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Mysterious Skin 2004

A teenage hustler and a young man obsessed with alien abductions cross paths, together discovering a horrible, liberating truth...

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Solar rating: 7.2


Imdb rating: 7.7



It wasn't that bad But yeah the first 5 minutes you might find this movie boring or something as @jackob125 said .. It was a Good movie though :3
So, this movie is about (big surprise!) sexuality. It's a theme dear to Araki and by adapting the work of someone else he treated the the subject way way less oppressively than in his previous movies. It's still a hard movie to watch, nothing here is light and happy, but it didn't hurt me as much as the Doom Generation, or Totally F***Ed Up. Which are also awesome movies. But much much more disturbing. He has something Araki. He can tell beautiful tales, and very dark and twisted ones. He can make funny stories. He can make gruesome ones. Whoever said this is for perverts didn't really get the meaning of it. And shows a lack of understanding of the more global work of this director. Not saying this is a much watch or this is for everyone. But it tries to get a "neutral" point of view on the thing and actually get inside the head of the characters rather than judge them. Which is a constant in Araki's work. He shows "facts". Fictional facts maybe, but for me he gets it right. Not all the time, not every time. Still he always have a very decent cast (in this case an awesome one, everyone does their part spot on if I had to judge), really interesting (albeit twisted) stories and the guts to not compromise his artistic integrity.
Great film, part of something bigger and a unconventional approach to some really hard subjects. The whole thing is about child abuse, and the consequences.
If you like to think about things that rather than hide your head in the sand and dismiss them as hurtful, you should watch this, because even if it's difficult, even if it's hard, it's worth it. If you'd rather think than anyone different than your own standards is a creep, a weirdo and doesn't deserve to exist, don't.
they could "bomb" better the subconsious of the overage "livingDead" human... ive seen better in spanish/france/greek B-rated movies 6/10
The keywords are gay and paedophilia and this flick is very graphic about them. One can guess the ending by watching the first 10+ minutes. Not that I don't care about victims of sexual manipulations but the story in this flick could be told in a better way.
I somewhat regret watching it.
A really hard movie to watch...
this is one of the most disturbing films i have ever seen, i couldn't get past 20 minutes, but if you're a pervert and like little boys maybe this is for you
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