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Panic Room 2002

A divorced woman and her diabetic daughter take refuge in their newly-purchased house's safe room, when three men break-in, searching for a missing fortune...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 6.8



wow, this is the first movie that ive watched in a long time that had my body tense through out the entire movie! it was so suspenseful and i would def. recommend it to anyone that likes thriller/suspenseful movies.
Fincher is one of the best new directors of our time, in my opinion, which is why i was so disappointed in Panic Room. By any other director, this would have been a fantastic movie, but in Fincher's hands I expected so much more.
That's not to say it was a bad flick. Good performances, great atmosphere, interesting story, and solid camera work lend to a great mix.

Let me start off by saying that this new feature is gonna help out a lot and has gotten me into reviewing again. I'll try to give informative reviews once again and will try to keep them short too.

The School of Rock
The School of Rock was a nice surprise. Jack Black is great in it, he really helps this one out. It isn't a laugh fest but it's consistantly funny and entertaining.

The Last Samurai
I was really anticipating this one. It might not be very original but it still manages to mantain fresh despite the lack of innovations. It is a beatifull film with great directing by Edward Zwick. The performances are great from both Watanabe and Cruise. It has high production values, so everything looks great. The action scenes are very good and worth the ticket price alone. The Last Samurai is certainly one of the best action films of the year.

Out of Time
Denzel Washington helps this routine thriller and makes it watchable. It starts off very slow and might get tedious but Washington's performance and a good second act make it recomendable.

Panic Room
Panic Room is a good thriller with a good performance by Forrest Whitaker and Jodie Foster. It has exellent visuals which are a Fincher trademark by now. This is not David Fincher's best but it's still a good movie, go see Fight Club or Se7en if you want greatness.

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The Panic Room

Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) has just bought a new house, with a state of the art security room, called the Panic Room. Its a room that is made of steel and no one can get in. Then 3 men come in the house searching for a hidden treasure in the room. Meg and her daughter Sarah are in the room. And they are trying to get in there, one of the men was the designer of the room, so if theres a way to get in there he knows.
This movie was good, I didn't expect much from it, was just watching it on HBO from boredom and I enjoyed it. Jodie Foster is a great actress. But the actress that played the daugher confused me throughout the whole movie, it looked like a boy and I thought it was until I heard the name Sarah, I was like well thats not a normal name for a boy. Forest Whitaker is in this movie, and I think he is a great actor, hes never really a star, hes usually just a supporting actor, but he does so well at that.
David Fincher the director of this movie, who also directer alot of other great movies including: Fight Club, The Game, Se7en, Alien 3, and saldy 2 Madonna videos. Sadly he has no movies in the works, so maybe sometime soon he will. But he makes a movie only about every 2-4 years, and its been 1 1/2 years I guess since this movie. David Koepp has written mostly screenplays, and he did the story for Spider-Man 2. He is directing the movie that I want to see that is titled Secret Window, which stars Johnny Depp, it looks like a great movie.
Anyways, The Panic Room is just a thriller, and a good one at that. If you have a passion as I do for thrillers/horror movies then I recommend this movie.

The Simpsons: Season 1: Episode 8: The Telltale HeadDirector: Rich Moore
Writers: Al Jean, Sam Simon and Matt Groening
Synopsis: HEAR - the stark confessions of Bart Simpson, juvenile delinquent. SEE - the thoughtless act of vandalism that turns the whole town against him! LEARN - a lesson or two about empty values and stolen thrills!
Chalkboard: I did not see Elvis.
Characters Introduced: Kearny, Jimbo, Doplh, Reverend Lovejoy, Sunday School Teacher, Apu, Krusty the Clown, Sideshow Bob (Can only be seen in background), Mr. Dandy (Candystore owner)
--Barneys hair is finely to its normal color brown. Making The Simpsons family the only ones with the same color has there body.
--First reference to Jebidiah (SP?) Springfield.
--First apperance of Simpsons going to church, which was unusal for a TV series to show a lengthy segment in church, espically an animated show.
--Space Mutants a horor type movie franchise later dropped out of the show.
--Jimbo is named after Jim Brooks.
--They say an expression after leaving the Apu's store, the 5-finger discount, when they only have 4 fingers.
--In the beginning Bowling was Homers passion, but he still bowls, but its dropped out some.
--Barts first ninja costume.
--First show that showed Smithers affection for Mr. Burns
--First time the Mob consisted all of Supporting Characters and not just random people.

