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highly, highly recommended if you like or dislike steve jobs. i like this more than the recent steve jobs documentary, though thats probably because this has just long been a favorite. fun seeing bill gates troll steve jobs.
i think that this film gives an accurate history of apple's rivalry with microsoft.
If you've never seen this movie and you think it would be as boring as a wet carrot because it's about history, watch it and I guarantee you will think again. This film provides very accurate info on how the personal computer industry rose to power, and how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates battled throughout this incredible era. All in all, this film gets a full 5/5 from me, and in RT Percentages, a 90%.

If you haven't seen it, you can watch it on YouTube. Just search for "Pirates of Silicon Valley".
A very interesting take on how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates used their unique personalities and business tactics to dominate the growing computer industry. Very fun to watch after seeing the kind of businessmen they are today compared to how they began.
A truly powerful and surprisingly complex movie based on the rise of the personal computer. The interesting and fun portion of this movie is how it is told. Sure, you can be a computer geek, and many think you have to be to like this flick, but that's not the case. The narration is told in a way as to keep it interesting for anyone who views the film, whether or not you are into technology. The tone is upbeat, but is not afraid to get dirty with the historical drama side of how these two companies collided.
I was just a little disappointed in this film. I think maybe I was expecting a little to much, but it still offered up a little entertainment.
Gave this a 100 because it was very factual (and I love APPLE)! great movie... original... good directing... and always good to have it based on a true, incredible story...
Hilarious MUST SEE for anyone who loves Apple or Microsoft. Funny characterizations of Steve Jobs & Bill Gates in their East Coast/Harvard guy vs West Coast/Hippie dude rivalry.

Boisterous Steve Ballmer and sheepish Steve Wozniak are lovable as the sidekicks. Noah Wiley does a great job in his portrayal of the effusive Steve Jobs, including a crazy "drug trip" scene. Bill Gates is creepy, nerdy and driven. You have to laugh when you watch it.

Good historical perspective on the growth of the personal computer industry. I think they got it right. And, did it with lots of fun. Perfect movie for kids, teenagers and families.

Best part is the scene where Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer meet with IBM to sell their software on every PC. It really is history that should be taught to every school kid.
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