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Nights in Rodanthe 2008

A doctor who is traveling to see his estranged son sparks with an unhappily married woman at a North Carolina inn...

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Imdb rating: 5.9



I love Nicholas Sparks and until I saw this movie, I have always been happy with the movie adaptations. I didn't feel like Diane Lane and Richard Gear had any chemistry. It all felt really strange and forced.
I was proud of the first half of the movie. It was directed well. It's not the directors fault that the storyline became very depressing. Throughout the last 40 minutes I was embarrassed to be in the theatre. The story is just awlful. Though i'm sure this happens to people, maybe 1 in a million... I just can't relate.
The visuals were fantastic. I wouldn't change that. I give it a 7 since the visuals were fun to look that.

Other than that. Don't see this in theatres. It's a movie you rent and watch "ALONE"! My father loves to watch oldies and romances with my mother and I immediately called my mother and warned her not to see this with him in theatres. Since his dad died, depression makes him ball. This is not for sad people. You'll want to go home and commit suicide afterwards.
We now know not every Nicholas Sparks novella should be made into a movie. I can enjoy a "chick flick" but this was the corniest, most overacted piece I can remember. Wait for the video, maybe!
Very good movie. Typical Richard Gere movie, will even leave the guys crying.
Happy or Sad tears? See the movie.
As an avid Sparks reader, I was not disappointed when I saw this movie. We have a beach house in Rodanthe, so the sights were very familiar and gave the movie a little more meaning to it. I also like how the movie was kept true to the book. Too many times I read a book and went to see the movie and they ended up butchering it so much it didn't even seem like the same story.
I LOVED this movie! I can honestly say that this is my new favorite! I found every part of the movie interesting and really had no idea what the end was going to hold. I loved it!
Ramona challenged me to go see this movie. I figured it would be one that would make me cry myself to sleep because it would remind me that I'm a lonely guy who will never have a real relationship, and will never experience real love. However, by the end of the movie I was hoping the horses that galloped along the beach in one of the final scenes would jump through the screen and trample me to death.

I didn't ask anyone to go with me because given the gushy, lovey-dovey nature of it, it's a DATE MOVIE by default. The theater was crowded, and I was surprised at the number of guys who allowed their girlfriend/wife to drag them to see this movie.

The situation in which Paul (Richard Gere) and Adrienne (Diane Lane) are thrust together feels so contrived. Adrienne is a woman whose life is in chaos. Her husband cheated on her and ruined her idea of the perfect life for them and their kids. She goes to Rodanthe, NC to take care of her friend's Inn while she's away.

Only one guest is expected at the Inn...and conveniently it's Paul. He's a doctor, and decides to stay there a few days to deal with a conflict involving the death of a patient before he leaves for Ecuador to find his son. The two stay together at the Inn as a hurricane approaches, and as they "weather the storm," they find comfort in each other.

We find out everything there is to know about the back stories of Paul and Adrienne. However, we don't know much about either of them as a person, because there's not much character development. The movie drags on in many places to the point of boredom, and there's too many "quiet" scenes: shots of the ocean and landscape, or the characters are doing some sort of reflecting with a piano instrumental.

The one thing that makes this love story unbelievable is the general timeframe. Paul only stays at the Inn for a few nights. The hurricane hits on the third night and all of a sudden they're entwined in a comforting romance? One night of passion and their lives are changed forever? They virtually went from being strangers to being intimate; someone must've hit fast forward on the remote.

After Paul leaves the Inn and heads for Ecuador, he and Adrienne maintain contact by writing letters to each other. One of a movie viewer's worst nightmares: a long scene with lovers reading and sending letters accompanied by voiceovers.

Richard Gere and Diane Lane have great chemistry together, but with that said I felt no emotional tug at my heartstrings as far as their "love" is concerned ...and as a sensitive guy I should have. It just wasn't believable. However, Diane Lane carries this movie and makes the hurt that her character has because of what's happened in her life feel genuine.

Do I think it's possible for someone to come into your life and change your personal outlook so quickly? Yes. But do I think you can also create the kind of GENUINE love, a fairytale love that this movie wants you to believe Paul and Adrienne share after only a couple of nights? No way (spare me your "I fell in love with my spouse at first sight/after one date"'re the exception).

"Nights In Rodanthe" is based off the book by Nicholas Sparks (aka the same guy that wrote THE NOTEBOOK). I'm thinking this is just a case of poor translation to the big screen.

My Grade: C+
Hayao Miyazaki dissapoints in his childish effort "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea". Now, I might be being very harsh on this movie, since Miyazaki is one of my favorite filmmakers, but this seems like it could've been done by anyone... its not on the same grandeur scale as Miyazaki. I want to see him do something like "Mononoke" again, rather something so light and fluffy. "Ponyo" can be inspired and magical at times (in one scene, our heroine rides a tidal wave of fish that engulfs the island), but there isn't enough of it. The story is really hard to follow and I don't think kids will flock to this film as they did with say, "My Neighbor Totoro" or "Kiki's Delivery Service". And my last beef with the film, was the animation, it doesn't even look as good as "Nausicaa" which was Miyazaki's first film more than two decades ago. I know I'm being hard on "Ponyo", and I did like it, but I was severely dissapointed. Before Miyazaki hands down Ghibli to his son, I really hope we get another masterpiece from him... because I know he has a pocketful of them, that are just waiting to be made.

Want to waste some money? Go watch this film! Can't fall asleep? Go watch this film!

I fell asleep 25 minutes into this movie, my friend nudged me and told me i had to watch the movie because we had paid $12.50.
This movie was so badly acted that in the "emotional" and "dramatic" parts me and my friend found ourselves bursting into laughter.

I was soooooo mad at myself for even going to watch this film.
Simply not a good film!!! I don't rate it a 0 because i have seen worse.
Either I am completely dead inside or they just didn't pull it off, and I am going with the later. I was completely into this movie, beach B&B, remote, artfully decorated, one guest....... And the chemistry between Gere and Lane was great. I loved how he went into the kitchen for the first meal, and how she did the shots and threw away the old canned food with his help, BUT the hurricane was completely out there. And the connection they made because of it and his past was incomplete. I didn't feel the strong bond. I imagine the book is much better and I plan on buying and reading. Maybe that will bring a tear to my eye.
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