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I've watched this 3 times already and it's always just as fun.
I'm not into Woody Allen, at all, but Midnight in Paris is definitely one of my running favorites. This story has such hearty ingredients too: (unconventional) romance, the City of Paris, the ARTS, "Nostalgia", & ...TIME TRAVEL -- ha! Love it.
The acting and directing are spot on and the cameos are priceless. (I'm also a sucker for McAddams). Perfect* for a rainy afternoon/evening so it's a great movie to keep on the back-burner.
Alright well yeah, anyways, objectively? I'd give it a 10/10 BECAUSE SHUT UP AND WATCH IT
Pretty good. Very original.
I really enjoyed this movie, I agree with @Misabel13 the atmosphere and the scenery were great. 9/10 (Just because that guy Paul was annoying as hell)
This is the only Woody Allen movie that doesn't make me want to kill myself.
I actually quite enjoyed this movie- very cute, but also I just really enjoyed the atmosphere of the movie. I felt transported by it.
cute movie..good way to pass the time on a lazy sunday afternoon

Please no more link in SPANISH!!!! Only post links in english

I wanna see this really bad!

i wanna see this

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