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New Kids Nitro 2011

Gerrie, Richard, Rikkert, Robbie and Barry from Maaskantje are in a big fight with the village of Schijndel. When a zombie kills someone from Brabant, things get out of hand...

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Yeah, I watched a bit from the above links to see what you meant. I probably wouldnt watch these links either, but I cant find any better subbed links myself (with fairly minimal effort).
I'll have a looksee if I can find decent links for both New Kids movies over the weekend.
@RedSpot not dutch, it's just annoying to see someone shot and then hear it two seconds later.
Are you Dutch? I've seen some non-subbed versions floating around the web that are good, but those are not allowed here.
Funny though, never seen a movie where the audio played before it was actually said, usually its like you mentioned, 'lag'.
I send you a link via PM without subs or lag, incase you are Dutch (speaking).
Being Dutch I just have to promote this movie :)
This movie is as silly as they come. A couple of 'losers of life' get in trouble with 'losers of life' from the neighbouring village (I lived a stone strow away from there :)) when a zombie outbreak hits the country. Things go from silly to even more silly. Make sure you went to bathroom before watching this or you might end up wetting yourself.
Not a great movie, but if you want a good laugh you wont really be wasting your time on this one, if you can look past the 'foreign language' that is.
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