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After you grow to love an actor, you tend to anticipate whatever they might be in next, even if you question the quality of it. Knowing that Must Love Dogs could've very well been awful, I was still overly excited to see John Cusack back in action again. My favorite actor hasn't been on screen since the fall of 2003 with the mildly disappointing Runaway Jury, and hasn't had a great film since 2002's Max, something you all should see. Anyway, I knew this wasn't going to be the movie to be his next great one, but the fact that he was just finally back was enough cause for celebration.

It's a terrible thing to discover a dillemma like Must Love Dogs presents itself with. There are an equal amount of good and bad aspects it possesses, and without an actor like Cusack it would sink into the unknown. Luckily for Gary David Goldberg & company, they have him to hold the fort down as best as possible. You Must Love Cusack to appreciate this film in any way.

I had to go see it. I had to. It's John Cusack. I repeat...It's John Cusack. BUT the film didn't focus on his character enough! Okay, before I get into that, I'll start by saying it's a romantic comedy DUH, we all could tell from the trailer...but Cusack is my FAVORITE romantic leading man. WHY? Because he is naturally charming, and it comes across beautifully onscreen everytime, no matter what the film is. The storyline here is potentially great. And while sitting through it's entirety, I found myself smiling and laughing, and looking at the hubby, who was usually smiling as well. But at it's closing credits...I felt a little cheated. A little disappointed. The reason for that is John's character was a very humble, honest, charming and sensitive man with so much insight...that he may have been the most appealing out of the entire cast. Okay he WAS...and his screen time was limited. Sharing it with that other guy...what's his name? Something Mulroney...Dermott or something like that. There wasn't enough moments between John and Diane's characters for the audience to REALLY connect with them. The moments they do give you are the best scenes in the film, thanks to Cusack, of course. But let me say that Diane Lane was really great in this one. Again, very cute and funny, but not in an annoying way. In a very believable way. I really like her. *And so does the hubby* The film feels a little old fashioned (as mentioned by some critics) but that's a good thing. I did like that about it. You pretty much know the storyline..."Sarah" is divorced and still trying to figure out how to live on her own but is now starting to date again, thanks to her family (sisters, dad, brother...) all trying to hook her up somehow. Her sis puts an ad on and includes the phrase "must love dogs" "Jake" is recouperating from a broken heart, and his friend is tired of his moping about and actually finds "Sarah's" ad online....the rest is history. But not exactly smooth sailing from there. Of course there's all that stuff in between that has to go down before they can settle down. It's amusing to watch...but I found myself squirming...waiting for "Jake" to appear on screen again. It's not like he was barely there. He was there...There just should've been more of him. Seriously, John Cusack is a GREAT actor. He delivers his lines like nobody else...watching him is a real treat. I get all giddy when watching his films because I feel like I know him for some reason. He's so natural, that I forget he's acting. Now that's saying something. The film has great acting from everyone. Diane Lane is a great leading lady. Might I add beautiful!! (I loved her in The Outsiders.) She makes the coolest facial expressions. Superb actress. And it also has a nice pace and feel to it, some funny moments, and sweet ones...The potential...the be even better. Without John Cusack it would seriously sink. He makes the whole film LIGHT up
p.s. I ate a whole lot of Boston Baked Beans and Sour Patch Kids. Cusack made me not care about the calories. :)

