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Never Let Me Go 2010

A love triangle develops between three friends who came of age at a mysterious, secluded boarding school and are destined to lead brief lives...

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Imdb rating: 7.2

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haunting, dark and everything black and white. Love truly gives our life the color it deserves.
Absolutely breath taking! Amazing message. And great acting! 10/10
Depressing, sad and simply devastating. If you are in a very bad mood it's better you skip it for now. The actors were just incredibles, the storyline was very good and all the rest too. Another version of The Island but deeper and without any hope at all but in any case, just amazing. 8/10.
Intense drama and incredible in every way on a technical level. The plot however is devastating, hopeless and beautiful. This film left me pondering the likelihood of similar schools/farms. It is a far too realistic and probable prediction for the near future.
Good film, more about two friends than it is a Romance. Very melancholy story.
The movie is great but comparing to the book, it appears to be only ok. I thank the director to have adapted to cinema such a wonderful story. After watching the movie, I bought the book, read it, finished it. It was just heart-breaking.
Well made and very well acted, but depressing. I thought there would be hints of a rebellion at the end, but there was just an unsatisfying resignation.

If you've seen The Island with Scarlet Johannsen, this has a similar theme, but this one is grim.
This was a very good but also a very sad movie.
They have a soul and spirit (there was love and emotions)...this is a prime example of what happens when someone is raised/indoctrinated to a certain philosophy or lifestyle, with no exposure to any alternatives. When i think back on the movie, were they even being educated at the school?

This should serve as a lesson, not to just follow - but to question and push the boundaries of our reality. Yes, i would have liked to have seen rebellion - it would have had a very different ending....once they took that chip out of their wrist. ;-)

Certainly a sensitive and thought provoking film.
normal i am not in to romance but this one was great 10 out of 10
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