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Much Ado About Nothing 1993

Young lovers Hero and Claudio, soon to wed, conspire to get verbal sparring partners and confirmed singles Benedick and Beatrice to wed as well...

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Imdb rating: 7.4



Thanks to this movie, I know some Shakespeare's lines by heart. Apart from this, I really enjoyed this hilarious movie. Great casting and great music !
(DVD) (First Viewing, 1st Branagh film)
I'm a big Shakespeare fan, and here are some movie adaptations that I've enjoyed over the years. Please, send me your opinions, I'd love to discuss them with you. I can only post five movies at a time... To be continued...
:D This movie is one of my favorites. I've watched it over and over. The writing is awesome of course its shakspere. I love denzel washingtion and kenneth branagh. Even the skevy micheal keeton makes you laugh. This movie if you like plays is an awesome treat for anyone.
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movie rated: Much Ado About Nothing
This was on tv over at my parents house Sunday. So I watched it. I'd seen it when it first came out, but really almost completely forgot how the movie is done. Kenneth Branagh's film version of the Shakespeare play. I have a few problems with some of the ideas in the original play, but Branagh does adapt it to film wonderfully. The scenery is beautiful. Excellent casting. There's a bunch of people I like in it. The acting is good. Well, almost. Keanu Reeves is in it, but still he's entertaining. And Michael Keaton is just hilarious.
To Have and Have Not - Little more than a rehash of Casablanca, but good nevertheless; significant for the first on-screen pairing of Bogart and Bacall, their chemistry is what keeps the film together. "just put your lips together and...blow" 8/10 :fresh:

Much Ado About Nothing - joyous adaptation from Branagh, Branagh himself, Emma Thompson, and Michael Keaton are all great; but Reeves and Washington are dissapointing in their roles (well, Keanu's mediocrity was expected) 9/10 :fresh:

Spider-Man 2 (2nd view) - holds up on second view, the perfect superhero movie, the only flaw is some poor acting on the part of James Franco and Kirsten Dunst (at times); still it's a 10/10 :fresh:
Thought this was an absolutely great movie. I really like Shakespeare anyway, so having Kenneth Branagh work his magic with this play definitely made it worth seeing. I'm glad I was able to find it on DVD.
I know that's quite the list... I've got something to say about each, but for now, I simply do not have the time!! :)
Pretty much some so so films. On my ride down to my Aunt's I watched Much Ado About Nothing with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh.
Fun with Dick and Jane was a funny movie but alot of the situations were over the top. Like the fight for the coveted job interview involving an avalanche of water jugs down the stairs and fists flying. The funniest scenes were robberies. Funny but def a rental.
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