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Not Another Teen Movie 2001

A sendup of all the teen movies that have accumulated in the past two decades...

Release Date:
December 14, 2001
89 min
Joel Gallen
Nectar Rose, George Wyner, Sean Patrick Thomas, ...

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Solar rating: 8.7


Imdb rating: 5.7


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Is this a classic? i mean, its been 14 years.
Tonight, Jeff and Yvonne decided not to go out. They decided to stay in with me and watch a flick on the campus movie channel...

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Story (Weisman, 2003) - *
Child stars on your television? You heard right. Now you can watch this vanity project in the convenience of your own home. BUT PLEASE DO NOT. I will not even dignify this film with any more words. Snap!


Robert Rodriguez is a very interesting director. He not only directs, but he writes, edits, and scores as well. This helps him keep production costs down to please the studio...

Spy Kids (Rodriguez, 2001) - ***1/2
Oh shit-ake mushrooms! Spy Kids is one of the most entertaining and intelligent kids adventure films of all time. It spawned 2 sequels -- each lowering the bar a step lower, like most sequels do. The third being a 3-D spectacle released last summer that was fun for fans of the series, including me. It is sad to see this franchise go, but it must be good for the kids involved in the film. Now they will be able to have lives and careers. They hopefully will not be pinned to their image of spy kids forever. Anyone who hasn't seen this film might even be surprised that they might actually like it! Check it out. GEORGE CLOONEY CAMEO


I tried watching David Lynch's Blue Velvet with Megan the other night, but she thought it was "stupid." I ended up turning it off an hour into it, because I wanted to go to bed (having already seen the film multiple times). I just finished watching it for the millionth time...

Blue Velvet (Lynch, 1986) - ****
This is one of those David Lynch films that only Lynch fans will approve of. Unless you are obsessed with Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks, then it will be incredibly hard to get into a film like Blue Velvet. The movie showcases an underlying theme to most of Lynch's work - secrets lie beneath the surface. This is beautifully symbolized in the opening sequence where a man watering his lawn suffers a heart attack. He falls to the ground, and the camera slowly zooms beneath the blades of grass to a colony of digging bugs. Minutes later, Kyle MacLachlan finds a human ear while throwing stones. What unfolds from this mystery is not as confusing as Mulholland Drive or as intriguing as Twin Peaks, but it earned Lynch his first Academy Award for best direction in a motion picture.


"Go tell your husband you love him, okay?"

I believe that is what Bob Harris whispers into Charlotte's ear at the end of Lost in Translation. Of course, director Sofia Coppola scripted no line for the exchange, but after watching this relationship for 100 minutes, we feel as if we know the characters enough to make this assumption...

Lost in Translation (Coppola, 2003) - ****
On a serious note, I have always felt a certain connection with this film. I know this seems to be a "critic's favorite" film over the audience, but I have always seen it differently. Coppola's story of two Americans in Tokyo completely lacks genre and plot. It is completely character and dialogue driven. I feel it is one of the best films of 2003. To let a little secret out... I really like this film because of how I see it as relating to the Megster and I. She doesn't know this, but I feel as if this film is a tribute to the people we meet seemingly by accident. To me, Megan is one of those people. Utilizing the butterfly effect (hehe) it is very possible that Megan and I never would have met. What if her cousin never moved to Grafton? What if I didn't work at Lake Ripple Video? What if my last name didn't begin with the letter "y"? What if my English teacher didn't move my seat to the front of the room because I talked so damn much? What if the seat between me and her cousin was filled by the sick student who usually sat there? What if Meg didn't sit next to me? What if I didn't talk to her? What if??? I am sure anyone can relate to this film. To some, this movie seems aimless. Like a big "inside joke" if you will. But, to me, the joke's on you. This movie is a masterpiece


I started off real early this morning by watching Joel Gallen's Not Another Teen Movie...