It's pretty late now. I guess the smart thing to do now is go to bed. Any plans for tomorrow? Birthday shopping probably. The new Cheesecake Factory just opened up down the street. I saw it for the first time tonight all lit up across from where we watched the movie. It's beautiful:) I've chosen to go there for my birthday. 2 weeks later is the hubby's and then 1 week later is the little one's. All August babies.
Goodnight journal.
Yeah, I actually went to this. And even kind of liked it. John Cusack, next to Bruce Campbell, is the best underrated actor of the last twenty years. He pulls this romanic comedy up to a 6/10. Diane Lane, as in the Tuscan Sun, looks like the very uncomfortable divorcee looking for love and making bad decisions. I didn't really care for Tuscan Sun and her performance in this was almost exactly the same, as was her character, as was the script. The two don't seem to have great chemistry either. They seemed awkward, which for Cusack is great because he can play off that (and does so well), but it just makes Lane look more uncomfortable. She a very hot older woman, which I like, but this part is way too similar and she plays it a way too well(too pathetic, too needy). The writing needs to change if she keeps playing these parts. The movie also needed way more Cusack(he's only in it 30 minutes) and less of everything else. I think it could have been a good deal better with improvements in the script. Did I mention I thought the script wasn't that good? Because it should've been better. Serendipity, with the lovely Kate Beckinsale and, oh, John Cusack, was far better and had far better script and storyline. Must love dogs, at best, is a matinee. And it might not kill anyone to see it on DVD.
I saw Must Love Dogs at the sneak preview on Sat. July 23rd and again on opening night on Fri. July 29th and I would see it again and again and again. Diane Lane is amazing as always...adorable, funny, charming. I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone!!! EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!
For some reason I had temporarily forgotten what a total babe John Cusack is..."Must Love Dogs" was a delightful (girlie) movie although quite a fantasy. John continues to get more handsome as he gets older.

It sure is hot here, and our A/C has been out now for three days!! :( I and the whippets are listless; it's currently 92 degrees IN the house and it's like a sauna...we're all just laying low. The A/C expert was here today to look at the unit and gave Hubby some pointers on what he could do to avoid having to get a new unit for about $3500 (yikes!!). The motor seems to be burned out, so that will cost $400-$500 (bummer).

Count down to being hired by the hospital starts now - I should have a meeting with my boss next week. I've been on the job now for almost three months. The staffing agency has been good to me, but I really want to be an employee with benefits and not be a temp. Getting closer...


Love and peace. Mik
I enjoyed this lovely romantic comedy and have recommended it to all of my friends.

I've loved Diane Lane since Under the Tuscan Sun and her performance pleases in this movie as well.

John Cuzack is an extremely loveable character.

Take a gals night out and go see it!
I love John Cusack movies...most people in my social circle do. I myself own Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, Say Anything, Grosse Point Blank, Being John Malkovich, High Fidelity, Serendipity and there has to be one or two more that I can't remember. So to warm up for Must Love Dogs, I popped in One Crazy Summer, which is basically Better Off Dead set in Nantucket, with Demi Moore, and all the names have been changed (did I mention that it is not quite as hilarious as Better Off Dead?).

Anyway, Hoops (Cusack) needs to get out of his hometown of Generic, with hopes of finding love so he can make a comic out of it to apply for design school ("cute and fuzzy bunnies", dammit). Somewhere along the line he meets Cassandra (Demi Moore) the musician, Bobcat Goldthwait and a rabid dolphin as well as his best friend's wierd little sister and her dog, Bosco. It's weird and wonderful, not to mention a summer staple for me.

As for Must Love Dogs, I was delighted to see that John Cusack has my wardrobe--multiple Ramones t-shirts. Seriously, I have "Ramones-wear"--at least 6 different shirts and a handmade Ramones tote I picked up at Cherry Bomb last summer. Usually you can see him in Clash t-shirts, but this was a nice change (I have a Clash shirt, too). I must say, that he is not in the film as much as he should be, for he is truly the best part (well, there is also the dog named Mother Theresa). I was a little sad about the onscreen time he logged. The movie would be better with his handmade boat artisan/theoristDr. Zhivago freak Jake in every scene.

Not that Diane Lane isn't great or gorgeous, because she is. But most of this movie felt like the homogenized chick-flick tripe cliche. Not that I don't LOVE the chick flicks, because I really do. But something about the scenes between Dermott Mulroney's cheesy, newly-separated dad and Sarah (Diane Lane) just seem too thought out and premeditated (I'm redundant) not to mention corny and fake. The other bright spot is Elizabeth Perkins as Sarah's sister Carol. She cracked me up as the wise-ass, know-it-all, meddling sibling.

