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Monster House 2006

Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster...

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Monster House Review

Rating: 9.3/10
Rated: PG
Starring: Mitchel Musso, Maggie Gylenhaal, Steve Buscemi, Nick Cannon, and Jason Lee
Genre: Horror/Comedy/Animated

I was lucky enough to attend an advanced screening of "Monster House" and boy, was it a wild ride! I was expecting alot from this film and I received it... the one thing I was surprised at was how scary this "House" really is!
The film is about D.J. a young boy who has just hit puberty and his friend Chowder, who has a long way to go before the hormones kick in. Their evil neighbor Mr. Nebbercracker supposedly dies in D.J.'s arms and then the monster inside of the house kicks in. The two friends and a bratty candy seller girl band together to venture into the house and kill the heart... but, what lies inside of the mansion, is so horrible it could never be expected.

Gotta love sneak previews of movies

Anyway, Monster House is totally awesome. It's just a lot of fun and definitely one of the best animated movies to come out recently.

I'm also looking forward to The Ant Bully, Meet the Robinsons, and Open Season.
I saw Monster House at a sneak preview on July 15th and I have to say it is one of the weirdest cartoons I have seen for children! I didn't really think the movie was fantastic but it was still ok. Not horrible at all.

The story was just too dark and weird for me. I know it is called Monster House so it is going to be somewhat scary but for a PG movie, I didn't think it was that good for children. The babysitter was into the heavy metal, dark clothes, and I don't really care life and her boyfriend was also dark minded too. The part where they talk about the lady who died was kind of depressing also. I mean don't get me wrong, I love movies when they can be dramatic and sad but for a PG, this suppose to be a children's movie, it didn't work for me. So, the story was just so so. I kept thinking what could Tim Burton have done with this film?

The animation was excellent. I would give the Academy Award for Best Animated Film almost to this film because the animation was cool. But I still think Cars will get it. But the characters and house design were very good!

I don't know if I would take all young ones to this movie. Some could handle if but other really young ones, no! There are some movies that I would rated PG that were rated PG-13 but this cartoon is vice versa, should have been a PG-13 film. Some will disagree, but he that is ok.
I may have had the same problem with Monster House that I did with Pirates: I built it up too much in my mind. Even so, it was still really, really good. The animation is outstanding. Spot-on voice casting. One thing that surprised me was how scary this movie actually was for a PG film. Parents have a tendency to take little kids to any animated film, and this one may be a bit much for smaller children.

DJ lives across the street from this creepy house and it's even creepier owner, Nebbercracker. DJ spies on Nebbercracker, keeping a log of all the toys he takes from neighborhood kids who stumble onto the lawn. When Nebbercracker seemingly dies in DJ's arms, the house takes on a life of it's own. DJ and his two friends, Chowder and Jenny, get sucked into the mystery, trying to put the house to sleep before unsuspecting tricker-treaters fall into it's grasp.

I would definitely categorize Monster House as a family horror movie, like The Monster Squad, though it's not what we've come to expect for them lately. It's not gory. It's atmospheric. The whole thing is very cinematic. I noticed camera angles and music. Not something that normally happens in an animated film. The script mixes horror and comedy perfectly, especially DJ and Chowder's attempts to flirt with Jenny.

However, as with most horror movies, there comes a point where the monster just becomes too ridiculous. The plot too ridiculous. And I fell out of love with the film for 10 to 15 minutes.

But it won me over in the end. Very enjoyable film.
Not really anything to get scared of if you are little. None of the kids in the theater cried because of it. The animation was good but seemed to have times where it didn't look smooth. Overall a good movie, would keep a kid interested.
Monster House:

A film that should have been released in October or much more closer to the month than three months away. Anyways, the film has decent animation and fluid movement which is the key to this films visuals. The plot is easy to follow and figure out.

Though short, but entertaining. I found my self qoute a one liner "Killer Slinkies!" after the film. Though I saw this for free during a sneak peak and the sadest part is even with a theater full of little kids around me it was more enjoyable than a film full of talkative teenagers.

The film is about a man that owns a house that scares off kids even if they step foot on his lawn and takes away their toys or so forth. So the kid across the street keeps an ever watchful eye out on him as it seems so does the old man.

The plot sets off with three youngsters, Which begin their adventure to end a spirit possesing a house before holloween comes and kids end up missing at the ring of a door bell. I also hope you enjoy this short childrens film. It is mighty entertaining for a film of small portions.

Thanks for reading.
Consider this the summer's anti-Cars. Actually Monster House could be the most inappropriate kid's movie since An America Tail in 1986. Whereas Cars is sweet, nostalgic, and good old-fashioned fun, this is semi-demented entertainment. We can only speculate as to why this is being released in the summer, when it would be far more suitable for a release date of I don't know, say Halloween.

That being said, Monster House is nothing more than passable entertainment. It dangles the prospect of greatness in front of us early on, and never quite makes good on its promise. It's also the creepiest animated film that I can recall seeing. Even the opening, with its gigantic title spelled out in gargantuan red letters is in its own way frightening. That's great. With so many of the animated features released each year content in being huggable reference fests, it's refreshing to watch a film that dispenses with many of the usual pleasantries. But where Monster House errs seriously is its utterly morbid moments. I am not positive that children under eight should be exposed to some of this material (when the main character DJ cries, "I'm a murderer", his dorky friend Chowder clumsily reassures him, "No you're not. When it's an accident they call it manslaughter").