Not Another Teen Movie (Gallen, 2001) - **1/2
This movie is likely to shock most people who see it. Let me tell you, if you haven't seen it already. It is OK to laugh! The movie is very very funny. Sure, you have to have a stomach for toilet humor, but, if you have seen these so-called "teen" movies, then this should NOT be missed. My favorite part of the film is probably a scene (if you can call it that) that is dismissed by some. The kid who tries to fit in with the Asian kids says bye to his Asian posse, and then some ghetto white kids make fun of him for thinking he was Asian. Haha! AND the guy who wants so desperately to start the "slow clap." The only thing keeping this movie away from greatness is the fact that the comedy is easy. It is very easy to make fun of things. It was proven in Scary Movie. Both of these movies can be funny if you can look past the grossness. If you are looking for 90 minutes of outrageous, and extremely watchable, humor, check out Not Another Teen Movie. Oh yeah, one more thing: when the main character breaks out into song. Haha! Those are just a few of the laughs. A "very slow clap" for Not Another Teen Movie.
Whew. Long week. Not to mention I've got a full weekend of ultimate ahead (spring season almost underway- root for University of Pittsburgh's En Sabah Nur!), so I won't be able to see any movies this weekend... :( Note to all aspiring youngsters: COLLEGE IS OVERRATED. STAY HOME AND WATCH MANY MOVIES A DAY.

Yeah, so here's my attempt at catching up:
Requiem for a Dream (2000)

A jostling wakeup call that documents the self-destruction of four connected individuals. Heartbreaking, but often times the editing style so obviously forced an emotion on me that I was taken out of the engaging story. People say that the editing is great, but I think that it's the cinematography that deserves praise here: completely distorting and confusing. Marion walking into the elevator with the mounted camera was a great scene that skewered our normal view of her character. Each character's transformation and resurrection at the end is solemn and ambiguous, and makes the whole experience a bit depressing.

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
An unfunny spoof of the recent- and not so recent- surge of teen movies that just ends up being a bunch of simple jokes that anyone could have seen coming. I don't know why I gave it a 3/10. Maybe simply because it made fun of the "weird kid" and his floating bag from American Beauty.

Armageddon (1998)
So, tell me how this got Criterion-ed? HOW? It's bad enough that the casual and frequent "tension-relieving laugh moments" take over the film and completely undermine any sense of peril, but Bay adding in those unnecessary shots of solitary children from various parts of the world- as if he was trying to make this film for them- was just insulting. He ended up making a bad comedy that failed as well as an ode to the future generations.

Russian Ark (2003)
I really admire Sukovsky for undertaking such an artistic project- I'm talking about reliving Russian history through the subjective eyes of both the archival museum and the opinionated French host- but, well, you all know... Everybody who hears about the film talks about it: The single sustained shot. It totally took away from the beautiful idea, and never added anything to the story. I come from the school of thought that believes that every technique, every shot included, must further the telling of the story, and this (even the director admits it) is solely because he felt like experimenting with this idea. Sadly, it turns the grand and inventive idea into a curator's tool and museum tour resource. I must give this a fresh rating though because I'm astonished at the thought and love that the director put in to the content and discussion within said tour.

Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
As written, BONFOJ is a worthy nod to the real Ronnie Kovic, a once blind advocate for the U.S.'s involvement in Vietnam who is embittered when he becomes paralyzed in battle. The execution of his experiences in Vietnam serve as a firm foundation for his internal conflict, but the film dozes of in the second half (especially the sections set in Mexico, which, despite one spot of light in an unconventional sex scene, hold little emotional weight). Here, Cruise does an admirable job portraying this life (spanning a few decades), but I've seen him more convincing and intense. I liked the scenes in the recovery hospital, but most of the rest of the movie was directed to mediocrity. Oh and suggestion for Oliver Stone: dramas do not successfully have wheelchair fights.