Not being at all satisfied with the amount and quality of the Cusack in Must Love Dogs, I went home and popped in my DVD of High Fidelity. This movie is a magnum opus of men's relationship flicks (the others being When Harry Met Sally and Chasing Amy). Cusack is great as Rob, the top-five-list-making-vinyl record store owner/audiophile who is enduring yet another break-up. Of course there is also Jack Black, ever over the top as Barry. It's such a great film, I couldn't help but watch it again.

The beautiful part of it is, even though things change, there are still things I can count on.

Namingly John Cusack wearing a punk t-shirt, trench coat and standing in the rain. It is oddly comforting to think about

Will be back soon
I knew this movie would be bad, but...I didn't know it'd be this bad.

I probably would have given it 0/10 (an F) but instead I gave it a 2 because of 2 words: Diane Lane. She is always so wonderful and charming and stunningly pretty and it was no different in this movie. She's a Hollywood actress that I actually really like because she seems real.

But even her performance couldn't save this total piece of crap. Such a piece of crap. I mean, Hollywood romantic comedies are just getting worse and worse. This was just your standard piece of recycled crap. Crap crap crap.

John Cusack was adorable though. His character was cute and quirky and funny and nervous and pretty much exactly what I dig in a guy.

And there was one line that Cusack said that had me laughing so hard. It was something along the lines of: "I have this theory...that right now everyone in this city is having sex except for us. ...But we'll press on." It seems dumb reading it now, but I died laughing.

And I think that was the only time I laughed the entire film...

Rachel pointed out that it seemed like part of the movie was ripping off When Harry Met Sally and she is so right. If you see it, you'll know what she means. It's so true. And once I realized that, I got really annoyed. More recycling and ripping stuff off. Way to go, Hollywood. Way to gooo.

I will say that despite how crappy it was, it did make me rather depressed. I can't watch romantic movies anymore because they remind me of how pathetic my love life is. To quote Diane Lane in this movie, "I'm a complete love failure." And really, watching these movies just reminds me of that...because it seems like no matter how crappy the main character's life or love life or whatever is, she'll end up with the perfect guy in the end. But not meee....because pretty much boys just don't like me. Sad, but true.

Whatever, I'm not going to turn this into a post about how guys aren't attracted to me...this is SUPPOSED to be a movie review.

So basically, don't see this piece of utter and complete BS unless you're a Diane Lane fan. And well, even if you are...I'd try to avoid this. Unless you get in for free. Don't pay $9.25 like Rachel and I did. Actually, don't pay $9.25 for a movie ever. Thanks a lot, Loews Alderwood Stadium 16. (Though you are a sweet theatre, I must admit...)
Wow... what a rip off of every lame romantic comedy ever...

There's every trick in the book...

The desperate woman who is way too pretty in real life to be that desperate.
The gay best friend (who looks like an average guy but has a hottie of a boyfriend... yah... that happens all the time in the gay community... NOT)
The sensitive guy... perpetuating a woman's fantasy, but is in fact an oxymoron... the words senstive and guy as a rule don't mix
The quirky and nosy friends and relatives
The lame, let's all sing along to a retro song (Think My Best Friend's Wedding, without the wit and charm of Rupert Everett)
The bad-boy distraction
The dumb girl distraction
The sleazy best friend of the leading man... to make the guy look even better, but actually what kind of good guy would have this kind of a creep for a friend?
The really bad dates that only show how wonderful that guy that got away was
need I go on...
Don't see it... period!
They tried. I'll give them that. But not hard enough. This was the most boring romantic comedy I have ever seen. It wasnt even funny. It was way too slow. I felt like i was in the theatre for 3 hours, but when i looked at my watched it was 8:30 (the movie started at 7:10).... come on! The one thing that really ticked me off was that they tried to mimic When Harry Met Sally by doing these dating profile interviews at the beginning of the movie, then couples interviews at the end. It simply did not work. If this movie had cut out a lot of stuff, it would would have been better. I wish Dian Lane would choose better roles to show her true talent. I mean, come on! I saw Unfaithful....
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