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I like this, it was fun to watch.... :D
New York Minute is Mary-Kate and Ashley's second big screen movie. It is filled with laughs, fun music, funny antics, and cute people... the perfect combination for a funny fluff movie, which is what it is, and it is a good one. Its pure fun, but also heartwarming.
People may say that the acting is bad and that it was poorly written or other such negative comments.
What did they expect when they walked into the movie?
Its not badly acted, its acted by MK & A, doing what they always do.
Its written to be fun, and it is.
Don't go into this movie looking to analyze it, go to this movie for laughs and fun, and you'll love it. :)

Let's be honest with ourselves. Did we truly expect Mary Kate and Ashley to become Oscar winning actresses overnight? No, of course not. So I'm really surprised to see so many people commenting on the girls' acting ability and unoriginal plot. But we've known for years what they're capable of. Cute, but corny, movies is their calling and they do it well. While I would love to see them stretch their wings and blow us away with fantastic comedic performances, they're not quite there yet. But New York Minute is fun, it's sweet, and it's what we all should have expected. I recommend it to the tweens and other youngsters who will get just what they expect. Maybe the Twins' will someday surpass all the sceptics' expectations, but let's not be surprised if they don't.
New York Minute was a cutsie sugary teen comedy that lived up to my expectations of such a movie. As such it was what i had expected it to be. No more no less. It was entertaining to the target audience and tahts what I based my rating on.
Ew. Like an hour and a half after school special. Plastic characters in a contrived plot. Don't give a second thought to missing it.
New York Minute is somewhat Home Alone style, though they're not at home, but running around in NYC. It's entertaining, fast, and somewhat cute. The little flirt between one of the girls and the guy she always bumps into is too much for the story. I just couldn't care less about that romance. I would have prefered them to focus on the story that this movie was mainly about - the chip problem.
New York Minute is getting quite bad ratings in general, but I didn't think it really deserved them so bad. I liked the Olsen Twins again, and I just felt entertained for a change.
New York Minute


*Not funny
*Stupid Plot
*Everything Else

Overall: Even though my niece liked it, I DID NOT! This movie is probably the worst movie of 2004 so far.
i think it was better than all their other movies and it was a "ok" story line.
New York Minute (2004) Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Eugene Levy, Andy Richter, Jared Padalecki, Riley Smith, D: Dennie Gordon. Twin sisters-the one an unruly troublemaker and the other an A-personality type-romp through the Big Apple, which forces their plans to make a few wrong turns. They end up with a microchip, with a doofus limo-driver (Richter, and a fake Chinese accent) on their pursuit, and a persistent truant officer (Levy). It seems the Olsen twins have lost headway in this feature-length vehicle that should've shown their coming-of-age into maturity, but for the sake of desperate so-called laughs, it douses them, gets them naked, and propels them into situations stupid beyond belief. Tolerable for the twins' tween fan base, but silly, recycled, and predictable. Running Time: 91 minutes and rated PG for mild sensuality and thematic elements. *
DVD First Viewing, 3 Gordon films seen

Much better than I was expecting. Haha. Still, what a sorry excuse for a motion picture. Eugene Levy should know better. I guess you can't blame the Olsens. They have been making bad movies ever since they were old enough to realize they were on a TV show.
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