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Phantom of the Paradise 1974

A disfigured composer sells his soul for the woman he loves so that she will perform his music. However, an evil record tycoon betrays him and steals his music to open his rock palace, The Paradise...

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En français dans le texte. En 1974 , LE CHOC ! Tout le monde avait compris que De Palma deviendrait un grand. J'avais 17 ans et j'ai marché complétement...Quelques 12000 films plus tard, je maintiens, it's a great movie !

I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started watching Phantom of the Paradise. Netfilx calls it a "comedy". The poster above calls it a "horror phantasy". So what is Phantom of the Paradise? In hindsight, I'd call it a black comedy horror fantasy musical thriller. In other words, Phantom of the Paradise is a mess of a mixture of many genres. Directed by Brian De Palma, Phantom of the Paradise is the type of film you have to see to believe. It travels at a breakneck pace, with lots of surprising decent 70's rock music (composed by Paul Williams, who also acts in the film) and fantastic trademark De Palma visuals. Phantom of the Paradise is definitely not for everyone, but I would recommend it to Rocky Horror Picture Show fans or De Palma fans. Very entertaining and fun film.
Paul Williams and Jessica Harper star in Brian Depalma's campy 70's update of Phantom of the Opera set in the rock world. All the classic Depalma camera work and mediocre music does not really make a good movie. Dissappointed. Boring!!!

Andrew Lloyd Webber wishes his musical was this cool.

What a waste of film. This movie was probably the worst move i've ever seen. Phantom of the Paradise is a blend of Phantom of the Opera, Austin Powers, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. The story was irritating, i could only watch the movie in like 20 minute increments before i'd start loosing interest. The acting was awful, and the props were lame. Based in the 70's this is about a music composer who gets cheated by a producer. and then the rest of the movie is nothing but revenge. And the main actress in this movie, first of all she can't sing, and her dancing, it looks like she's being shocked by the electric chair. So if you ever happen to see this movie anywhere, do not, i repeat DO NOT watch it, your time will be wasted if you do.
its a cult classic
Wall-to-wall flicks from 1:30 to 9:30! Took a short break to produce a hamburger and fries for dinner but mostly I watched non-stop. I wish all movie watching went this well during this. Unfortunately I was awakened in the middle of the night by some damn dog too close to my window. I also had a dream that somebody yelled at me in a high pitched voice. That was neat. Anyway, the dog cost me some sleep. I had to actually phone the police about it. I still plan on at least 4 flicks today.

Tuesday, October 3rd
9. Phantom of the Paradise. (1974) I saw this for the first time in the 90s but I feel like I've been watching it all my life. It's oddly nostalgic. I guess because I've always known about Paul Williams.

Pretty dumb.

I love this 70s version of Opera. Interesting performances and musical numbers, with De Palma really showing his directing talents early on. One of the better films of 1974.
All in all a pretty solid musical. It was strange, as expected. The music wasn't as good as I was hoping, but the movie was propelled by its own oddness.
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