by the way, in how it leaves the viewer hanging, is nothing less than contemptible. I'm guessing any substance for this film, you know, besides the cheesy unoriginal story-line(s) of Will finding his father, will exist in the third installment due to be released next May.

There are points when Depp is acting that the viewer can consciously perceive that he is struggling a little bit -- after the fiftieth stagger, and the twenty-third eye-roll, it becomes obvious that the act is getting old, for... well, everyone. Yet, he is the show. His connection to the audience while on the screen is nothing short of stunning. Only a few actors have been able to do this. Brando, Peter O'Toole, and Russell Crowe are among the others. Every expression, every gesture, sends lightning to the viewer... it's the feeling you get that these guys have something else to show me, and I'm not sure what's next. The film intermittently switches between obnoxious, corny dialogue "Where's that dog swimming to?" "He saw a catfish" and comical action sequences. It almost feels like every time the writers lost ground with a story idea, they decided to send in the giant sea monster to capture our adrenaline again.

When are audiences going to get their priorities straight? Put good writing and new ideas above old ideas with a shiny exterior? It's boring, and it's hardly evolution. This movie was made by Hollywood to make money. It's assumedly at least the second in a trilogy. The first one is conveniently out on DVD. This will undoubtedly be out before the next one, so don't worry, you can spend even more. But that's going to add up, and Jerry Bruckheimer and his bosses know that. Let's say your movie ticket costs eight bucks. A DVD is around twenty. Two DVD's, you're obviously going to want the second to prepare for the third, and hey -- everyone bought the first -- plus three movie tickets (oh, and add to that another DVD because if you have the first two -- why not all three?), and old Walt Disney is doing an Irish jig in your grave with two lassies and a bottle of rum because he just made eighty-four bucks off you and about three million of your friends and neighbors. And Johnny Depp, you know, that "indie" actor, or at least that's how all the magazines label him as, is just doing the part because he likes the quirkiness of Sparrow. Or is it the money? Oh yeah, right, there's always that. Can't blame him I guess, but it's truly a shame that he sold-out this late in the game. He even could have made the first one, despite its commercialism, and still survived the disapproving glare of those fans that used to admire him for his ability to choose great roles in great films. While the role isn't terrible, it's a giant step down from the last film, which was a whole mountain higher in quality than this Dead Man's Chest, a film that struggles desperately for two-and-a-half hours to compete with its predecessor. I'm guessing the people who take the amusement-park ride in Florida are going to be more disappointed than I was after seeing this movie, maybe not. The fact of the matter is this: Yes, there can be too much of a good thing. So do I recommend it? If I said no, would you listen? Probably not.

Directing/Cinematography/Editing = 22 Possible Points
Does the director handle the material effectively? Do you recognize any techniques that are especially sophisticated? 3/4.5Was the film's pace slow? Is there any excess fat? Are all scenes necessary and help structure the story? 14 Is tone and atmosphere clearly established? 2/3.5Is the film visually appealing? 2.5/3Does the Score evoke emotion or interest when necessary? Is it used effectively and appropriately? Do sound effects positively contribute? 2/2.5Is the set and set/design appealing and convincing? Do special effects positively contribute? Do they appear realistic? Are they used sparingly? .5/1.5Is the costume and costume design generally effective in creating a mood? Are they convincing and appropriate? 1/1.5Are lighting, contrast, and color contributed positively? 1/1.513/22

Acting = 21 Points Possible
Are the main actor(s) convincing? Do they portray the characters well? 5/7Are the supporting actor(s) convincing? Do they portray the characters well? 7/7Do they fulfill or go beyond your expectations? Are they miscast? 4/716/21

Story/Screenplay = 20 Points Possible
Does the story flow smoothly enough? Is it convincing and/or imaginative enough? It adapted, how well does it translate? 2/4.5Is the story intelligent (not simple) if it needs to be? 1/4How is the dialogue? Is it forced? Is it appropriate? Could it be improved? 2.5/3.5Has it been done before? How original and genuine is it? .5/3Is there a definite sense of narrative? Does a lot need to be explained? 1.5/2.5How is the ending? Does it tie things up nicely? Does it need to? Is it well-developed? .5/2.58/20