DONE!! The next five should be up shortly...
First off today was a good day. Despite the rushing to get videos done for tv production. My unedited version is sooo funny of my documentary lol. Wow good times good times. Oky so I was at youth group tonight and suddenly I felt like I was on one of those cheesy television sitcomes with a really disfuctional family. I was at a temple board meeting with mostly adults on board. So all of them voicing there opions. You got the princess daughter,the strict dad, the thoughtfull son. All in one room. It was really amusing to see. I felt like raising my hand and saying
" Anyone wanna make a couple of bucks and write a sitcome about a really disfuctional jewish family." lol. So I was watching the O.C. tonight and let me tell you geez drama city. But what can you expect from good looking people on a show about teens. But I'm hooked and I can't help it. I guess I am just one of those girls who gets hooked on those cheesy teen dramas. It all started with dawsons creek and just went downhill from there. But I do like quality shows, if you can find any on T.V. today. Its all such garbage out there. Nothing appealing or even worth watching. Its all about getting drunk,having sex, and marrying your future husband on national television! what the hell! Is this what American Television is turning into, or in someways already has. One big fucking dating show with a couple teenage dramas to give that extra fluff. Geez it truley amazes me sometimes. Oky I am outtie

I caught it on TV yesterday. It sucks. The joke is done once you've seen the first 5 minutes. Why do I even bother?

Jake's sister is hot though.
If there is any genre that is begging to be spoofed, it is the "teen movie" genre, which in recent years has produced such forgettable tripe as Whatever It Takes and 10 Things I Hate About You. Other formulaic genres have already been spoofed to great effect: disaster films were given the comedic treatment in Airplane while detective movies were spoofed wonderfully in The Naked Gun. Not Another Teen Movie aims to join their company, but it falls well short because all of its satire is broad and predictable, and although the film contains the occasional laugh, it is far too uneven to be recommended as a worthwhile comedy. Part of the problem with the film is that it begins to take itself too seriously: spoof films should always have their tongue firmly planted in their cheek. As with most spoof films, Not Another Teen Movie is light on plot...the movie is less about one particular story than about a series of gags haphazardly linked together. The story that exists is an intentional recycling of an ancient teen movie cliche: a popular jock (Chris Evans) makes a bet that he can turn an "ugly" girl (Chyler Leigh ) into the high school prom queen. Predictably, the jock begins to fall in love with the sweet but unpopular girl, and their romance is threatened when she discovers that she is a pawn in a bet. This story has been told in countless movies, and one of the reasons that Not Another Teen Movie is stomachable is that it pokes fun at the ridiculous and idiotic nature of so many of the plots that drive modern movies about teenagers. Yet despite its best efforts, Not Another Teen Movie eventually becomes just as dumb and predictable as the films it is lampooning. Instead of developing into a truly subversive and hilarious satire, the film is content with obvious sight gags and stereotypical characters. This is not necessarily a flaw (Airplane! is hardly a model of high-brow comedy), but the central problem with the film is that it fails to make us laugh. There are long stretches in Not Another Teen Movie that are dull and uninteresting, and when the jokes do come, they are not memorable or witty enough to redeem the slow stretches. It is a shame that this comedy missed such a golden opportunity to satirize the conventions of "teen films". Instead of rising above its genre, Not Another Teen Movie becomes just another addition to the dunghill of modern comedies.

This is no Scary Movie. Too much bad toilet humor, tired jokes and generally, stuff in bad taste. Some scenes were sort of funny, but they were few and far between.
This movie is supposed to be spoof about high school movies, but there isn't really any spoofing. Just a lot of copycatting. The movie isn't funny. The story falls into cliched and doesn't spoof really at all. People need to stop making spoof movies, because they just do not know how to make them anymore.

no stars/****
trash, every second of this movie is terrible. i give it a 2 for trying to make a good movie. but the title contradicts itself so many times. boring and not funny
Wow, lots to update on here. Here we go:

Thurs: I thought I was ushering, but realized it was on Friday instead, so I got to get together with Stu. We basically just spent the entire day just lounging about in my room, listening to good music, and talking. We then went to St. Paul to a really good Japanese restaurant and Matt and Stu's father joined us. Stu then dropped Matt and I off at Matt's house, and Matt and I walked around in the area around his house (a park, Grand Ave, Summit Ave...) just talking, laughing and having a good chill time. We then decided to head to my house where we watched Eurotrip (which was a great movie). We then lounged around some more and had one of those fabulous late night talks.

