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Newsies 1992

A musical based on the New York City newsboy strike of 1899. When young newspaper sellers are exploited beyond reason by their bosses they set out to enact change and are met by the ruthlessness of big business...

Release Date:
April 10, 1992
121 min
Kenny Ortega
Marc Lawrence, Robert Duvall, Trey Parker, ...
Drama, Musical, Family ...

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Imdb rating: 6.9



This movie came out when I was in Junior High School and I still love it. I remember watching it in choir!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

i LOVE Christian Bale in this, and i LOVE this movie!! the songs are fantastic!

Okay, so this isn't a movie set in the twenties, but you've just got to love it! A fun musical, though I must say that if you are looking for a serious movie with a lot of thrilling drama, this isn't the kind of movie you want. Starring Christian Bale and whole mess of dancing extras in suspenders, this movie is about the 1899 newsie strike, except movie could be considered more a novelty than a hardhitting drama, but you've just got to love it! I recommend it and give it a James Cagney approval.
I thought Newsies was great!!
All time Classic one of my favorirtes!!:up: :fresh:
I love Newsies. Giving a thematic and entertaing song elemant to a great story. Christian Bale lights up the screen.
i love this movie

Newsies was a decade ahead of it's time. I think it would have been better received if it had been released a few years ago. The '90s in general didn't have the appeal for musicals except if the film was animated. But maybe I'm wrong in the end, because with the exception of Moulin Rouge and Chicago musical feature films are still struggling for the most part. One thing distinctive of Newsies is that it feels more like the classic '50s musicals than anything else that has been released so far.

Synopsis - It's 1899 in New York and the newsies are the boys that sell the papers. They buy the papes at the price of 1 per hapenny, and then sell it to readers for a penny each, making a profit of a half penny per pape. Joseph Pulitzer, owner of the "World," is losing money somewhere and instead of cutting into his own income he decides to take advantage of the people at the bottom by increasing the price of each paper by a tenth of a cent. The increase is only for the newsies who would still have to sell it at 1 penny to customers. So normally the boys could get 10 papes for 5 cents, now it'll cost then 6 cents. May not seem like much to us, but back then you can buy meals with pennies. The newsies decide to organize a strike instead of giving in to Pulitzer's new policy. Eventually the strike doesn't just concern the newsies and includes exploited children everywhere.

The movie stars Christian Bale as Jack Kelly, a teen with no parents and a mysterious past, who'll become the leader of the strike. At his side is David who becomes his business partner and best friend. There is also a big supporting cast making up a great ensemble group. Most, if not all, the boys including Christian do not have any dancing and singing experience prior to this film. The director, Kenny Ortega, wanted the boys to sound a little unpolished and scrappy. The songs are by Alan Menken and they are great songs, very suited for the musical style taking advantage of the large ensemble and very fun and full of energy. "Santa Fe" performed by Christian is the one solo piece and the highlight number too.

Disney released Newsies as a special edition DVD a few years ago and did a surprisingly good job with it. There are documentaries on the making of the film as well as the actual history that inspired the film. There is also a commentary with Kenny Ortega and it's quite informative too.

For fans of Christian Bale, you'll have already seen this movie. For fans of Batman and looking forward to Batman Begins, check out this movie if you haven't seen it already.
I know darlings, it's been forever. Really no time to talk, but why have I been gone? Well, Evan's home. That's a big reason. Otherwise, I still love you (and movies). I'll try to keep up! :-* Miss you all, very much.
The musical the Newsies is, in my opinion, one of the best ever made. The dancing is great. Bill Pullman is Brilliant. I suggest that you watch this classic.
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