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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2002

A young Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek and struggles to get her family to accept him while she comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity...

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I love this movie. Its zoo funny. must watch!!!
This is one of my favourite movies! why? because its just absolutely hilarious! Mia Varlos is brilliant and its so funny because its true! I love the fact that its a love story that doesn't involve two 'model- perfect beautiful' people ( although John Corbett is a very very fine looking man!) but involves an average woman (she considers herself quite ugly) who is trying to find her own identity and is becoming the woman she wants to become after failing miserably for years, and then she meets a regular (still very nice looking) guy- they are from different cultural backgrounds and they just happen to fall in love. And suddenly they have to deal with stuff like cultural differences, a crazy- loving funny- complicated- family-.... and instead of just being your average romantic cliche movie, it speaks to self love and true love, and it addresses it all in a humorous way... totally worth watching!
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Joel Zwick, 2002)
Anyone who's ever had to share the same space with that crazy uncle, or had more-than-a-little quirky parents, or suffered through embarrassment while trying to lure a mate, will find something to relate to in the joyous, families-do-the-darndest-things sitcom My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Imperfect looking, 30-ish women across the land will connect with Nia Vardalos, the imperfect looking, frizzy haired, unactress-y star of Wedding who is the very opposite of many of the impossibly gorgeous stars of today. Vardalos, giving a winningly real performance, is Toula Portokalos, a frumpy Greek woman who works in her Greek-centric father's restaurant, the Dancing Zorba's, in her 30s who might just look pretty good if given a good makeover. The movie is meant to be an ugly-duckling romantic comedy in which she falls head over heels in love with Ian Miller (John Corbett, who knows a thing or two about romantic comedy from his Sex and the City days), a (gasp) non-Greek vegetarian with a family that is much less colourful than hers is. Can she get permission from her eccentric father (who believes that a squirt of Windex or two will cure any ailment) to marry this "dry toast" guy?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is based on Vardalos' play, and it uses several of the oldest comic elements in the book: the ugly duckling story, the romantic comedy, and, perhaps oldest of all, the clash of cultures. Did I mention that the characters in this sitcom are, in essence, clich
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Comedy Quick Rating: (out of 5)
Memorable One Liners: 2.5
Laugh out Loud Score: 5
Acting: 4.5
Pace: 4

Before I start, you need to get some backround. I come from a Lebanese family. Family is very important, and anytime we get together, we eat. Funeral? Lets Eat! Bored? Let's Eat! Stuff like that. I suppose thats why i enjoyed this movie so much--the greeks are much like us. We use rum instead of Windex. That's right, rum. But we dont drink, we use it medicinally. This is Nia Vardalos' first movie, writing and directing. Her comic power comes through clearly and sharply. Well, the story follows a greek girl, who grew up always different than other because of her heritage. She took greek, learned to cook and what not. Here parents are strick and very ethnic and her family is in everyone's buisness. When she finally meets a man, he's an american. Ethnic people like their kids to marry ethnic people. So a conflict arises, and hilarity ensues. This movie is constantly hilarious. The script by Vardalos is incredible. Its basically her life story and she brings it to the screen with emotion and accuracy. All the actors (most of whom i've never heard of) bring the characters to life. Almost all people are very funny, Certainly, one of the funniest movies of recent times. If your ethnic, you might soil yourself. If your not, you will still have a good, long, laugh.
i borrowed this from my parents and watched it last night after hearing sooo many things about it from practically everyone that had seen it. i enjoyed it and found it very funny. the dad was great and so was the brother was good too. of course the star of this film and writer, nia vardalos, was wonderful. it makes me feel bad for those i know that have had to grow up in families similar to this. it's one thing to be proud of your heritage but some people just take it too far. granted the main people i know that have had similar probs were mexican (i do live in texas), it's still basically the same. all in all it was a good, fun film.

it was cool to see the lunchlady from degrassi in it too. (damn canadian teen shows, hehe)
It was funny, but the movie itself was kind of wierd, and it was kind of strange some of the time :(
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