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Niagara 1953

As two couples are visiting Niagara Falls, tensions between one wife and her husband reach the level of murder...

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Niagara (1953)
Genre: (Film-Noir | Thriller)
IMDb Rating: (7,0/10 from 7 661 users)
Director: (Henry Hathaway)
Starring:( Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters)
Runtime: (1h 29mn)
George and Rose Loomis are honeymooning at a Niagara Falls motel. She plots with Ted Patrick to do him in, but all does not go smoothly. For one thing, after Loomis is reported missing Polly Cutler spies him at the motel but her husband Bud thinks she’s imagining it. Marilyn sings “Kiss.”
Quite a good thriller, Marilyn Monroe is very effective, more so than I would have expected. She sure does have an incredible screen presence. The Niagara Falls setting is a big plus, well photographed, good production.
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This is actually one of Marilyn's better dramas. Of course, she has a grip of comedies to choose from, but for my money, this has to be her best drama. I was actually very surprised at how effective this movie would be. It held my attention to the very end, even though bits of it were pretty predictable. Then again, you watch enough movies, everything becomes predictable. Anyway, very good performances all around!
It's been awhile!

Anyhow, I seriously doubt I'll remember every movie I've seen since I last updated, but I'll at least give a shot at the most recent:

Eight Below
Directed by: Frank Marshall

This somehow got a reputation as a 'Dead Poets Society' (which I hated) clone, and I wouldn't have ever seen it had it not been thrust upon me. But this actually is a much better movie.

It's metered tone and simple elegance as a morality tale of a teacher who wants to do the right thing and a student who doesn't could have boiled down to another 'To Sir, With Love' clone, but instead, it takes a wider view, and serves up it's tale with style and grace.

Nothing to get excited about, but nothing to avoid either. Solid.


There have certainly been others, but I can't remember them now. Cheers!

Niagara is really good B-noir, with a dark but fairly lightweight script that smartly frames its murder plot around Niagara Falls, but otherwise goes through pretty standard "Kill my husband, please" routine. But the direction is pretty damn suspenseful, and makes really neat use of its setting. I felt like it was pretty heavy on Hitchcock rippage, but Wikipedia tells me it was actually a big influence on Vertigo, so maybe it's a little bit vica-versey there. Again, the stomach knots would be a lot thicker if the dialogue was a little less so-so, but it finds plenty of help in sultry she-devil Marilyn Monroe, an excellently paranoid Jean Peters, and the inimitably great Joseph Cotten. More than that, it's superbly shot in really gorgeous Technicolor. I can definitely see the splashy (ha) color scheme influencing the big V, but for a kill-happy noir film, it's pretty tame and Hollywood-friendly, although too intense to be called mediocre.

Also, tell me that poster isn't awesome. You can't.
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