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Now and Then 1995

Four 12-year-old girls grow up together during an eventful small-town summer in 1970...

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i miss my friends! high school does fucked up things to people... i mean people i used to know are changing and different now... im changing im soooo not the person i used to be.. and i mean like everythings oh so different its madness. i mean a relationship is so much more then holding hands and watching movies now. its weird because you start thinking about things u've never thought about before. like i cant do anything anymore without worrying that 'maybe what im doing is going to make someone hate me'

somewhere between lyn and tiss i lost a part of me. sometime over that two months everything changed... i didnt see it until now but im glad i did....i know im not the same person but i like who i am now a helluva lot more then who i was then... i mean this is me... that was just i duno who i used to be but thats not me now....

lol i love how im just like revealing my life for all to see... i mean i doubt many people will read this but those who do.. im sorry for boring the shit outa u right now whining my ass off over trival shit

at least i still got my dignity.
:up: Now and Then is a women's classic that will appeal to females of all ages.

I first watched the movie Now and Then when I was about age 10. At the time I related to the young teenage girls played by Thora Birtch and Christina Ricci to name a few. One thing I noticed is that over the years, Now and Then will grow with you. It is a movie you can watch as a little girl and think, 'I want to go on adventures like that. I want to have a close bond to all my friends like that.' As you grow older and watch it again in your late teens you think to yourself, 'I identify what these young girls went though in this movie. I have a close friendship with a few of my girl friends. Soon we'll be going our seperate ways. I want to stay close to these friends that have always been there for me.' At the same time, you can also identify yourself with the adult versions of these girls. Rosie O'Donnell, Melanie Griffith, Rita Wilson, and Demi Moore are the young women as full grown adults. You relate to them as women that have succeeded doing whatever it is they wanted to do in life. You want to be as successful as them and also keep the friendships you've had since you were little. As an older adult, you relate their childhood experiences and friendships to your own. You relate to them as people as the characters have grown. The film Now and Then is a movie that women of all ages can appreciate. The characters in the movie grow just as the viewers grows as they get older. Every age group can get something special out of the film. They can remember their own childhood experiences and friendships and relate to the young girls of the movie. At the same time, the viewers can identify with the adult women as well. Now and Then is an ageless film that all woman will enjoy from the first time they see it to many years later. :fresh: :)
What can you say my girlfriend continues to make me watch chick flixs. This was what it was. Coming of Age. yada yada yada. Liked the movie because I watched it with my girlfriend and like every movie of the genre there were some good moments... I had just seen them all before. The up point of this movie was that Jenn's parents had home made ice cream done half way throught the movie. At the end of the days it was a movie, that is all.
This was a great movie! Johnny was wonderful and hott as ever.... but he died! I don't like that! So it got a 9 not a 10!

So today I went to a lake with my friend we swam and then watched Monster which scared her... but I had seen it twice before! We also watched part of Now and Then! I love that movie! So then I came home and sat on RT for a while and my old best friend fomr like 5th 6th and 7th grade called me it was weird... she had stopped talking to me for like 2 years and she called me to hang out! It was weird all of a sudden all my old friends wanna hang out! What to do what to do? heheh well g2g write more later!
I dig this movie...I wish my childhood had some cool shit happenin like these girls do
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I actually like this movie. Saw it for the first time when I was quite younger, and I really enjoyed it then. It`s one of my guilty pleasures :)
Tries to be a female version of Stand By Me. Pretty standard fare, and the "Now" part (adults) adds nothing to the film. Indifferent sums this movie up.
I loved this movie so much that I had to tape it and keep it for myself about 2 weeks ago! LoL. Superb actresses
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