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Such an Adorable flick.It has well known cast like Dinklage,Reese,James & more..I was quite surprising seeing Dinklage in that role.He proved even reporters has some morals,what I didn't expect obviously.Girl playing role of Penelope did great so her parents.Her parents are Hilarious especially mother lol.And James,what to say,he killed this role with his facial expressions & that haircut,was Enough to make any girl melt.This flick is filled with some Emotional scenes and lots of Funny moments.It shows How insane,selfish people are But its really nice to know that there are some Nice kind people out there too.All this adventure of Penelope and Ending like a Fairytale,Well this flick has Many well-learned morals.Accept who you are,is ONE of them.It's definitely worth the watch.Will I watch it again? Yes,I'd love to watch it again.
This was a sweet story. Perfect for an afternoon with some cake and coffee. I really liked this story :)
Saw Penelope today with my daughters (ages 6 and 8). They *loved* it, I thought it perfectly charming. We all came away entertained. Great performances all around!
I saw Penelope today and loved it. It was very funny and a little sad at the same time. Good performances by everyone. James McAvoy is very cute, so is Christina Ricci. Reese Witherspoon is always fabulous in everything she does. I loved her look, very different and fun. I would definately recommend it.
This is a sweet little movie--a fable for little girls and grown-up girls alike. It was cute, funny, sad in places but had a great "message". Best movie of the year? Nope, but definitely worth the ticket price!
I, a woman of 24, saw "Penelope" today, and found it truly delightful! A lovely film in the vein of "Stardust", "Nanny McPhee", and "The Princess Bride". Witty, colorful, quirky, and unashamedly cheesy. The characters are thoroughly entertaining, brought perfectly to life in the slightly eccentric and ever engaging performances of Ricci and McAvoy. I have never written a review on Moviefone, but I absolutely had to tell anyone who would read this about the sweet little diversion with which I have instantly fallen so madly in love!
I LOVED this movie...I watched it today after watching The Other Boleyn Girl and they were both fantastic. My boyfriend liked Penelope too! I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone!
I absolutely loved this movie. I'm an old lady (44) but I really enjoyed it and so did everybody else there, all of whom were my age or older. It's such a sweet story about loving yourself the way you are and that's something that women of all ages need to be reminded of. Christina Ricci gave a great performance as did Catherine O'Hare, James McAvoy, and Reese Witherspoon. It's probably not going to win any Oscars but it was sweet, funny, and had a great message.
While I did enjoy the movie overall, I could not get past the 1/2 british and 1/2 american accents that plagued the entire cast. I certainly cannot understand why some of the actors who can actually DO an english accent well didn't seem to have them. There was no explanation that I could see as to why, and I have to say it was hard to listen to the dialogue. The saving grace was a yummy James McAvoy, and delightful Christina Ricci.
it was a good movie for kids and for adults too!
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