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My Best Friend's Wedding 1997

When a woman's long-time friend says he's engaged, she realizes she loves him herself... and sets out to get him, with only days before the wedding...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 6.3



This is a must watch! Easily one of the best rom-coms ever made. Julia Roberts is great as ever and pair her up with fantastic and hilarious actors like Rupert Everett, Cameron Diaz, and Dermot Mulroney and you've got yourself a winner. I could watch this movie over and over and over and over and over and over...and over again. Watch it and you won't regret it. I promise!
This is my second time watching this great movie
me gusto mucho, es una buena diversion
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hey everyone. y'know how everyone tells you to 'think positively' and 'belive in yourself'. yeh well, sometimes that aight as easy as they make it out to be. take cross country for example. now being a senior girl, im running quite a bit longer and harder races then i did last year. with the first meet only 2 weeks away, i hardly feel like i can do anything just through believing in myself. not all of us have the self-confidence to imagion something and then make it happen. i cant make it through those courses. they're just out of my reach. i know i'll never make it to ofsaa, i've excepted that. but the idea of having ppl on my team that i've been faster then for years suddenly pulling out these gold medal preformances scares the hell outta me. what if im not good enough? what if i cant finish the race? i struggle at practise, put me in a race and im finished. suddenly being told to think positively doesnt seem even close to enough.

-stella cant do it.
review to come
One of Julias Best Comedy movies.

she is the best in romantic comedies. this is a great example of that !
I went and saw this last night it was awesome!! So was cute too! Now I just have to see Hitch!! Maybe I'll do that later!! Dermot Mulroney was really good looking in it too...he doesn't look much older than he did in My Best Friends Wedding!

I also bought Finding Neverland yesterday! I love that movie! Johnny is so cute in it! Well that should do it!
My Best Friend's Wedding 4/ 10 :rotten:

The hormonal bitch has been pestering me to watch her favorite Julia Roberts movies. Last Saturday, the night after we watched Sin City, she bought a copy of My Best Friend's Wedding.

A few minutes through the movie, she asked, "Who's that? Is he Dr. Hucklejerry?"

I let out my biggest laugh for months. "Where do you get these stuff?"
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