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Ocean's Twelve 2004

Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member so he can pull off three major European heists in this sequel to Ocean's 11...

Release Date:
December 9, 2004, UTC
125 min
Steven Soderbergh
Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones, ...
Thriller, Comedy, Crime ...

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Imdb rating:6.4

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yes there was an ocean's thirteen and mac was in it, but there was gonna be a oceans fourteen till mac died.
I believe there was another sequel... Ocean's Thirteen, no?

I tried to watch Ocean's Twelve last night, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the disc was so severly scratched up I couldn't finish the second half of it. Normally I don't bother reviewing movies that I haven't completely watched, but I think I'll make an exception this time. I only watched the first half of Ocean's Twelve, and frankly I wasn't that impressed. It's dry, and not as funny, or as fun as Ocean's Eleven or Thirteen. It's was a dissapointment. I would advise skipping it. Although there was one moment involving Matt Damon referenceing Led Zeppelin that I thought was quite funny. Other than that I didn't see anything of much interest. Skip this one and go from 11 to 13.
Ocean's 11 was amusing, although I found it tiring trying to keep up with everyone on the team and their role in the heist. Ocean's 12 was just a jumbled up mess that I really didn't try to pay attention to. I wasn't interested from the start because the movie just undoes the heist from the first movie which I found annoying. The star-cast is ok, but it's not worth watching just for the performances. Haven't seen 13 yet. I've heard it's better, but I hope Hollywood isn't just trying to squeeze whatever they can to put something up on the screen.
a fun sequel but it could have been better
I'm trying to make my way to 'Ocean's Thirteen' and in order to get there I had to get through 'Ocean's Eleven' and 'Ocean's Twelve'. As far as I heard, 13 was as good at 11 and 12 was really bad. Well I'll agree that 11 was really good, but I won't say that 12 is very bad. I think 'Ocean's Twelve' is a lot more amateurish compared to 'Ocean's Eleven'. I mean nothing really exciting happens, the schemes are nowhere near as clever as they were in 11 and as far as I can tell, this movie had no major event, besides a weird dance scene and a ridiculous Julia Roberts sketch.

If you want to know what I mean, like really know, I'll put up spoiler borders just because I want to rant about it. THIS COULD SPOIL 'OCEAN'S TWELVE' FOR YOU, HIGHLIGHT WITH CAUTION ((In the movie, everybody but 3 people get arrested. Those three people are Turk, Basher, and Linus. So what they do is they call Tess and while she's in the car they tell her to put on a dress and a hat and that she is going to be inpersonating someone to get something. Well guess who Tess impersonates? Julia Roberts. Yeah, seriously. Julia Roberts impersonates Julia Roberts. I mean I like the whole Topher Grace being a retarded actor thing, but I mean COME ON. There is a line, and I think this action was like Germany invading Poland. It started chaos for me.))

I won't make this movie rotten, for reasons even I don't know why. Maybe it's because at the end you go, ah fuck me in the ass (not really) because of how big they pull a switcheroo on you. Honestly there isn't even a movie. Like I said before it's very amateur. I felt like it was a college kids take on Ocean's after he saw 'Ocean's Eleven'. There wasn't really anything smart about it. The movie starts off terrible. IO mean the introduction back into the characters is one of the worst ways they could have done it. It was way too fast, and made no sense. It was more like. Hey look, you're in 'Ocean's Twelve' right now, look at the camera in shock. The sad part is they did it 12 times in a row.

I really don't know why anybody would fund this film. I mean there is absolutely nothing incredible in it at all. If you have seen the movie though, please read my high-lightable portion of the review. I know you will agree with the hatred for it's stupidity. Other than that I must say, it wasn't that great of a film. I think the only reason it's at fresh for me is because there were some good appearances from stars and there were 1 or 2 decent scenes.

Ocean's Twelve (2004) FRESH. :fresh:

So today was a movie marathon day for me, and I watched all of the Ocean's movies, save for the original. I never watched them before so I was pleasantly suprised.

