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Pinocchio 1940

A living puppet, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy...

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This is horror at it's very core, more movies should be this scary. 9/10.
HAHA still in the Horror section. I guess it could be considered horror for Children.. MUAHHHAHAHAHA

lol. i know right. i saw it there too.
@U_C_ME Same here, was wondering wtf.
ha ha. imagine I found this under horror section ;-)
I just watched "Once Upon A Time," Episode: "That Still Small Voice", and it explained the story of Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket and so I decided to watch my childhood cartoon, Pinocchio, again. Brings back so many memories. You guys should try the series, Once Upon A Time - it's quite interesting.
One of the most beloved animated film ever isn't one of my favorites. A little boring and slow for me at times. It still holds up pretty well all these years and better than a lot of animated films today.
The early Disney animation is just breathtaking, even compared to todays animation, this is superior and a true art form. This is a charming film, the music and story are wonderful. It's imaginative and very clever. Great moral.

Geppetto is a simple old man who lives with his cat, Figaro, and his fish, Cleo. Geppetto is a master craftsman who builds numerous clocks, furniture, and wooden puppets. Geppetto's prize work, a wooden puppet name Pinocchio, is like a son to him and he would like nothing more than for Pinocchio to become a real boy. One inauspicious evening Geppetto makes a wish upon a star and Pinocchio is granted life...almost. Pinocchio must prove his worth by displaying trust and honor. Will Pinocchio become the real boy Geppetto has always dreamed of?

"Cricket's the name. Jiminy Cricket."

Hamilton Luske (Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, Alison in Wonderland, Cinderella and Fantasia) and Ben Sharpsteen (Dumbo and Fantasia) collaborate to deliver Pinocchio. The storyline for this picture is fantastic and amongst my favorite Disney pictures. The storyline includes three obstacles for Pinocchio to overcome that stretches out the storyline and inspires the audience to root for our main character.

"A boy who won't be good might as well be made of wood."

I received Pinocchio as a Valentines Day present from my wife. We finally made the time to watch this gem and it was outstanding. Despite the 88 minute run time, this seemed much longer based on the number of obstacles placed before Pinocchio. The scenarios were very cool and played out to perfection. Pinocchio is easily amongst my favorite Disney pictures.

"I'm collecting stupid little boys."

Grade: A+
Like most of the old Disney classics, this is an amazing movie. Must have for Disney fans for sure.
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