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Monsters, Inc. 2001

Monsters generate their city's power by scaring children, but they are terribly afraid themselves of being contaminated by children, so when one enters Monstropolis, top scarer Sulley finds his world disrupted...

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My 4th review and I am still writing these Pixar reviews! How often can a weak outing still be a great one? Pixar has had 3 weak outings (The Incredibles, Cars and this) and they're still amazing animated movies that kick their parent company in the pants. Monsters, Inc. is another extremely inventive and enjoyable film from animation giant Pixar, and it is awesome. It features regular Pixar folk such as John Goodman, and another brilliant thing about this movie is that is has some better-known actors, including one of my favorites, Steve Buscemi who plays the antagonist, Randall, a purple monster who can turn invisible. So the point of this movie is two monsters, Mike Wizowski (who's been having some relationship trouble) and Sully, are a scaring team. Scaring provides electricity for the city. SPOILER! THAT IS PRETTY INVENTIVE. So one day Sully goes through a door to a toddler's bedroom and she wakes up and walks into their 2-dimensional monster world. (Okay, earth is 2-d in this movie, but you get the point). Randall doesn't want these squares to have all the glory, so now he's out for blood. Well, it's rated G. This movie is 1 in 80,000. It's a weak Pixar outing, but one of the best animated films of our time. Speaking of time, it's time you Pixar haters watched this.
a fantastic movie with lots of laughs
Just like every other Pixar movie ever made, Monsters, Inc. is completely amazing - a great plot, lovable characters, hilarious jokes, and tear-jerking yet beautiful, emotional scenes. Honestly, how can you not love friendly monsters and adorable little girls?! I think this is definitely one of Pixar's funniest and best movies - great for people of all ages!
I remember writing a review on this for school and I got a low grade simply coz my summary was long. I liked and remembered the movie so well that my summary had every detail, which of course wasn't much of a summary.

This is very unique, filled to the brim with imagination! And Sully isn't scary, he's so huggable I can hug him! His sidekick wasn't so bad either, especially when he came out in the news or magazine.

A visual treat! Will rock anyone's socks!

90% - Daringly original in its genre. Or highly entertaining with uber story-line. touching! awesome! repeatable!

* Visual Treat
* Simply Lovable
this is a very funny, cute and well thought out movie that brought animated movie fans to come see this movie
"Monsters, Inc." is a movie that will make you roar with laughter!

Tied with Shrek, "Monsters, Inc." is the best movie of 2001. It is the fourth movie done by Pixar. This movie is a heartwarming, and classic animated film your family will enjoy. I need to come up with some better adjectives, don't I?

This movie is about two monsters named Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) who work at a company called Monsters, Inc. When a child named Boo runs loose in Monstropolis, it's a triangle of trouble, and Mike and Sulley must find a way to take her home.

Overall, "Monsters Inc" is the second best Pixar film ever made, only surpassed by the "Toy Story" saga. It shows that monsters aren't always scary.

Final Score: 100/100 (Awesome)
Monsters Inc. is one of the best animated films ever. The film includes some of the most likable characters that Pixar has ever dished out and a plot that will make you luagh just hearing about it.
i love this movie its my favorite pixar and my favorite cgi cartoon feature of all.please be aware that their are plot spoilers. Johan Goodman and Billy Crystal leading the cast is amazing. Plus i could not of picked a better person than steve buscemi as randal he fits that character like a glove and the rest of the cast is put together nicely .So the story is actually pretty simple at first where like every kid u wonder about monsters under your bed but what if they are even more a afraid of you. I complete loved this shift in the idea of monsters.Plus the fact that they do scare for a reason to get power. The climax in this is nothing short of unforgettable.When this film comes to art the sets and characters are some of the best the studio has done since now. Sully him self was a leap in computer graphics with the hair all over him and ever strand having to be animated.Take all these pieces great cast,amazing and differen't story,backgrounds to die for and a score to be heard over and over again by Randy Newman and You have your self a masterpiece.

Don't get me wrong i loved up and walle but this just means more to me especially from my childhood.....
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