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Mission: Impossible III 2006

Ethan Hunt comes face to face with a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer while trying to keep his identity secret in order to protect his girlfriend...

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What happened to the other girl from Mission Impossible II? Action movies always be switching up different girls and ruining the relationship.
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I had higher expectations concerning the depth of the movie but overall it was a nice forgettable popcorn flick for the Summer. It had both good action sequences with big laugh humour spread about. Definitely not one to think about following the film but a fun time at the theater nonetheless. As long as you keep that in mind, you will enjoy the film.
Saw MI3 at the Tribeca Film Festival. What a freaking mess! Overacting and relied too much on special effects to create a movie.

Skip this crap. Wait for the DVD.
Early this week an old friend of mine bumped into me--he excitedly gave me a small red slip of paper. I thought it was strange until I realized what it was...a sneak peek pass (for two) to see Mission: Impossible 3!!

What amused me was the irony of the situation--I have been telling people that the movie would suck and that I would never go see for weeks if not months before this week.

And on top of all of that I hate, HATE Tom Cruise.

But after weeks of endless stress and financial problems I needed a fucking break...some light at the end of the tunnel to remind me why I am here at the university suffering. So I took my brother, who is under more stress than me, and we went to the screening last night.

Was it a good movie...yes, was the movie better than its predecessors...yes, would I pay to go see it a second time...hell yes, was Cruise or the storyline boring as hell? NO--not whatsoever.

The writing, the acting, the pace and the overall style was flipping unbelievable...all through the movie I was like a little girl covering my mouth when things got too shocking and jerking anytime something dangerous happened.

I loved this movie...I kind of hate the fact that I have now eat my own words and tell the world that i was wrong was sooo freaking good!
Just thought I would even out the people who havent seen it and think it is going to be shit.....
Just came home from a screening in San Diego. Being a fan of J.J. Abrams and of the previous Mission Impossible I & II, I was excited to see this film. However, instead of being elated and pumping with adrenaline after seeing the film, I was disappointed to say the least. I thought the acting was extremely over-the-top (especially, Mr. Cruise as Ethan) and at moments the dialogue laughable (not in a good way). I felt nothing for the relationship between Ethan and his wife and I thought that the scene between Ethan's and his soon-to-be wife where she was questioning the the direction of their relationship was long, tedious and slightly corny. I heard several people (including myself) snicker and make snarky comments. I felt Philip Seymour Hoffman was somewhat wasted in this film. I admire his skill and talent as an actor and his ability to make the best of a hack of a script. His performance was strong, even though the material was shaky. The script was predictable and left me longing for the earlier films. If you must see this film, wait for the DVD.
But I've only got to see the first quarter of an hour of the movie.
You see, my favourite cinema was organizing (probably for the first time ...) an LA-like film premi
Movie Review: Mission: Impossible III

What movie is better to start off the summer blockbuster season, than "Mission: Impossible III?" The high budget thriller follows in the footsteps of 2000's smash hit sequel. But can the third installment keep up with the rapid success of its predecessors? I answer that with, yes. "Mission: Impossible III" is an action packed movie from beginning to end that never slows down at all, and also features some interesting and well crafted characters.

Tom Cruise reprises his role as IMF agent Ethan Hunt. I maintain that despite his off screen antics he is still a great actor. But as usual with Tom Cruise, he plays himself in every movie. The mannerisms and facial expressions, while great, are a little bit played out. I could almost call out what emotion he would convey next. Philip Seymour Hoffman steals the show though. He plays "the bad guy" Owen Davian, and excels at the role. He makes a very believable evil doer. While most people would yell and scream for revenge as the bad guy, he says all of the lines with an even keel, but with intensity that scares the viewer more than an empty threat does. He's just that believable. The supporting cast is also very good, and is highlighted by a performance from Laurence Fishburne, as well as the looks of the beautiful Michelle Monaghan.

The movie starts off right away. The viewer is thrown into a later point in the film, and the intensity strikes right off the bat. This brief glimpse of the future does not ruin or make the movie worse at any point. The movie constantly builds and builds, all the way from beginning to end. Every time I thought that the action was slowing down, the movie didn't, and it picked up even more so than the level it was before. I was constantly on the edge of my seat watching pure non-stop action. Mixed with the intensity I felt as though I was on a white knuckle roller coaster ride through a variety of different cities and settings. A skillful mix and intertwining of action, drama, and pure edge of your seat suspense "Mission: Impossible III" features something for everyone.

While Ethan Hunt and James Bond both share the ideas that gizmos and gadgets are the new thing, Hunt's win the battle. Yes, the "masks" make a return which is mildly disappointing at first thought, but the technology picks up significantly from that point on. And while the gadgets are cool, the disguises are even better. I found myself laughing at quite a few of them, but definitely in a good way, because as funny as they are, they were ultimately conceivable.

While the ending is a little "goofy" when compared to the rest of the movie, it does not hurt the overall movie going experience. What I though would be a predictable typical of the genre ending was also incorrect. There are some minor parts that can be guessed, but on a whole it was surprising. There wasn't really anything bad to say about the movie, but yet I didn't give it an A for what it lacked. While I was entertained, it was almost as if something was just lacking. I went through the last hour with a need for something, which just wasn't filled. I don't know what I was missing, but it was something small.

The movie is a typical summer blockbuster that will appeal to all. While the PG-13 rating is accepted, the content is a little more mature than the "Mission: Impossible 2." Other than that, the movie is definitely a good one. It entertains, and is a perfect popcorn flick for all. A must see summer movie; "Mission Impossible III" contains the action, suspense, and drama that everyone will be looking for this summer movie season.
By far the best of the trilogy. Tom Is So energetic on screen, he is a tour de force. I smell emmy.
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