Ocean's Eleven was a great casino heist movie. I enjoyed the plot, and the motivations for carrying out the heist. I loved the buildup and the planning for the heist with all of the main characters coming together and collaborating on
how to accomplish what they were doing. The acting was great, and the chemistry between the actors and the characters they were eplaying was apparent. Also, although their plan was probably not very realistic in the real world, they made it seem like it could be in the movie, and that made it interesting to watch. I loved it

Ocean's Twelve dissapointed me. I can imagine if I had watched each movie at the times they came out, I would have enjoyed the meeting up of all the characters again more so then I did, but I did not like the plot. I really did not enjoy the carried on storyline from the first movie, and felt it put in as a way of "forcing" the gang to meet back up and make the magic happen again. For me it did not happen. The redeeming quality of this movie though is just the great chemistry between the characters that makes it fun to watch, although it really does not have the magic of the first with a big heist. I mean there was a big heist in the movie, I really get it, it just did not feel as big as the first. Which brings us to...

Ocean's Thirteen is as good if not better then the first. The plot to get the characters back together did not seem forced at all. They did not have to get back together, but rather they wanted to for honor and to take down a bad guy. I mean who doesn't want to see a bad guy get all of his money stolen? This has the magic of the first, with the complexities of planning a huge heist in a casino. It seems to be what they do best.
The mood above should read 'disappointed' more than 'depressed' but it's not an RT option.
The title of the reivew also needs expansion since they don't allow you enough room but it WOULD have been complete as "carried away overestimating their own cleverness and forgetting why the first one was so much fun". It's sort of an important distinction because I think it describes not only the actors and screenwriters of this film, but the characters and the whole plot within the film as well.
In the opening scene, they made the addition of ANOTHER actor I usually can't stand (Catherine Zeta-Jones). That's completely personal taste, and not a fault of the film obviously, and that first scene WAS quite cute so I was settled in and prepared to be proven wrong about my taste, like I was with the first film, when she endeared herself to me with the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, she never did. Her character (along with the rest of the movie) was wholly improbable, never fully explained and, by the end, just plain stupid.
The premise was almost plausible; three years after the impossible heist of the first movie, the casino owner has not only tracked down all the members of "Ocean's 11" (the scene where the group finds out they've been labeled that is especially enjoyable-lol-), but demanded repayment of all the money they stole, plus interest. Of course, they don't have it all any longer and that necessitates their reunion for something on the same grand scale. The method by which he found them and why they're given a chance for recompense is also clever and allows them an antagonist, which has great promise for fun.
Somewhere along the way, though, the SCRIPT becomes what the above antagonist should've been, which is simply a vehicle to 'one-up' everything that was said or done in the first movie. The heists are MORE ridiculous, the outcomes MORE unlikely (to be kind) and even the dialogue interaction (the hallmark of Ocean's 11) sometimes seems forcibly 'clever'. They were apparently aiming for grandiose, but fell into outrageousness.

It still garners a slightly positive rating for the following good reasons: the cast is still good (not GREAT this time around, but good), and their chemistry together IS great. It might have been dumb, but it kept me entertained enough to pay attention the whole time and DID get more than just a few laughs out of me. It had several cute cameos, including Robbie Coltrane and Eddie Izzard, but especially Bruce Willis who does his best with a supremely stupid premise that's actually not even written all that well. Even though the end was also completely unbelievable (of course Benedict would have had them all killed ANY way, even after he got the money back!) it wrapped up succinctly and didn't push its luck by running too long and meandering into boring. So, while far inferior to the first one, it still wasn't a bad DVD rental and I'm glad I saw it; if for no other reason than to set the stage for the third one I'm going to be watching soon.
The first movie was all about stealing money from some guy's casino and this movies all about giving it back. and if that doesnt confuse enogh all the twists will. This movie looks cool, has an amazing soundtrack composed by David Holmes, and an All-star cast but this movie really fell short of expected.
More boring and less funny than the first one. A very disappointing movie.
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