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Mr. Nobody 2009

A boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father? Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn't choose, anything is possible...

Release Date:
September 26, 2013
141 min
Jaco Van Dormael
Jared Leto, Vanya Rose, Sarah Gravel, ...
Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, ...
Canada, France, Germany,

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Solar rating: 8


Imdb rating: 7.9

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I watched this one because of a referral from a friend. Not going to say it was bad, but it wasn't my cup of tea...

Those who don't like what I do should watch NOW!
Excellent movie, characters, acting, with everything else that goes into making a successful film. Won't disappoint.
People who didn't really appreciate this movie probably didn't understand the meaning behind it because honestly, this movie is just outstanding. There are a million ways to interpret this movie and I find that amazing, I adore movies that give you the chance to use your imagination and find a meaning behind it all. On top of that, I loooove Jared Leto so this movie pretty much has it all. :)
This movie is a true masterpiece, I can imagine not everyone would get this movie. In my opinion this was 11 out of 10. Different dimensions would be great if you could imagine :) this movie is for the so called higher intellectual people :)
During the scenes where Jared Leto was traveling to Mars, I couldn't help but chuckle. I wonder how long it took him to get there...?
Jared Leto is a cutie
This movie was weird and confusing until the end but it was still weird.
i didn't expect it to end that way..oh, and this movie suck
kinda sick that I read in the keywords ''teenage girl in swimwear''..... I get the feeling I'm at the wrong website, but the movie was ok for me
Interesting movie about a man who remembers everything from his life, including every choice that he could have made and their potential outcomes. A man aware of every dimension. It was intelligent and well-done, though, at times, it felt a little over-metaphorical, as if they might be trying to hard to explain what is going on...but, in their defense, many other comments here describe how other watchers had no idea what was going on. A beautiful film full of visuals, experiences, and multiple stories...that are all one story.
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