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Not bad, this was like pretty good i'd say.
Decided to revisit from the first Cruise roll, walk through the later productions. Watched Terminator Genisys last night on the 4th of July, previews of the upcoming Mission Impossible look awesome.
In chronological order, newest at the top.

Final Destination 2 16/02/04

A highly entertaining extension of the TV series. Feels almost the same, but the benefits of Hollywood. The music in particular is the main link to the TV show, which unfortunately was ignored in the sequel. I'd forgotten how much I liked this movie. It's almost a 'complete' film - a complicated plot, yet everything fits nicely into place in the end, even the over the top helicopter sequence. Great on repeated viewings, particularly second or third times, when more is discovered, if you were only half paying attention the first time.
Film 9/10
Video 7/10
Sound 8/10
Extras 1/10
Overall 8/10
I picked up two new movies at best buy, MI and Good Will Hunting. Like'em both but Good Will Hunting is amazing. I saw it for the first time last week and I love it.
wow, this was actually quite funny. i was surprised, especially after the second one....yech....gets funnier right up until the end. i approve.

everytime i watch this flick, it seems to get better. the clues they blatantly show you and you miss, the interaction of conversation and thought shown simultaneously is genius, and the plot comes together nicely in the end.

with a title like that, you know it must be good. and so far, none of the black and white msties have dissapointed. i love the b & w's. i have a crocodile to snap in half, so later to you.

actually, my garden gnome just came to life, and i think i should go deal with that right now. bye.
There are some who frown upon blockbuster films no matter how well-made they are...whiz-bang action movies are not real art, they argue. Yet I find there are few more exhilarating and uplifting experiences than watching a big-budget, slick Hollywood production that manages to combine virtuoso action sequences with an intelligent and captivating story. Brian De Palma's underrated blockbuster Mission: Impossible is such a film: this is an endlessly exciting, stylish and elegant movie that deserves comparison to films like North by Northwest. De Palma has often tried to emulate the style of Alfred Hitchcock, with very limited success, but in Mission: Impossible he succeeds at replicating Hitchcock's ability to thrill us with an intelligent and elegant story. The movie, which is based on a 1960s TV show of the same name, begins by introducing us to a crack team of sophisticated CIA spies who are preparing for an important mission in Prague. Prominent among the group of spies are the leader Jim Phelps (Jon Voight), his cocky right-hand man Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), and Phelps' wife Claire (Emmanuelle Beart). Despite the minute preparation of the spies, the mission in Prague goes disastrously wrong, leaving only Hunt and Claire as survivors. Hunt's CIA superior Kittridge (Henry Czerny) suspects that Hunt may be a "mole" who betrayed his fellow operatives, and so Hunt is forced to flee from his former employers while desperately trying to ascertain what happened in Prague. De Palma takes his time developing the scenes in Prague: he lingers on the city's haunting beauty while allowing the personalities of the central characters to emerge and the complexities of the plot to reveal themselves. It is thrilling to watch a master craftsman letting the story emerge organically rather than relying on a great deal of explosions to keep us interested. Hunt's run from the CIA eventually takes him across the world, with stops in London and Langley, Virginia. Mission: Impossible uses these different locales as the backdrop for action sequences of astonishing originality...none better than a brilliantly executed scene in which Hunt has to break into CIA headquarters to retrieve an important file. The build-up to this scene is so captivating that we doubt De Palma will find a way to make it live up to expectations, but he does. There is more to the film than endless action, though: De Palma assembles a gallery of rich supporting characters to add atmosphere and, occasionally, comic relief. Ving Rhames brings a light touch to his performance, and Vanessa Redgrave gives one of her most relaxed and delightful performances in a small but crucial role. And at the center of the movie is Cruise, who uses his cocky charm to great effect. There are flaws in Mission: Impossible, to be sure: Emmanuelle Beart is so stiff and emotionless that any scene with her drags, and while the plot is not as complicated as many seemed to think, it does rely on several coincidences that are best left unexamined. Despite these drawbacks, Mission: Impossible emerges as an example of blockbuster filmmaking that is near its highest level. The movie does not achieve the impossible by reaching transcendent heights, but it is inventive, clever and immensely entertaining.


I just saw Starsky and Hutch and decided to make this list.
Starsky and Hutch was entertaining and funny, but it lacked something. Even though it had Carmen Electra and Amy Smart.
SWAT was a classic action movie and I own it on DVD.
M:I was exciting, especially that helicopter crash at the end.
M:I 2 was very farfetched and gross.
Nothing I can say except that Jimmy Neutron sucked so bad. Don't see it.
Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, a secret agent who has been framed when he is the sole survivor from an elite team of spys. On the run, Hunt must prove his innocence while trying to find the one who framed him and killed his team. This is a classic action movie. Unlike the Bond franchise, MI features a slower, deeper storyline with twists and realistic action. Cruise does an excellent job as Hunt, and Jon Voight, Jean Reno, and Ving Rhames round out the cast whom all do stellar jobs. This movie has some sweet action with many thrilling scenes, and will keep you guessing until the jolting conclusion. 7/10

Mission Impossible:
Now Not the most amazing of films but the way the film is made makes it very fun. The fast paced action and twist and turns of the story is very thrilling and will keep you involved in the movie during the entire time. The way this film is directed is visualy interesting and makes you want to root and cheer for the good guy.

Mission Impossible II:
Far more boring than the original film with a lot more story which isn't very good. The story was solid though but it seemed to done before to make it of too much interest. Lots of the roles in this film also seem to be used as support for Cruise, were as in the first they were involved in everything. The first hour of this film is so boring lots of times while watching it late I have fallen asleep. So its not as good as the original but still good.
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