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Message In A Bottle is a great love story. Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn are wonderful together in this movie. This film is very emotional, it makes you laugh and it makes you cry. Paul Newman is the perfect person for his role in the movie. If you are looking for a good love story I recomend this movie.
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It's fresh and exciting when you think you have a movie figured out and then have it take a 180 degree turn on you. It's what keeps us watching movies in the first place, the thrill of seeing something we haven't seen before, something new.

Message in a bottle was playing out in a way that completely opposes the statements that I just made. It was overly sappy, predictable and had the basic sense of been-there-done-that to it. That is up until the last 15 minutes or so. Then there's a twist, one that I didn't see coming at all, especially in a film as formulaic as this one up to that point. I won't spoil the twist but I'll say it puts the film in a different light than where I felt it was heading.

The main story follows Theresa, played very well by Robin Wright Penn, a recently divorced, single mom working for a major Chicago newspaper. She finds a message in a bottle washed ashore and is immediately intrigued by its unknown author. The letter is seemingly addressed to the author's true love, Catherine, and Theresa, who just happens to be in the field of research, attempts to track it down. In the events that follow, two more bottles with identical characteristics but different letters inside are found and eventually Theresa tracks down their author. His name is Garrett Blake, played by Kevin Costner, a boat builder who lives on the coast. Theresa plans a surprise visit to meet the author that so intrigued her.

When Theresa arrives to meet Garrett, we are also introduced to Garrett's no nonsense father, played brilliantly by Paul Newman. He appears cranky and confrontational but has a charm to him that is undeniable. He is the attention grabber of every scene he is in and steals the show with one particularly emotional scene between father and son. Theresa and Garrett meet, a romance ensues all the while unbeknownst to Garrett why Theresa has truly sought him out. When Garrett discovers that Theresa had found his messages, allowing one to actually be printed in her newspaper at that, there is a falling out between the two and they return, lonely, to their seperate lives once more. As with the formula of romance-dramas, as not often is the case in real life, there is a second chance that the lovers both take and rekindle the romantic fire they had begun to burn. It's here that the film takes its turn.

The twist ending occurs and we are left wondering what just happened. Now, I don't know if the ending fits or if I agree with it either, but I'm giving the movie a recommendation on the strength of the performances, in particular those of Penn's and Newman's. I'm also giving it a nod because although the movie's ending may not agree with you, there is no doubt that it was very surprising to see that kind of ending chosen, especially for a movie of this genre.
:fresh: 7/10
I enjoyed the peacefulness of the surroundings. Beautiful foggy mornings near the ocean is all natural calmer. Overall a wonderful movie and very moving. Each of us have loved or will have loved so deeply as to make our souls leap into unfathomable joy. Movie graps hold of the heart of the viewer and keeps you intrigued from beginning to end. It engages the inner self to want to reach out, take hold of life and love with clarity to which we all want to be loved. It reminds us when you love, let it be unconditional. Let it be forever. A well written movie. Every person should take time to see at least once.

Message in a Bottle
Long and dull love story that isn't that believable. I just dont see the chemistry. Paul Newman is good.
:) Netflix: May 29, 2007

The story of a long distance love connection that is made when Penn, a Chicago journalist, discovers a love letter that Costner, a widowed sailboat repairer, let drift into the ocean. She quickly tracks him down and an honest bond forms between the two. When he discovers that she hasn't been entirely honest with him, the betrayal threatens to ruin what has been, so obviously up to this point, a wonderful, romantic thing.

My Review: I loved this movie. This is another Nicholas Sparks book and I loved the book too. So many critics say this is a sappy movie, but I found it to be a wonderful love story played out by Kevin Costner (Garrett Blake) and Robin Wright Penn (Theresa) . I felt they had chemistry and they each played their parts perfectly. I felt the emotion, the slow evolving of their love affair and their pain and heartache. Paul Newman (Dodge) played Kevin Costner's "Garrett's" father and did so quite well. I loved the whole thing and hope to purchase the movie and the book for my own collection.
Uninvolving and foolish love story featuring the horrible performance of Kevin Costner but the movie is almost saved from being rotten by the amazing Paul Newman... the thing here is that the film is very long, is boring and Newman's role is very supporting.
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