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As far as teen-spirit movies go, this doesn't boast to be excellent, but it is naturally funny. The gags are silly but not overdone and is a feel-good film.
Yes, went to school and was bored out of my mind. Who isn't?. Having to sit in classes all day, doing homework and whatnot...can give someone a disease...literally. Anyways, yeah, I've nothing else to say yet again. Until next time...see you on the dark side of the moon
Anyone who can reate this movie as horrible or "Rotten" doesn't know how to have a good time. Man some people just don't get some movies are made just to make people laugh. Anyway great movie, good people, just all and all funny!
Don't listen to anyone else David!!!
This is one of my favorite movies ever. Since I snowboard I love that part of it, but the mindless humor is great too. I really love this movie.
If you like "Super Troopers" and you think turds in specimen cups are funny, then you'll love this movie. I caught it on Encore late one night halfway through, and I nearly wet my Depends, so I had to rent it the next day (not because I like to wet my I converted my sister, and now I think I must own the film. It's cheap, vulgar, cliche, and oh so predictable in a very very very good way. Any film with good ski wipe-outs is worth watching anyway. Rent it....Rent it now or forever be sorry.

and remember the words of Bull "Don't go a'changin' "
The movie 'Out Cold' is one of my favorite movies of all time. It was very funny and extremely stupid, but I loved it. :up: I love the actors in it. All in all it just a great movie.

so i just talked to david's mom. she's helping me plan a surprise for him for valentine's day, woot woot. i can't wait, it will be so great!!! i love his mom to death, she's so awesome. so yeah, my plans are almost set for then. he he he, it will be sooo awesome! but anyways....

not much to talk about. these movies were awesome. sooo funny. not clean movies, but very freaking funny. i don't really recommend them unless you don't have a problem with movies like this.

anyways.... i'm out, too busy to update right now. ttyl
Don't I wish...not really inebriated, just bored at work again...the movie Office Space never rang so clear until I started working here. The scene where everyone sings happy birthday to Lumberg...yeah, we do that here, and NO ONE is excited about singing. "Frank", who's office I have to walk through in order to get to my 6ft x 6ft cubicle, is either on the phone or playing computer free cell everytime I walk by. Of course, when I walk through his office...he tries to minimize if we don't know what he's doing. Right now...I'm just fighting the urge to throw this computer out of the window (if I had a window in this tiny little matchbox they've stuck me in), and begin yelling the scene from half-baked (blank you, blank you, you're cool, blank you...peace and I'm out!)

I'm not really that upset, I'm just kinda buying time until I get to go home. Since I found out what I'm going to be making off of my tax returns...I'm not coming in to work tomorrow.
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