Fri: I got up before 12 for the first time in weeks and headed to the Brave New Workshop in Uptown. I somehow found the perfect parking spot and walked into the theatre. The girl I had talked to on the phone when I signed up for volunteering who was in the Mikado with me at MITY was there because the box office person had canceled, so we sat around talking and reminicing until people started showing up. The first show was "Peter Boy and the Shaky Oxygen Bed" (the show I'd tried out for and they had called me back saying they absolutely adored me, but had ended up choosing this other woman for the role because of experience, but that they wanted to save my name for future use.) I'm kind of happy I wasn't cast, because only 10 people showed up to see the show. It was a hard show to pull off, because the script was intentionally weak, trying to mock the drew barrimore, cameron diaz, adam sandler, etc. type movies which have weak scripts to begin with. I lasted through the show though and afterwards the lead (who was actually really good) and director came up to me and talked to me (and even remembered my name from the audition!) I then got the programs (and myself) together for the next show- Jaws: The Musical! and decided to see the show. Best decision of my life. The show was absolutely hillarious. I was cracking up every five seconds and completely entertained the entire time. The plot is that this director, who's in charge of the Fringe Festival in a town called Amity wants to put on Jaws: The Musical!, but there's a problem. The theatre is currently being occupied by a ninga. They proceed anyway and many deaths occur. I don't even know where to begin to tell you all the funny moments. The show was a masterpiece though and I'm considering going to see it again on Sunday. I even bought a T-shirt. It says "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the theater..." on the front and "JAWS:THE MUSICAL!" on the back. *happy sigh*. I then had about an hour and a half to kill before going over to Hannah's house, so I went to the Mississippi again, sat on the edge of a rock face and wrote a song. I then sat in my car listening to my playlist of music gathered this summer and fell asleep. I woke up at the perfect time and drove over to Hannah's house. Her church boys then showed up, and the carload headed off to Emogene's house. The highlights from Emo's: watching the opening ceremony of the olympics including cube-man!, me showing off my soccer master skills in a game with all the real soccer players, a pool game where paul and I kicked ass that I won by sinking 4 balls in a row, including the 8 ball, and an awesome game of cranium (the only reason the guys won was because of that stupid AC/DC song...). I then had to say goodbye to a lot of people including Stu, Paul, Emo, and possibly Laurent. *tear*. It's funny, cause you think it'd be easier after the first time...ah well. The church boys, Hannah, Jaima, and I all then went over to Hannah's house for a little lack-of-sleeping party. The church boys were really fun we spent most of the night laughing our asses off and somehow Hannah got me out of my blanket and out the door at 5 AM to have sex one last time.

Saturday: We were woken up at 9:30 AM to help Hannah pack up her car, which was slightly painful...but we somehow did it. I then had to say goodbye to Hannah, who really did save my summer. The night of sunsets/kidnapping, a bad movie in the park, Brian Just, RBF, looking sketch under a blanket with a bottle after a day at a Christian festival in WBL, the Quest, frosting...we had one hell of a good time. I'm gonna miss ya Hannah. I then drove Jaima home and then drove myself home. I then had some parent time. My mom accompanied me to Jiffy-Lube, cause my oil is leaking and I found out the only way to stop it is to get some $300 thing that's fun...I then took an hour long nap and then woke to go to Sam's Club with my parents. I'm haning out with Matt tonight and then only have 2 full days left in town. Pondie gets back tomorrow and Nikki the next day, then I board a plane at 9 AM on Tuesday.

It's been an interesting summer. I couldn't tell you if it's been fast or slow, or good or bad. It's just been a summer. I've gotten closer to a lot of people, estranged of a few others, and really can't wait to get back to school at the same time that I don't really want to leave.

I think I'm just tired. Maybe I'll take another nap.
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