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Next Day Air 2009

Two inept criminals are mistakenly delivered a package of cocaine and think they've hit the jackpot, triggering a series of events that changes ten people's lives forever...

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Hillarious and funny. I just couldn't stop laughing from this movie, because it's just too funny.
Next Day Air Review
Darralynn Hutson

This surprisingly dark comedy about a group of present day Boys in the Hood, stars Mike Epps as guff ball Brody, Wood Harris as wanna be gangster Guch and Donald Faison as slacker Leo, the central figure. Set in south Philly, the film chronicles a day-in-the-life of these three opportunist and unapologetic characters who are just regular hood dudes ending up in a do or die situation. The supporting players create layers to the plot; You'll see original performances by Debbie Allen, Lauren London, Emilio Rivera, Mos Def, Darius McCrary and Omar Hardwicke. After watching, you should be able to appreciate the modifier of the title, Next Day Air, referring to a package being delivered by the next day. Benny Boom, its director, created a visually and emotionally moving film. The story literally takes off in the first scene with Leo sliding out of his delivery truck, grabbing his next pick up. But this package is not flying nor is it being delivered on time. It's thrown in a van with a weed-smoking driver and on the way the package gets bumped, bruised and thrown around and probably, opened. This creates the framework of script, set against a myriad of characters and consequences as a result.

Yasmin Peliz (Chita) and Cisco Reyes, (Jesus) - the couple down the hall - are the original receivers of this package. These two are at the beginning of their drug selling business and burst onto the screen with zest and energy. Jasmin who never acted before is like fire in this role; even with the fabulously thin shapely body, Chita is a lady of substance. We want to be her. She loved her man in her own way with powerful performances that flowed seamlessly as Whitney and Bobby-esque; down with each other to the very end. When the package comes up missing, Jesus' ass is in jeopardy. The duo set out to find it in the neighborhood, by any means necessary.

The sequence of events that follow could be perceived as samples from storylines, references or scenes of other films done in a clever and original way. Next Day Air is original because of its relevant dialog and dynamite actors each standing out while on screen. There's a wonderful Pulp Fiction-type series of conversations between the middlemen, Buddie played by Darius McCrary and Shavoo portrayed by Omar Hardwicke; then there's the witty one-liners from the offbeat guy that never leaves the couch at Brody and Guch's apartment similar to the character from Half Baked. Guch and Brody are running buddies and roommates. They can't seem to get a good heist off the ground and desperately need a break when the package is brought to them by mistake. They act as if they've hit the lottery. I thought maybe these two would have some kind of loyalty to each other but throughout the entire movie, my notions were doubted. There's lots of weed smoking, gaught-busting and tightly dressed women to make the outcome interesting. But there's also praying, philosophizing and hugging to make Next Day Air tender. This movie is definitely marketed to the grown black and brown audience with faces, references and gestures that suggest the younger and paler crowd might now relate. But I suppose even general audience members can relate to how this movie ends; shit happens. It's a great date movie with good-looking men and women to satisfy and yet it also tells a triumphant story that's a must-see this weekend.
this movie is very well written,great dialouge. And a great supporting cast as well. I am talking about the performance from mos def. donald faison is very well too.
Stoner runs afoul of bad men with guns: It worked (commercially) for the white boys of "Pineapple Express," why not for the African-American and Latino ensemble of "Next Day Air"?
Donald Faison plays a Philadelphia courier whose chronic use of the chronic causes him to drop a big box of cocaine at the door of the wrong apartment. The cokehound hood (Cisco Reyes) under the thumb of Mr. Big (Emilio Rivera) realizes he's a dead man unless he retrieves the shipment, now in the hands of the astonished dealers portrayed by Mike Epps and Wood Harris.
After a tangle of flashbacks Guy Ritchie's "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" or "Rocknrolla," first-time screenwriter Blair Cobbs confines the film to a clammy apartment, photographed by David A. Armstrong with the putridity he brought to "Saw." "Next Day Air" is sort of bracing, though it isn't very good: Its total lack of dramatic and comic bearings, to say nothing of a point, keeps you wondering about the next fatality, in a half-interested way.
This odd combination of caper and bloodbath, directed by Benny Boom in a style averse to any kind of comedy, looks like a lark from the ads, which are dominated by the "Scrubs"-friendly image of Faison, front and center next to (whose part seems to have been truncated in the final edit). But the scenes of cigar-burn torture, tongue-removal and various assorted killings may lead audiences to wonder if they've been baited-and-switched.
One scene hints at the movie that should've been. It features Faison's Leo and a fellow courier, played by Def. Nothing much happens; behind a delivery truck the men smoke, complain, mutter and smoke some more, before they -- and the film -- get back to the grim business at hand. It's the funniest two minutes in "Next Day Air." Someone should write a script for these guys, a better one than this one.
MPAA rating: R (for pervasive language, drug content, some violence and brief sexuality)
Running time: 1:28. Opens: Friday.
Starring: Donald Faison (Leo); Mike Epps (Brody); Wood Harris (Guch); Yasmin Deliz (Chita); Cisco Reyes (Jesus); Mos Def (Eric)
Directed by: Benny Boom; written by Blair Cobbs; produced by Scott Aronson and Inny Clemons. A Summit Entertainment release.
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
QUICKary Review: Next Day Air is an action comedy that doesn't have enough of either.

I see a lot of movies and this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I could not wait for this to be over with. Total waste of time and money!!
Next Day Air reminds me of "the Junkyard Willie Movie: Lost In Transit". Crazy dudes running a shipping company, they steal a gold watch, both have reality TV girls (Mary Carey is in LIT).
GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It is no more a comedy than was Smokin' Aces. There are funny moments, but action is the driving force behind this flick. It is much closer to Miami Vice's smuggler's blues. Take expectations of comedy out of the equation, and you've got a decent action flick. I suspect the low ratings were from people expecting comedy who left before the end of the movie. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It is actually pretty good. The raters got this one wrong. If you like action, you'll like this flick. The plot is decent and the actors and actresses give strong performances.
Not as bad as you would think. Next Day Air offers some entertainment but not enough to call it a winner.
A drug-centered film that's hard to label.
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