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Mirrors 2008

An ex-cop and his family are the target of an evil force that is using mirrors as a gateway into their home...

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Imdb rating: 6.2

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I did not know Keifer Sutherland is in this movie....World's worst actor....proceed at your own risk....
Different kind of horror movie, a really good watch! 8/10
it's great movie
Yes a good movie. I'm not an horror movie fan (so many time they are something "already seen"), but this one had a part of thriller and is well builded. TY SM!
Totally Kept me on my toes, I am glad I watched this during the day, great movie, lets see if I have nightmares tonight! 10/10 for me!
wow such a great movie. the ending, the freaking ending I so did not expect that I give this movie a 9/10 its just that amazing, well for me it was.
In New York, the former NYPD detective Ben Carson is hired to work as night watch of the remains of the Mayflower Department Store that was partially destroyed by fire many years ago. Ben became alcoholic and was retired from the police force after killing a man in a shooting. His marriage was also destroyed and now he is living in the apartment of his younger sister Angie. However he has not been drinking for three months and sees the employment as a chance to rebuild his life. When he goes to the rounds in his first night, he finds that the mirrors are impeccably clean and his colleague explains that the former night watch was obsessed by the mirrors. After a couple of nights, Ben sees weird images in the mirrors, but due to the lack of credibility of his past, his ex-wife Amy believes he has hallucinations as a side effect of his medication. When Angie is found brutally murdered in her bathtub, Ben discovers that there is an evil force in the mirror that is chasing him and jeopardizing his family.

The biggest downfall of the film is when it tries to provide an explanation for the horrific events taking place in the second half. The idea of one's image terrorizing oneself is horrifying on one level, but at the same time, it's extremely unrealistic. Trying to explain why this happened back fires on the film, as no explanation is going to make sense and instead, will just draw attention to the fact that this would never happen in real life, destroying a bit of the film's effect. The audience doesn't need to know why this happens. Ambiguity in this case would be much more frightening and wouldn't take away from any of the other scares. Once you throw in a sub-plot about mental institution experiments and haunting tragedies taking place in the building, you lose a lot of the suspense. Despite the unwise direction the movie takes in its second half, it's still entertaining and manages to retain a few good scares here and there, while finally rebounding in the last act.

The biggest strength in Mirrors is the storyline, easily one of the best horror premises to hit the screen in years (even if it is recycled). Reflections are practically inescapable, not only appearing just in mirrors, but in doorknobs, windows and water. The inescapability of reflections is what makes the idea of one's reflection out to get them so chilling. They're everywhere. You can't escape them. Not since Nightmare on Elm Street, where ones own dreams were the cause of death, has there been a supernatural premise that has gotten so much under my skin. The fact that whatever the mirror images do to themselves happens to their real life counterparts, only heightens the hopelessness of Carson and his family. However, it still lacks genuine suspense, and seems heavily formulaic; it almost depends on every other routine excuse for a chiller for inspiration.

If you're looking for torture, stop the search - I spent my time wondering when I would start seeing scares, and when I was highly disappointed, when the film is over so I can go for a ciggie. The main character (Ben, played by Sutherland) refused to get a day job, so he got a night job instead. Reason? Not given. So that night job was the most important thing in the world but we have no idea why. Good move. The mirrors go crazy on him the first day of the job. I was expecting something more subtle, as opposed to the "1408" mess. Smaller indications over a longer period would have been more effective. Especially when it comes to the wife. Instead of seeing the kid in the mirror and immediately crying/panicking, she should have blinked a few times, and the mirror would be fine, and slowly gets worse over time. When Ben discovered he could destroy the mirrors outside the department store, I expected him to bring all the mirrors out and destroy them. But nooo. Silly goose. Like nailing jelly to a wall, it's practically impossible to find one measly good thing about it. The acting is humdrum, the effects cheap. Miss it.
You guys should watch these movies!!!!
OMFG can we please stop with the asian horror remakes/redone films. God there is not one I even enjoy. Go figure Mirrors did not get this memo. So all Ive seen is the trailer for this film, but good lord that is all it needed. Hell I prolly could have just read about it and said DONE! First of all there is nothing I hate more than a little kid in a movie that I cannot stand, and the little boy in this movie with his stupid little boy mirror twin fits the bill exactly. Keifer Sutherland I dunno what he is thinkin taking this. I mean I wish I could give actors advice these days, I swear I could save them a lot of crappy roles. I wonder if actors in bad movie really know and admit to how bad their roles are after its over?? Anyways I hate this movie and all those like it and I wish death upon it. I just hope I will be able to look into a mirror again and not shake my head for reasons other than seeing myself in it.
Spoilers........This movie start outs strong but unravels in the end. The movie works so well as a paranoid thriller. Keifer Sutherland does a great job here. The images in the mirror as underlying tones of his schizophrenia, just brilliantly done. He gets people to believe that he is sane and something supernatural is at work. Demons, the unknown. whatever; Keifer's not schizo. To turn this around and actually make him schizo and maybe show a few scenes as they really happened, that was the ending I looked forward to. A scene of him just mutilating his sister would come to mind. That would have made this an awesome movie. To continue on the path of the supernatural and just become the campy, overly done Asian horror remake, bad move. The possessed old lady, him in mirror world; what were they thinking? It ruins everything that had been built up to this point. I have never been a fan of these Asian horror remakes. The Ring, The Eye, Shutter, they all failed to impress me. Sub par remakes of otherwise nice horror movies. This movie comes so close to being the first great remake. The dvd version with an extended, alternate ending is the version I'd wait for knowing what I know now but I still say this is worth a viewing in the theaters. Just prepare for a very crappy ending.
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