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Mulan II 2004

Preparing for their wedding Shang and Mulan are suddenly sent off on a secret mission Mushu starts to meddle and a surprise attack by Mongolians doesn't help either...

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I was actually expecting not to like it, as I usually don't like sequels. It was not a great movie but was not all that bad either. The view of love is a bit different from the usual trash Hollywood puts out. It's worth a look to see what kind of guys women really fall for -- it's not that corny, and Eddie Murphy does a good performance as Mushu.
Mulan 2

7/10 :fresh:

Thiss was the movie my sister got to pick, and it has such a high rating because I was happy that there is at least one Disney Sequel that doesn't suck. A whole lot different than the original though, but still good. I was looking on this message board on IMDB about everyones least favorite Disney movie and they said the original Mulan because it was "offensive" to their culture. I don't see how that is saying anything bad about anybody.
Can't really say much.
It seems that Disney is on a never-ending journey to ruin all of their classic animated films with half-assed follow-ups that neither expand on the story, nor transcend them. Mulan II is one of those cases. I liked the first Mulan film, but found that this one did nothing to create a similar feeling of joy.

Most of the voices return in this film, except for Eddie Murphy. Instead we have a much more irritating voice trying to mimic Murphy's zany character from the first film. The movie centers around Mulan and Shang, the heroes from the first film, who are about to be married. But the Emperor summons them to his palace before the festivities can start.

The Emperor assigns them the task of escorting his three daughters to another palace, where their arranged marriage is to take place. But along the way, the three women fall in love with the three gaurds helping Mulan and Shang. And a battle between following tradition and what your heart tells you ensues.

I'll admit that the story was decent. Predictable, but overall not too bad. The thing about the film that bothered me was its desperate way of clinging to the first film. One of the songs, "A Girl Worth Fighting For," was reprised in this film. I know it was a good song, but did we need to hear it again in this movie? Could there really be no new song written that had a similar message?

I think that younger audiences should enjoy this film a lot. I still think that Mulan is a nice role model for girls, instead of your standard damsel-in-distress princess. The film is surprisingly nice looking, considering that it is a straight to video title. Stick with the original though.
Boring, stupid, pointless. Loved the first one, hated this one. Very dissapointing. A must never see. :rotten: :rotten: :rotten:

Honestly I had never even heard of Mulan II before I saw it. Definetly wasn't as good as the original...just not that good at all really. It did have some funny moments though which made it watchable so it gets a barely fresh rating.
To say the least, it was a disappointment watching the sequel to the famous Mulan. Instead of an adventurous comeback the sequel was melodramatic!, dealing with the theme of arrange marriage v/s love marriage in ancient China (much to the horror of Mulan fanbase. yikes!). Less than 5 minutes of action, a few tears, some silly flirting and the huge debate over the opposites, good or bad in a relationship, Darrell Rooney and Lynne Southerland present to you Mulan II.

The movie starts with general Shang proposing Mulan. Mushu with the fear of losing his job as the guardian dragon after Mulan gets married, takes up the job of parting the two. Mulan and General Shang are then called by the Chinese emperor to take his 3 daughters- Mei, Su and Ting Ting to the kingdom of Qui Gong. They are supposed to get married to the 3 princes of the kingdom (whom the haven't ever seen) so that an alliance could be formed between the two kingdoms to fight the upcoming Mongol forces. General Shang, Mulan alongwith along with Chien-Po, Ling and Yao (the three soldiers from the first film) move ahead with the mission of escorting the princesses safely to the kingdom Qui Gong. On the journey the princesses and the soldiers fall in love. Mulan jumps with joy when she comes to know about it while General Shang is outraged. They both learn that they are extremely different and decide to break off the wedding. Shang tells his soldiers that the mission is still on and they are supposed to stay away from the princesses and only obey their duty of protecting them on the way. Seeing Mulan unhappy after the breakup, Mushu confesses to Mulan that he created all the misunderstandings between Shang and her. Mulan sets out to tell Shang that she still loves him but by then the bandits attack them. Shang while fighting with the bandits falls down the bridge and is presumed to be dead. Mulan asks the soldiers and the princesses to run away and abandons the mission. On reaching Qui Gong, she makes up a story of a fatal accident on the way resulting in the death of all others and instead of the princesses offers herself to marry one of the Qui Gong prince so that the alliance could be formed. Meanwhile Shang emerges from the river alive and heads to Qui Gong to stop Mulan from marrying the prince. Mushu helps the cause by voicing the Chinese God of Alliance leading General Shang to marry Mulan.

The charm and distinctiveness that its prequel bore is completely lost. The movie does not deal with the concept of arrange v/s love marriage in an interesting way. The approach is melodramatic instead of a logical one only emphasizing ''following the heart''. The customs of arrange marriage in ancient China has not been condemned but simply questioned. Moreover why love marriage is better than the arranged one has not been mentioned. Mulan II started out on a promising note but after about 20 minutes the same conventional and sappy plot took over the film and carried till the end. If not to anyone else, Mulan II at the most could probably serve the pre-teen audience seeking out to know something about customs and ritual in the ancient world.
A real direct-to-video. Horridly done and does not contain the excellency of the first.
The original Mulan was controversial in having the lead character a female and not have it a girly film. The only controversy around Mulan 2 is that the quality of the films has gone from superb to complete rubbish within one film.
The first movie was great, but this was just horrible.
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