Enjoyment = 37 points

1. Consider the genre of the film, does it meet and/or surpass the standards that the genre typically demands? 5/8.5
2. Did it provoke emotion? How emotionally provoking was it? 4/8
3.Was it though-provoking? 3/7.5
4.Was it entertaining? 6/7
5.Was it worth the money? 3/6


Total = 58/100

Five Star System

20 points = *

30 points = *
Which character am I supposed to like in this 2.5 hour piece of pirate dreck?
I just got back from the midnight screening and have to wake up in 3 hours but I must rave about this film. It is perfect in every way and i did not even like the first one. The main reason i loved this is because unlike everyone else I am not a huge Depp fan and they keep his screen time to a reasonable level where u still love him but not overdoing it like in Curse. The Davy Jones CGI looks amazing and not cartonnish like the Superman CGI. This move is a great time and the end will blow you away. By far the best film of the summer.
as you can see with many of the rotten tomato reviews, people did not like the movie because it leads too much into the 3rd movie. well, they're wrong, it entirely leads into the third movie. the movie has no structured end. It's almost like the Matrix Relouded factor, except if we stayed after the credits, we did not see a trailer for the coming third movie, leaving us with way too many questions to answer. I gave this movie a 1 because through the entire movie, I did see the glimmering hope of a resolution, but there was not, it remains to be edited and distributed later for me to pay another $10 to see. I just can't wait for when the release the DVD, because it wasn't really a full movie. The only way Disney could make money from the DVD (if people were actually smart enough to realize that disny ripped them off without making a complete movie) I expect the DVD to be released some time (maybe within weeks) of the release of the third movie.
First off, Pirates fans, don't make me walk the plank. I'm sorry. All of you know I am, myself, a huge Pirates fan, but this...*sigh*...oh, and this is just my first reaction. I'm seeing it again with Pat, so maybe things will change. We shall just see.

Oh, and spoilers. Warned Ye Be.

Dead Man's Chest was no where near as charming as the first. In fact, there were only few moments where I truely enjoyed the film. For the most part, I felt nothing toward the characters, save for Will, (how can you not help but like and feel for him?), but even in the first I adored Jack, but here...nothing. Really.

Other good moments included Will being slapped by Giselle, and when Jack offers Jack the Monkey as payment to Tia Dalma had me laughing pretty hard. ("Look!" *shoots* "Undead monkey!") But the most enjoyable moment of the whole film...need I really say this? Will getting his shirt ripped off while soaking wet. And the small SM fan in me didn't mind the reactions from the whipping. :rolleyes:

The score was good, but didn't enrich the movie as much as Badlet's did. For the most part, Zimmer took what already existed and remixed it. And poorly for that matter. Sorry Hans, but Klaus is the master here.

Right now, I think it's Trilogy Curse. For the most part the second one is always the worst. Examples: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (I know, it's really the first, but it was the second one made), Back to the Future II, and Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. Leave Lord of the Rings out of it, because that is a totally different set of spinners.

Let's hold out for World's End.
..... i'm shocked,... i'll watched this again... in pirated version:rotten:
The second Pirates of the Caribbean is very fun and addicting! I wanted more and more! Boo to the stupid critics! This is one of the best sequels of all time! I enjoyed the first one too and I thought this was just as good, if not better! :)

Johnny Depp's performance again is top notch! I love his personality as Jack Sparrow, excuse me, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow! :) He is extremely hilarious and he plays the character perfectly! Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom were also very good with their characters again!

The direction is fun with this movie too! Gore captures all the actions scenes wonderfully!

If you enjoyed the first, SEE THIS ONE! BOO TO THE CRITICS! I go to a movie to have fun and I certainly did here! I can not wait for the third one because that ending was like, AHHH!!! MORE!!!!! :p
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