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Not quite as scary as the Japanese version. But it was okay. Not as bad as most people make it to be. There's something that the japanese can do and I guess it's lost in translation. Even though a lot of these films seem a lot a like after a while The Grudge, The Ring, and now One Missed Call. But I do agree that the japanese version are far superior not in production value but the scares and erie mood. I just watched the trailer for the Japanese version it was truly creepy.;']
Just when you thought it was safe to venture into your local multiplex and not yet encounter another remake of a Japanese horror film comes the tepid, flaccid remake of One Missed Call that's as short on genuine scares (all of one) as it is long on cheap scares (between twenty and thirty). Not content to give an American director a shot at Andrew Klavan's (Don't Say a Word, Shock to the System) adaptation of Yasushi Akimoto's novel, the studio tapped little known French director Eric Valette (Mal
"One Missed Call works just like its kitschy plot device. The picture has heralded the time, date and death of the PG-13 Japanese horror remakes."

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2 years ago I enjoyed the sorta similar WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. That's why I was excited to see ONE MISSED CALL. Well, this movie shamelessly takes ideas from: FINAL DESTINATION, PULSE, THE GRUDGE, and even THE RING. What a horrible movie this was! An epic disaster on every level. OMC is the film to beat for WORST OF 2008.



I saw these movies back to back...that should explain what kind of mood I'm in right now. What a fucking ridiculous movie!! I can usually suspend my disbelief really far but NATIONAL TREASURE 2 takes that term to an entirely new level. Nicolas Cage has yet to make a decent film, since the first NATIONAL TREASURE, and a realistic hair piece...
i would have preferred to have seen child's play to get scared.. after watching the movie one missed call i came out laughing my ass off seriously made me laugh more than the movie "scary movie"...
This movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The acting was terrible and it was not scary at all. It might scare 6th grade girls...and maybe not even. The makers try to make up for the horrible acting and lack of interesting plot with cheap images of ghost that didn't even scare you. I was laughing through out the whole movie every time I saw a ghost or whatever they were. On top of this I saw right through the movie the plot was obvious. A reocurring theme seemed to be child abuse. I think that the director tried to keep the audience entertained by trying to make it seem like The main character I forget her name..haha was hallucinating or was delusional because she endured child abuse. This might have worked in the hands of another director. In closing, this was just another crappy american remake of a japanese horror film.
Ok, I have NOT seen this movie, I DID see the original, and it was not fantastic but was watchable. When I saw the original my first thought was, if someonme remade this in English, it would be an ok movie to watch.

Now I know what I should have thought was, you know, if the japanese would DUBB this, it would be a pretty good movie to watch.

Note to Japan, start dubbing and we'll stop snubbing, hollywood remakes of your films that is.

There is NO creativity in H'Wood, too many drugs and alcohol and late nights and too much self congratulatory incestous based awards to provide a warm and fuzzy feeling to the host actors that the parasitic machine is feeding on, looks more and more like the feast is coming to a close in H'wood, and it is about time.
Terrible acting and lots of cheap scares. Theres really no story here at all and very little character development. This one feels like a direct to video but its still entertaining on the "its so bad its good level" Its a fun time if you and your friends are looking to watch a dumb but entertaining movie. It's not worth 10$ but its still decently fun.
Yet another attempt at recreating an original Japanese horror movie. What's kind of sad is the original wasn't all that great to begin with. Interesting concept, but the story was kind of confusing. The sequel was better but only because the phone technology was and is still years away from hitting us here stateside. This version was just kind of ok. A few jumps but that's all I got out of it. The CGI was really kind of sad, was scarier in Emily Rose, that baby..geez, c'mon. I liked the ending kind of a cool twist with the horribly contived and typical exception of Ed Burns...who didn't see THAT coming? One thing the original DID have that we sorely lack is the element of realism that can be found in the early Spielberg movies like Jaws, Close Encounters and Poltergeist. Everything in the original seemed real, used, you know? Not all clean and glossy like our version. We do enjoy prettying up reality, don't we? Just makes me so excited for the Jessica Alba vehicle The Eye...sigh, but you know I'll be there. Hoping.
you can give this a skip, the only thing I enjoyed was screaming in the cinema like nobody's businesssssssss, making everyone else shit in my pants.

oh there was a couple who's always busy making out right in front of me.

watched it with one of my best friend,,,lovveeess :p

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