But what is far more questionable is the ultimate failure of the last act. It's difficult to make action scenes intense and gripping, perhaps even harder then making sex scenes seem passionate or dialogue sounding realistic. Even with that taken into consideration , the freak show inside the scary house is uninvolving. And even an allusion to Alfred Hithcock's Psycho fails to be interesting. Everything leading up to that point is fun in its own twisted way. Seeing two losers try to impress a smart cookie named Jenny Bennett is a blast. She is attacked by the Monster House while on her way to make a sales pitch for Halloween candy. This forces her to ally herself with the two drooling boys in order to solve the mystery of the house. DJ and Chowder experience their own growth in the story, which I enjoyed. And the ubiquitous Jared Hess has an obnoxiously funny turn as a scuzzy video game extraordinaire named Skull. In his lifeless, perpetually annoyed "Napoleon Dynamite" voice, he advises the three of them to "Strike at the source of life---the heart."

Once arrived at, the answer to the mystery is as morose and twisted as anything else in Monster House. As a background story it manages to be both funny (in a black comedy way) and depressing. It's a misfire. And that's like the film. As this is 29-year old director, Gil Kennan, first feature film, I will cut him slack for all the wrong directions his adventure takes. Monster House boasts an impressive cast voicing quirky characters and the visuals are amazing (the spectacular shots of the night, with the full yellow moon and purple-gray clouds call to mind The Nightmare Before Christmas). Even as his film goes south, one can still sense his prodigy; his burgeoning genius. What remains to be seen is where that talent will take him next.

Grade: B-
This movie was pretty ok. It was planned out well and very origional in plot. This was better then a lot of the so called "kids" movies out there nowadays and was definately thrilling even for adults. I gave it a 6 because I just didn't get a feel of energy from the movie nor was it released at a time of year that does the movie justice. It should have been an October movie!
This was a release muchly anticipated by the kids... so much that they got to see it on opening night. I expected it to be entertaining based on the previews but, sadly, this is one of those releases whose previews contain more highlights than the rest of the film.

Monster House is substantially below par for a Spielberg production. The story followed a poorly executed formula and the characters were hopelessly stereotypical and lacked panache. I expected some excitement but found a generic plot, generic characters, and a disjointed storyline that lurched from one supposedly comical situation to the next with a poor hit-to-miss ratio.

On the technical side, while the backdrops and motion were excellent, the character art was bland and the players were neither sufficiently realistic nor were they more than mildly amusing caricatures. I think Monster House would have fared better as a live-action movie.

I was prepared to like this movie but, after seeing it, cannot recommend it. It's not particularly funny, it's not particularly scary. It's not particularly good. Even four kids, ages 9 to 13, limited their review to "cool" without much conviction and all conversation about the movie ceased before I even started the car.
Monster House

Initial Reaction: No Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will fix this house

Main Characters

DJ, Chowder and Jenny: Kids in a neighborhood voiced respectively by Mitchell Musso, Sam Lerner, and Spencer Locke.

Nebbercracker: He's the owner of a strange house. He's voiced by Steve Buscemi.

Plot Summary

DJ is watching the house across the street ala Rear Window, thinking something is going on. He sees the owner of the house, Nevercracker, do mean things to the kids, like steal their tricycles, scream at them and chase them off his property.

Later on, when DJ is playing basketball with his friend, Chowder, the ball accidentally rolls onto Nebbercracker's lawn.

DJ goes after it, and confronts Nebbercracker. But the old man has chest pain, falls to the ground, and has to be taken to the hospital. Chowder thinks DJ killed Nebbercracker.

That night the house Nebbercracker owns starts eating up anyone or anything that comes near it, including a teenaged boy, a dog; Jenny almost gets eaten by the house, but she's saved by DJ and Chowder.

DJ tries to tell everyone around him about the house, but they think he's just making up stories. So it's up to DJ, Chowder and Jenny to get to the bottom of this mystery.


Main Characters

The kids are great together; the chemistry is there. However, I would've like Jenny to be more than just a smart, good-looking girl for the boys to impress.

As for Nebbercracker, he's great as the mean, old man with a secret and a vicious house. SCORE: 8

Supporting Cast

We've got a lazy baby-sitter and a pair of rookie cops. They add just enough spice to the mix without ruining it. SCORE: 9


First off: this film's not for little kids. We've got people who are eaten by the house -- and are never seen again. But for older kids, this story's great because the audience can relate to the main characters and their quest to find out the secret behind the monster house. SCORE: 8


There have been horror movies about houses that kill people, but few have the whacky B-horror movie characters and plot like this one. SCORE: 8

Violence Factor

It gets ridiculous near the end when the kids are handling dynamite, but until then the violence is handled very well. SCORE: 8

Other Moral Issues

There's a very nice story about love in this film; and the film also has the courage to show a thing or two about puberty -- something you'll never see in most cartoons. SCORE: 9

Final Score (out of 60): 50
% Score: 83.33%
A great film to take the tweens and teens, but leave the young ones at home.
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