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Paranormal Activity 4 2012

It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in...

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well. this was fun... Somehow I heard the opening of "Happy Tree Friends" play (probably in my head...) when Katie quite happily walks around the house and kills off family and family friends alike... It seemed like a fitting theme song. :)
mm... well, now I am a little confused. Where exactly does the Tokyo Night fits? Is it even part of these? by the way, the japanese one scared the hell out me...
yup everybody........ well let's say just watch the film. And she's back. And yes folks there is a part five on the way. I had my doubts about the saw franchise and I really liked the last three parts. But with this the scares are no longer scary it the same thing over and over. The wow factor is gone. There's not much they can do in theses films. I really watch them to learn how the do all the effects mostly digital I gather with some old school trickery. And yeah this movie was a giant kinect commercial man let it go already it was cool for five minutes but come on yo again and again come on stop it already. That being said I will watch the rest just to see but I don't see them getting any better. They should have stopped at the first one but if you want them to stop just simply stop seeing them america there are other better films out there in horror land there has to be!!!!!!!!!!!;']

movie was not good at all i give it maybe a 3


people paid to see this?? figured they would have learned after the first one.. lol sadly not good or scary.. but thank you for posting :)

I like how these are scary movies with no climactic music to build up the tension!

finilly ...i uploaded a link as well

mp4 version up, still cam

No link yet i been looking and looking for a english version if i ever find it i will post it

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