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Bette Davis doesn't have the rep, but to me...she is hauntingly beautiful in this film. She's like Cate Blanchett, another actress who can morph into a beauty even if she doesn't have the "conventional perfection" of what most would consider as beautiful.

Here, I love how Davis's character transformed from a timid and insecure spinster into a beautiful and more confident woman. This doesn't have the ending you might expect from a romance, but this is a melodrama which i love exactly the way it is. 9/10
One of Bette Davis' best. Beautifully written and directed. A masterpiece.
One of the all time best classic films. Never was Bette Davis a beautiful woman but she comes very close in this 1942 film as Charlotte Vale. The one time frumpy spinster becomes Oh so cool and glamorous under Claude Raines supervision. A 6th Academy Award nomination went to Davis and if you only see a couple of her films this should be one. Very Very Good in all aspects. Score by the legendary Max steiner.
Full review to come.
Time to play some catch-up

I heard many bad things about Bug, but I think that's because it was marketed as a flesh-eating virus horror movie. It's really more of a psychological thriller. Based on a play, almost all of the action takes place in a hotel room. Director William Friedkin ("The Hunted") manages to keep the tension up, despite the lack of scenery change. Ashley Judd ("Come Early Morning") stars as a desperate and lonely woman who falls for a possibly crazy veteran (Michael Shannon, "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead"). He thinks there's a bug infestation in the hotel room. And the crazy spirals from there. Judd and Shannon really give themselves over to their roles. And the film might not have worked as well otherwise. I was caught up in this from minute one.

Despite it's very cool poster and the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Suburban Girl"), The Return is a mess. The premise is good. Gellar has these visions of her past, but can't remember why. So she goes to revisit this old town and tries to sort things out. Only, as the audience, we're as confused as she is. And not in the I-can't-wait-to-see-how-this-turns-out suspenseful way, but in the should-I-really-care-about-this way. I liked the gray look of the film, and it did all make sense in the end. I just got bored along the way.

Now, Voyager is one of those classic films I put off seeing for no real reason. I really, really liked it. Bette Davis ("Wicked Stepmother") is amazing. I want to be her. Davis stars as a middle-aged spinster who is cracking under the demands of her domineering mother. She goes to a sanitarium and then on a cruise where she discovers herself, and love. It's not all happy. But it's all good. See it now.

Resident Evil:Extinction is just stomping a good idea into the ground. Milla Jovovich ("Ultraviolet") is back as Alice who has magical blood which will stop the zombie plague. There are a bunch of other dirty survivors running around the desert that America has become. And some crazy scientists, that creepy computer girl and some hologram business men. The whole movie felt like when you fall asleep in a film and then you wake up not knowing what is going on. Only, I never fell asleep. It just made no sense. Plus, Jovovich was wearing way more make-up than everyone else. What was that about? Just don't see it.
This is what great film making is all about. Everything comes together in this classic movie, and Bette Davis never looked more beautiful decked out in fabulous 1940's clothes designed by Orry-Kelly. Most everyone can relate to the downtrodden Charlotte Vale under the viscous thumb of her selfish mother. And who doesn't stand up and cheer when Charlotte defies her mother, finds love and starts to live her own life? Bette's performance is subdued, and there's no chewing up the scenery here because it's a great script that needs little enhancement. Filled with great lines and classic scenes, this is one film that every true classic film lover needs in their collection.
:fresh: NOW, VOYAGER is the best film of BETTE DAVIS's career. DAVIS is outstanding and transforms throughout the film. The film is enhanced by a substantial supporting cast including terrific performances by PAUL HENREID AND CLAUDE RAINS . NOW, VOYAGER is a movie worth seeing again and again.

Now, Voyager

Now Voyager is an excellent romantic story and a melodrama about a woman who must defeat her traumas and get her own independence, I really enjoyed the film, I didn't feel the almost 2 hours this movie lasts. Bette Davis is wonderful playing the starring role.
The story didn't interest me and neither did the characters.
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