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I love this movie. I cry every time I watch it. Great cast. Great acting. Funny and sad. Worth watching.
I adore this movie. I cry everytime I see it but its also so full of hope and... I think its a beautiful lovestory and the promise of more to come. Life moves on and thats okay. Its a very heartwarming film.
good movie but the book is waaaaaaaaaay better :)
Such an interesting concept, spoilt by a lameass, sappy story.
Hilarious authentic irish comedy, tilting at the faux Manhattan of Friends and Woody Allen. Probably too clever for its own good, doomed to multiscreen failure but a must for any irish-american seeking their roots without jetfuel.
excellent movie; funny and sad simultaneously
:rotten: Have you ever met someone who tried so hard to make you like them that you actually start disliking them for no other reason then that....Well P.S I love you starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler is a film like that...except that there are far more reasons to dislike it then the fact that it just tries too damn hard. For one thing the characters in this film are not only completely unbelievable, but none of them are remotely interesting either.
Horrid and if you liked it,question your morals.
P.S I hate you, the new trend to show off how some actors can ruin thier credibility.

Hilary Swank plays as Holly Kennedy whos married to Gerry Kennedy(Gerard Butler). Gerry dies from a brain tumor but before his death pulls off a mail frenzy game that leads Holly to a better life.

The two main actor/actress are well recieved by the world. Hilary( Million Dollar Baby ) and Garard ( 300 ) are people I highly respect but after this, my affection for them has lost a few steps. Wasted talent on cliched romantic comedy that should die out as each year goes by. Because romantic comedies are what some people say " So Last year ". Although they can make thier characters look charming, it wasnt enough to cover up the horrible love story.

The flaws would be the ficticous world of a man who would design such a game for the sole purpose of simply " moving on ". Its never going to happen. The title is wierd and parts of the movie just really didnt make sense and serves no purpose to the conflict.

Its rehashed romantic driven direction results into a clumsy film about an overgrown women trying to be young agian. Extremely depressing. This is a chick flick at its best and really has no significance for its male viewers.

Its a cliched, slow, and unfunny film that has no words of praise from me.
Love it
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