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Oblivion 2013

A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself...

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Solar rating: 7.9


Imdb rating: 7

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Meh, give it a 6/10
Incredible movie the second time around, first time was cam so lost a lot, but yeah definitely recommend watching this!
Well i think this is the second 10/10 i've given since being a member of solar. Loved it...
awesome movie.. tom cruise rocks!
I think it's hilarious that religious people hate other people who have different beliefs..
it's such a hypocritical stance..

"all you have to do is believe.. well believe what we do , otherwise we hate you"

too funny,
"on the east side we call that a Sinny-Sin-Sinnnnnnnnnn!!!"
I didn't catch this one from the beginning but I liked what I saw. I'd watch it again, but from the beginning!
I can understand some of the negative reviews - But I absolutely love this movie.
I honestly don't care a bit about Tom Cruise's beliefs, philosophies or behavior. Tom Cruise has made it a habit to get cast as the lead in a lot of "really good" movies. And, when the cameras are rolling, he always plays his role well and doesn't screw up an otherwise "really good" movie.
You gotta love how Tom Cruise keeps going on about his own pretty good business and lets haters hate...
Thumbs up to yet another class act! 7.8/10
The movie was a bit slow at times and actually had to attempt watching twice for the full movie, but wow! unpredictable ending and was quite worth the wait..saw none of the end coming.First rate SyFy..7.5/10 for the great ending...Recommended..
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