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One Hour Photo 2002

An employee of a one-hour photo lab becomes obsessed with a young suburban family...

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Great performance! 10/10
I'm a huge fan of Robin Williams, I know a lot of his fans miss him dearly. This movie just shows how good of an actor he was, he wasn't limited to just playing comedy roles. I enjoyed one hour photo, I would have liked to see a different ending, however, Robin Williams was exceptional as always!
I finally got the chance to see this movie this week. It's the second time I've watched Robin Williams tackle a serious role (Insomnia was the first) and I have to say it's definitely becoming of him to play something out of his character. I have to admit it was weird watching him play a psychotic villain in Insomnia and it took me some time to adjust to it, but this time, I was convinced from the get-go; definitely worthy of the praises he got for this performance. The movie itself was so-so; I wish they delved more in his character and the other family members; it wasn't enough for me to truly care about them and what's happening to them. Still this movie is worth your time and rental if only to watch Robin Williams in a challenging role.
I---also saw--One Hour Photo--for the second time.

I----liked it a lot. It's a solid--thriller with a--great--performance by Robin Williams.

Watched One Hour Photo on TMN today. It was better than I expected, if very different.
Robin Williams was quite good, and the premise was very disturbing. It sort of went downhill, though, as his ending acto of aggression didn't really fit with his character, IMO.
I went over to my cousins at Pampanga for the weekend. We watched Scary Movie 3 in theater and One Hour Photo on DVD. The first one was basically JOKE TIME. I don't actually need to conduct an actualy review on it because all I can tell you is that I've been laughing my ass off over senseless parodies whose violence level could be a tad bit too high. Hm...

One Hour Photo

Mark Romanek develops a splendid psychological thriller with a well-selected semi-stellar cast. It's quite a system shock for Robin William to play the role of Sy Parish but either way, it worked out. I wouldn't have any other person in mind for the role.

The element I loved most about the film was the way the theme was perfectly projected with the values it wanted to forward. It's a human interest piece with focus on filial relations. At first it might seem like a surreal expos
2002 was a good year for the actor Robin Williams, formerly a performer known only for zany comedy. After playing a possible killer in Insomnia, he gave the best performance of his career as Sy "the photo guy", a quiet, mild-mannered clerk at a mall's one-hour photo booth. Sy is one of the most disturbing (and disturbed) characters in recent film: an obsessive, lonely, voyeuristic man who collects extra prints of the photographs of one particular young family. One Hour Photo explores the common theme of voyeurism (a favourite Hitchcock subject), and once again demonstrates that there are few things that unsettle the viewer more than the possibility that someone might be watching them. The appeal of the film is that Sy is not some deranged stalker, merely a lonely man who idealizes the family he observes and is delusional enough to consider himself a part of it. What crushes Sy, and changes him from a harmless yet disturbed man to a potential danger, is his discovery through the photographs that his ideal family is far from perfect. Unfortunately, these later scenes are robbed of suspense by an opening scene that is unnecessary and should have been excised. The ending of the film is unsatisfactory, not only because of the lack of suspense, but also because Sy's actions are simply not believable, nor do they make much sense. Nevertheless, newcomer director Mark Romanek has crafted a somewhat disturbing portrait of a voyeur who is the type of person we pass on the street every day...a lonely man just yearning for a connection.

a little freaky
One Hour Photo (2002) 5/10:rotten:

The supporting cast is solid, but no one is very memorable. Connie Nielsen gives the best performance of the film. She isn't asked to do as much as Williams, but she creates a more sypathetic and realistic character. Michael Vartan has little to do, but is fine. I did, however, like the performance of Eriq La Salle. He doesn't have much screen time, but he is good when he is around. Recommended for those who like films about psycho photo technicians.
Relaxed today.

Tried to go and see ROTK. When I finally found the theater and we walked up there, they switched the showtime to 15 minutes earlier. Bastards. Meant we missed at least the first 10 minutes.

Then we went to rent GTA:Vice City, since my brother took it with him back to his place at Christmas. No one had it. No one. So, I just bought the fucking thing.

Also bought the Samurai Jack movie. It was 5 bucks. Been a series I wanted to get into, so why not start with the pilot.

Watched One Hour Photo during the recuperation. Hadn't seen it before. Pretty good. Robin Williams was incredibly creepy. The last 30 minutes or so just felt a little hollow to me. I dunno... just didn't seem like that was where it needed to go, storywise. But, that said, Mark Romanek has quite an eye, and a good sense of pacing and storytelling, so he will be someone to watch.

Him, Spike Jonze, and David Fincher. Am I missing any other good music video directors who've crossed over into making good movies? And if any of you fuckers say McG, well...
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