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Pathology 2008

A group of medical students devise a deadly game: to see which one of them can commit the perfect murder...

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I could not get into this film at all. From reading the rest of the reviews I quess I'm the only one that hated it
I had forgotten about this movie- saw it years ago, and watched it probably 3 times..I LOVE dark, twisted & gory, & this fits all of those categories!!
An over privileged detestable group with a bad case of the god complex who decide to have a pissing competition. Excellent movie in a sense. As *Thanks_Mates* said, "very dark and twisted"...Not for the squeamish I guess.
@Thanks_Mates , I couldn't agree more. 8/10 here, as well.
Really liked this film, very dark and twisted, but it did not disappoint. 8/10. A hidden gem here :)
A film only a Pathologist will understand 100% due to the repetitive use of scientific lingo used throughout, this leaves the viewer guessing as to what is actually wrong with the dead body in question.

Milo Ventimiglia (aka Peter Petrelli from Heroes) gave a half decent performance as a pathology student who joins a top patholgy program, only to find out there is a group of students who are nuts, this turns into a game set up by one of the crazy students to see who can perform the perfect murder, the winner being the one who can make a kill without any of the other students working out how they were murdered. The film includes several complicated and interesting murders which keeps viewer guessing as to what death could possibly occur next.

The film ends with quite a predictable twist and an evil laugh from Milo that should be worked on in future, to sum up, I probably won't buy the DVD, but an OK watch (not for the feint hearted though!)
A group of Pathology students create a sinister game in which one kills someone, and the others have to figure out how he or she did it. That's the basic plot of Pathology which, for the first thirty, maybe forty minutes, isn't bad. The premise is pretty interesting, some of the performances are pretty good and there are some nice directorial flourishes. Then after a while things become just a bit too silly and it becomes hard to care how things are going to turn out.

There's only two things wrong with the film. One is that the characters never really feel believable. The actors do mostly good jobs, but the script tries to force its situations on its characters without taking the effort to study the characters themselves. It's a small thing, but it works to take the edge off what might have been a very effective thriller.

The other is that aforementioned thirty-forty minute mark - there's a big montage of killing/drug-taking/shagging which is probably meant to make things seem exciting and dangerous but unfortunately comes off as just a bit silly. It doesn't take long but it pretty much kills the rest of the movie. It just makes it hard to take things seriously, and therefore hard to care.

As a night out to the cinema, pathology isn't bad, but it's too flawed to be anything other than mildly entertaining.
This is one of the best thrillers I have seen in many years. It offers something completely different to the Saw and Hostel movies. This is a very smart thriller and not some torture porn. I recommend you check it out this weekend.
slick sexy film that was entertaining from the first scene.
great dark and twisted fun. a good ride - maybe it doesn't make sense here and there but it's so fast and over-the-top that... who cares. Enjoyed it a lot!
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