On to the news...

Bond, James Bond

Pierce Brosnan noted that he had completed four James Bond films in a row. Brosnan said his commitment towards another is "opague". So, who knows what will happen. In my opinon I think they need to hold off on the James Bond movies for at least 10 years, because they really are slowing dying and then you hold off and get time to think up of some great ideas, and WHAM its back to being great as it was when it first came out.

Chronicles of Narnia anyone?

Disney Consumer Producets chairman Andy Mooney hinted in a speech that the studio might be producing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia series of bookes. This is I always thought the 2nd of 3rd book, but this site is saying its the first, but I think its wrong. Oh well, Andrew Adamson the director of Shrek 1 and 2, will be directing this. This will most likely me a series of films.

The Box Office Tracker

1- The Passion of the Christ bring in $125,185,971
2- 50 First Dates bringing in $12,565,729
3-Twisted w/ $8,904,299
4- Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen w/$6,346,941
5- Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights w/ $5,811,325
6- Miracle $4,469,617
7-Eurotrip $4,051,428
8- Welcomt to Mooseport $3,279,764
9-Barbershop 2: Back in Business w/ $3,1251536
10- Broken Lizards Club Dread (BOMBED) $3,035,688

Chucky's Back

Billy Boyd who played Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the voice of Chuckys child in Seed of Chucky. Brad Dourif is returning as the voice of Chucky. Jennifer Tilly is back as the bride Tiffany. Creator of the franchise Don mancini is writing and directing this movie so it can't be to horrible. It is filming in Romania for an October release.

House of 1000's corpses sequel is named.

The sequel for the horror movie I have yet to watch but soon will, House of 1000 corpses has a title. That title is....The Devils Rejects.

Spy-Hunter fans get ready for the movie.

I'm sure its no new news that a Spy-Hunter film is in the making, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has Alex Sects. The screenwriters Mark Swift and Damian Shannon who wrote Freddy Vs. Jason will be doing this script, they said they added a nice twist to the beginning. The tentpole releast is Summer 2005. So you got alittle over a year, and a new game in the making as well the 3rd one, which wont have a numerical title.
I watched The Red Shoes from netflix. The allegory, visuals, framing, colors. Michael Powell, I love you.

The other two are DVDs I purchased today. DOACP is growing on me. Panic Room SE is just amazing. Love Jodie Foster commentary.

When it came out, I was really disapointed with this movie. I am a Fincher and a Foster fan and I have always liked Whitaker. I had excedingly high expectations for this film after seeing the trailer. Evidently they were too high. I watched this movie again today, a few years later. In retrospect, it's not as bad as I once rated it. I actually liked it. The camera angles were ground breaking and the acting was terrific. Still, not Fincher's best movie, but a better than average suspense thriller. ***

Jodie Foster shines in another under rated film by David Fincher. Panic Room is the story of Meg Altman (Foster) and her young daughter, Sarah (Kristen Stewart). Meg has just seperated from her husband and she buys a nice home complete with a panic room. Thier first night there a group of thieves break in. They assumed it was still abandoned and are a little shocked to find it occupied. Meg and Sarah escape the robbers and hide in the panic room.

The rest of the film deals with the robbers and Meg playing a game of cat and mouse. The robbers want money that is in the panic room and the two frightened women want nothing more than thier safety restored. A good movie that works as a psychological thriller.

The supporting cast is good but not stellar. Jared Leto, Forrest Whitiker, and Dwight Yoakum are good, but not really believable as friends/accomplices that would trust each other. There's a few cliches, like the little girl needing medication; but, all in all, a good effort.

Fincher can do better. (Sev7en or Fight Club) or worse (Alien 3).
"Panic Room fits nicely within the trajectory of the elegant career arc Fincher has already plotted."
-- Joshua Vasquez, MATINEE MAGAZINE
I really enjoyed this one, good acting, well worth watching!
I like Jodie Foster, but I'm not a big fan of this movie. And the daughter looks like a son.
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