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The weirdness in the end, and general well-meaning kookiness, just barely, barely, made this a pass for me.

Com seu humor ing

Mr. Bean's Holiday is a pleasant comedy with enough laughs to carry it through its short 80 minutes. The film is rated G, so it is perfectly fine for the kiddies - and you might even find yourself taken in by its charming slapstick. The screening of Willem Dafoe's film at the end of the film is a truly great scene, perhaps mocking Vincent Gallo's Brown Bunny a little bit?

This movie can be very funny. Fortunatly, right about the time when the gags get old, the story picks up steam. As Rowland rarely speaks, his character is that of a mime, leaving more up to your own imagination. This added a little extra something that made it better than your average slapstick. :fresh:
Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean is not at his best here, but he's always entertaining. There are definitely some good vignettes. The great French scenery is a plus.
This is not Rowan Atkinson's best performance, but he will appease small children, and maybe all those farting noises he makes with his mouth will be funny to adolescents.

This gets a slight pass from me. I like Mr. Bean's show on TV and I enjoyed the first film but I probably would watch those again over this. Good for one viewing but of course, fans of Mr. Bean will enjoy it the most.

Directed by Steve Bendelack
Stars Rowan Akinson, Emma de Caunes, Max Baldry, Willem Dafoe, Karl Roden

Mr. Bean is back and on his way to Cannes for a vacation...and chaos of course ensues, as the lovably bumbling Bean befriends a lost young boy and tries to reunite him with his father. I'm a big fan of Mr. Bean, but Mr. Bean's Holiday, while pleasant and intermittently enjoyable, never quite captures the glorious silliness or charm of the original British television show. We're a long way off from the brilliant M. Hulot's Holiday, the character's original inspiration.
Mr. Bean's Holiday
This movie was very unexpected - I enjoyed the first Bean enough. I mean, it wasn't a cinematic masterpiece but you did laugh now and again. THAT one deserves a six or so. This one . . . I dunno. Fresh rotten, fresh rotten. I mean we see a very good performance by the little boy, Max Baldry. He was just stunning, really. Like the beacon in the unfunny muck that is this movie. Some good jokes, but certainly not enough to sustain a ninety minute romp. All the same, unlike Bean One this movie has a more structured plot, and it's soft around the edges, giving it the appearence of a well . . . movie. The first one was like Hallmarky.


The critics here are idiots. Why are these people getting PAID for this? Anyway with that aside I've always been a big Mr. Bean fan. I got all of his TV shows on DVD and whats great about him is that he crosses all language bounds, so everyone can watch and enjoy w/o reading subtitles. If you've seen the shows or his other movie "Bean" this one will not let you down. It does have some slow parts but all in all it is a great kids movie and adults. If your bored as hell one night pop this in and it will kill 1 1/2 hours. Its Mr. Bean come on.....
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