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Enjoyed this festive feel good cheesy film and got in the mood for Christmas.
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'Miracle on 34th Street' (1994) is a sweet holiday treat filled with warmth and plenty of holiday spirit. Although it is based on the book/1940s film, it is modernised and takes off in its own direction, and the purpose of this review is not to say that one version is better than the other; the purpose of this review is to review this version.

The film engages the audience in a delightful little tale about Santa and the magic that is Christmas, with reflections upon the children. We can reflect in our own childhood when watching this film through the eyes of a child to prove that Santa does exist and what Santa is.

The only downfalls of the film were some of the acting and some dullness in the story. Also, this film is made more for adults than it is for children. I think it is still enjoyable and worth a watch over Christmas.
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Miracle on 34th Street (Remake - 1994)
RT Rating: 52%
My Rating: 4.5
Box Office: 2 OW/ 17 Total

Miracle on 34th Street, the original which I just watched this month instantly became one of my top favourite Christmas movie's, it was so beautiful, inspiring and wonderful, just a classic on all levels. I knew the remake a lot better than the original just because it was newer, I never watched it as a child but I remeber passing it by in stores and what not. There are certain films that have been made that should and can be remade because of advances in technology and just to reinspire a new generation, Miracle on 34th Street should have never been touched, remade anything, its a movie that can inspire generations without being remade, just go and pick up the DVD or VHS whatever, this movie just didn't need to be touched. The remake isnt a horrible movie, its not one of the worst movies I've seen its just not a good film and just was extreamly not needed.

Why it was remade is mainly and obviously for, cash. We didn't need to see it with different stars and we can be given a colour edition through dvd releases, I didn't see a point on having this film made. I sound really angry towards the movie and I'm not because it hasn't done anything to me, this is just such a definition of a cash remake, it has no need no want. But even if this wasn't a remake, there is a lot wrong with the movie, which I'll get to later but lets see what I actually did enjoy from my viewing of it. Its wonderfully shot, it reminds you of Home Alone obviously it has the same director, it is wonderfully shot and shows New York off wonderfully. Mara Wilson, who I call the 90's Dakota Fanning is of course wonderful and sweet in this, just fills your heart with warmth, but at times like the movie itself she does get overly sweet, but her actions in the courtroom are pricless. It has a great soundtrack which should be expected with a John Hughes movie. I do have to give the movie some credit, as much as it is a remake, it isnt a frame for frame one which it should have been really, but in the moments it isnt making your recall the original, it shines brightly. My favourite scene has to be the little deaf girl who see's Santa, who is just a different version of the Dutch girl, its a beautiful moment.

But thats were my praise for the movie ends and the "hate" so to speak begins. Like I said above, it isnt a frame by frame remake which some to tend to be, this switches up scenes, makes them different like the Dutch scene from the original being turned into a deaf girl instead of a Dutch girl, did it work? Did it improve upon anything? No, it's just there so it has some sense of originality. As its not a frame by frame remake and I applaud it for that, I dont like it for that as well. It doesnt have moments from the original which made it the classic that it is and whats the point? Leave them out, and loose the elegance and inspiration the first had, I don't know it was just missing some classic scenes.

The pacing of the movie is also horrible, it feels like it takes forever to get to the scenes we already know are comming up and it drags. The actors are also incredibly miscast and they have no chemistry, I'm talking about Elizabeth Perkins and Dylan McDermott are terribly miscast and come off trying desperately to fill their roles, the big shoes left from the orignal actors from the original, they also have no chemistry what so ever. I felt Perkins was the weakest of all, she didnt have the love hate the first had, she isnt as tough as nails and is too warm.The court room scene which makes the original as memorable as it is, is good but is really daring. The first tells truths about how Santa can't be real but they always leave you feeling that he is, this one, they bring in reindeers, they have truths told and what not, its a little too truthful for kids for my taste.

Bottom Line:
In the end, its not a horrible movie, just a movie that shouldn't have been made and has a lot of faults.
This movie is one of my favorites that I rely on to bring out the Christmas spirits, especially during the holiday season. Since I never watch the original - which everyone says is better than the remake - I simply don't have anything to compare to this wonderful flick.

The acting from Mara Wilson, is wonderful and natural. She really seems like someone who is wiser than her age ("looks like six year old but speaks like a sixty year old"). Richard Attenbourough is wonderful as Kris Kringle, the real "Santa Claus". He really captures the spirit of Christmas and will even convinced the young ones that he is really Santa Claus. This movie is not intended to win awards or become a great masterpiece, but it served its purpose as a family-friendly entertainment that will surely captivate your children who wants to rent it this holiday season.
Good movie.

Rating - G

Tagline - When You Love Someone Deeply Enough, Anything Is Possible.
Experience The Miracle.

Australian Gross - $868,383

Six-year old Susan Walker (Mara Wilson) has doubts about childhood's most enduring miracle - Santa Claus. Her mother told her the "secret" about Santa a long time ago, so Susan doesn't expect to receieve the most important gifts on her Christmas list. But after meeting a special department store Santa (Richard Attenborough) who's convinced he's the real thing, Susan is given the most precious gift of all - something to believe in. This uplifting and joyous seasonal film will make believers out of the entire family.

Watchable. This isn't really in my opinion a movie for the real little kids as the film really centres around whether or not Santa Claus is real or not, and give some pretty good stuff for kids not to want to believe. The film is weatchable and during the christmas season perfect for that cold day with the family. It's nothnig spectacular bit is worht watching if you like the chirstmas genre.

The plot was really well constructed and even had a little love story going on during. Once again nothnig special but watchable.

The acting was also watchable as the cast put on a believable show. "Mara Wilson" is the show stealer as the little girl who doesn't believe in Santa, but then realise's he's real.

Overall "Miracle On 34th Street" is a good watch for the christmas period, or a lazy afternoon. My rating is 3/5.

I watched this movie during my childhood days when it came out and to be thoroughly honest it was one of the few movies that just bored me to sleep, even as a child. Maybe I'm just overreacting but that's just how I remember it. To this day only about a handful of movies have been able to put me to sleep including this film.
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